A rift in the European right

Gates of Vienna, Anders Behring Breivik’s former goto place for online radical literature, has joined the mainstream media in carrying out a thorough character assassination. This creates an obvious rift in the European Right, which isn’t quite visible in the Gates of Vienna’s comments section, undoubtedly due to censorship.

The most compelling explanation for the rift is that a significant part of the far right consists of Suicidal Humanists who have come to realize that Islam is a serious threat to their ideology. For lack of a better term I’ll call this group the Radical Humanists, though this doesn’t necessarily make them less suicidal as there are many threats besides Islam.

What sets Anders Behring Breivik apart from the Radical Humanists is that he believes it’s too late for a democratic solution, and to a lesser extend his interest in eugenics, his support for the creation of a White Nation in South Africa, his rejection of idealism, and his belief in a potential European genocide.

Marxism is the main component for those who desire a democratic solution. Marxism views the human mind as a blank slate that can be programmed as the state sees fit. The moment killings or deportations begin is the moment the state has given up on the idea that everyone can be reprogrammed. That’s why Marxists watch quietly while Muslims slaughter Christians in Sudan; to arm the Christians and split up the nation would be to give up hope on the rehabilitation of Sudan into a peaceful multicultural society. This line of thought is no different from the Marxist support for setting murderers loose after a six year prison sentence, certainly some of them will kill again, but that’s a small price for the noble act of rehabilitating the scum of the earth. The blank slate point of view has been so deeply rooted into the mindset of the Western population that it will require a major ideologically battle to unroot it, and there is no indication that the Radical Right is willing to attack the very core of Marxist thought anytime soon.

Several European nations have Marxist constitutions, making a democratic solution close to impossible once the European population drops below 85%, and impossible once a two-thirds majority is lost.

Breivik’s support for the Balkanization of South Africa is unacceptable to the Radical Humanists who demand racial equality and tolerance, by force if necessary. They wish to stamp out Islam like they stamped out Nazism, and they’ll happily stamp out Breivik’s various political incorrect attitudes while they’re at it.

Genocide requires several components. Foremost the disarmment of the population to be exterminated, European governments are doing an excellent job at this. Meanwhile the illegal weapons trade is firmly controlled by Islamic organized crime. Allowing the immigration of hostile populations is another requirement as this will weaken the nation to a degree where it can be destroyed from within as well as from without. Rampant immigration will speed up the process, but as was the case in South Africa, a nation can go from primarily white to primarily black in less than three hundred years.

Domination over the media and sciences is required to keep the population in the dark about the true number of immigrants, increases in crime, and scientific findings that discredit the blank slate model. Misinformation, intimidation, and appeasement strategies are used to keep the situation from spiraling out of control once the multicultural society becomes so volatile that only more multicultural oppression can keep the peace.

In this area Radical Humanism once again falls short, particularly when it comes to absolute freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and deportation. They take a centrist position here, wanting to disarm the Muslims, restrict their freedom of speech, and forcefully integrate them. This approach is little different from the way Cultural Marxism deals with National Socialists.

The conclusion is obvious, we’re on a sure path to collective suicide, and the Radical Humanists who denounce Commander Breivik may very well deserve to be called Radical Suicidal Humanists.

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