Breivik’s communication ban is now official

On 5 December 2014 the Norwegian prison authorities decided that Breivik is no longer allowed to write letters to people he had no prior relationship with.

Their argumentation for this decision is that Breivik does not apologize for his actions and encourages people to oppose Islamization and mass immigration by non-violent means while advocating a position of White Separatism.

This effectively means that while you can still write Breivik letters you will never get a reply. Whether Breivik gets to read any letters you send is unknown, there’s no way to find out. Welcome to the new and improved Multicultural Europe.

Over the years many people have argued that it was silly of Breivik to engage in armed resistance and that he would have accomplished more by founding a political party. These arguments are somewhat naive because using this strategy Breivik would have ended up like Dieudonné M’Bala, getting fined for every truthful and/or offensive statement. If fines would not have stopped him from engaging in self-censorship he would have been imprisoned, and if brief imprisonment would not have stopped him they’d lock him up for several years and subject him to the same level of isolation he’s subjected to currently.

With Breivik completely and utterly silenced there’s not much news to report on. I might write some about Nordicism as Breivik mentioned this topic in one of his letters.

In recent news another person has been accused of being me. This brings the total to two.

The first person was tracked down after a Norwegian journalist (Andreas Lunde) mistakenly thought he had obtained my IP address using the same method the Chinese government uses to track down anti-communist bloggers. I broke off contact with this person for obvious reasons. Recent information reveals Lunde threatened to expose her identity unless she confessed to being me and she subsequently tried to commit suicide.

Now apparently I’m an evil person and a spider to boot, even though I’m not the one engaging in hacking to obtain IP addresses, next engaging in extortion by threatening to get someone fired unless they provide me with an interview. Apparently the Canadian police got involved, but it’s unclear if charges were pressed against this journalist.

The second person was tracked down by Simen Saetre. Saetre is more straight forward in admitting he engaged in hacking, or at least, that’s what Google called it when China does it. Lunde actually claims he “accidentally” happened to obtain an IP address, though the Norwegian police might want to have a chat with Lunde’s IT department to find out if these accidents happen frequently. Saetre seems to think he violated no laws because no usable information was obtained by the hacker he hired.

Why this person is a “suspect” is information Saetre does not wish to share. This might mean Saetre was given a name by the Norwegian police. In one of my letters to Breivik I provided some misleading information, so this Dutchman might be someone who was active in the counterjihad some years ago. As of yet it’s unknown if he has tried to kill himself, as he’s apparently anti-immigration I’m confident the Cultural Marxists will keep their fingers crossed.

Other than this there is very little to report on. Any form of resistance (whether peaceful or violent) seems futile. No new translations have come in and with Breivik being subjected to absolute isolation there is nothing to write about.

The terrorist attack in France wasn’t very interesting and only serves to prove the point that each year we get closer to civil war. The Jihadists targeted cops, comedians, and Jews. This makes sense because there are so many Muslims in France that over half the victims would be colonists when setting off a bomb in a large urban center.

Je suis Eva Helgetun

Breivik’s visitor ban has been lifted

Commander Breivik’s visitor ban was lifted in December 2013. His communication is still heavily censored and subsequently he hasn’t been able to ask many people to come visit him.

In order to visit a form needs to be filled out, which the prison might be able to provide. Breivik should have been moved back to Ila fengsel in September.

Update on Breivik’s hunger strike

Breivik has delayed the start of his hunger strike, the exact reason of which is as of yet unknown.

Based on the available information he is still restricted to half an hour of human contact a week.

In comparison, other Norwegian prisoners in solitary confinement are allowed 8 hours of human contact a week, and this punishment (solitary confinement is primarily used as a punishment) generally lasts for 1 or 2 weeks.

I have a few educated guesses as to the reason of the delay:

1. Breivik is likely waiting to reach a psychological breaking point, as he may be force-fed after he has starved himself to the point of inflicting brain damage on himself.

2. Some criticism has been published as to the humanity of his treatment. Psychologically it may strengthen him to know that it’s recognized that he’s the most strictly isolated prisoner in Western Europe.

3. There’s the prospect of increased human contact if he’s allowed to be interviewed by researchers of far-right ideologies.

4. Breivik is aware that people who write him are being intimidated by the police, so he understands the reason for a sharp decrease in the number of letters from supporters he’s receiving. Some people may have increased the frequency at which they write him in the understanding that fewer people write Breivik and that he’d respond (more frequently) if it wasn’t for the prison censorship of outgoing mail.

5. The prison may have increased his living conditions as a result of criticism by several experts that his treatment equates torture. As per Norwegian guidelines the prison must compensate for his lack of human contact by providing alternative forms of entertainment.

As his living standards are expected to decrease when he’s returned to Ila fengsel, sometime in September / October, this may be a likely time for a hunger strike to begin.

Breivik writes letters to several researchers

News broke today that a 42 page transcript was stolen which contained one of the interrogations of Commander Breivik. There were several leaks to the press so this seems to be one of the many cases of police corruption in Norway.

In late 2013 Breivik wrote a letter to Lars Gule. It’s a short handwritten letter where he asks Gule to drop by and discuss politics. He wrote other political experts with the same request. Quite possibly he views this as a way to circumvent the strict isolation regime. A translation is available on the Breivik Archive.

Lars Gule and Øystein Sørensen have accepted the invitation and are planning to interview Breivik in May.

Breivik International: Norwegian translation of the summary of 2083

A Norwegian translation of the chapter summaries of 2083 is available.

I have a German and Russian machine-translation as well, but they need to be fixed up. If anyone is interested in doing this, which will take about 8 hours, send me a PM and I’ll hand you the files and instructions.

Aftenposten comments on Breivik’s prison situation

In a recent comment to Aftenposten Breivik’s laywer, Tord Jordet, has stated that Breivik’s isolation is a clear human rights violation and that Breivik is still in the process of taking legal action.

Aftenposten editor, Espen Egil Hansen, has spoken out as well. He points out, as I’ve pointed out in the past, that there was a common agreement that 7/22 shouldn’t change Norway. The level of isolation Breivik is exposed to is unprecedented however, and violates several international guidelines regarding the humane treatment of prisoners. This implies that Norway has changed.

Countries with post-revolutionary constitutions, like the USA, clearly state that prisoners must be treated humanely. This in the knowledge that totalitarian governments will use inhumane treatment to discourage political dissent.

Of course Norway has been changed by Multiculturalism and will continue to change for the worse. More and more Europeans radicalize every day and there will come a time when even outright torture won’t stop them from resisting their genocide.

Memorial chosen for 7/22

Two survivors of the heroic 7/22 attacks picked Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg to design two memorials to honor the historic event.

The first memorial ‘Memory Wound’ will be excavated on the peninsular of Sørbråten, which juts out into the Tyrifjorden lake. It faces the island of Utøya where Commander Breivik executed 69 traitors.

Dahlberg proposed cutting a one-thousand cubic meter slice through the rock that sits at he end of the peninsular, leaving a scar on the landscape that will serve as a permanent memorial.

I doubt it’ll be very impressive as it’ll look like an abandoned roadway project. I dub it ‘Road to Nowhere’ for now. If it does look impressive once finished it can symbolize the real atrocity, the scar left by 60 years of Multiculturalism.

The rubble of the excavation will be transported to Oslo where it will be used to construct a walkway and an amphitheater that is to be named ‘Time and Movement’. It’s such a retarded name that there’s no real reason to rename it.

Hopefully I’ll live to see the day that a statue of Anders Behring Breivik is erected on Utøya.