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Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Friday May 25 (Day 25)

8:59 Commander Breivik is present and the show can begin.

Today we have one traitor taking the witness stand, as well as a handful of system protectors.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-25 Live Report

9:02 Adrian Pracon is called to the witness stand.

Pracon watches Breivik execute a girl in a jogging suit and runs off in the initial wave of panic ending up on the south side of the island where he begins to swim, but gives up after 100-150 meters and heads back to Utoya.

As he begins to drown he realizes he can stand, and manages to make it to the shore, where he comes face to face with Breivik who yells that everyone is going to die, this in an attempt to demoralize his opponents. When Breivik sees Pracon he takes careful aim at his head, upon which Pracon begs Breivik not to shoot him, and Breivik complies, turning around and walking away.

Soon after Pracon joins up with a group of people and has a second encounter with Breivik where he decides to play dead. Breivik executes several people, and shoots Pracon in the shoulder. Pracon gathers with fellow survivors and waits for help to arrive.

His shoulder is permanently damaged and he’s suffering from anxiety. He indicates he wants to continue committing treason.

10:24 A system protector takes the witness stand.

On July 22 he stays at work after his shift to watch the news after the bombing. As the phones begin to ring it quickly becomes clear that someone in uniform is executing people on Utoya. He grabs some armor and weapons and heads off to Utoya seven minutes after the first call. He arrives at Utoya around 17:52, about 30 minutes after the first shot was fired.

He hears alternative shots by two different weapons and assumes a single highly skilled shooter is at work. A wooden boat with several survivors reaches the mainland, the people on board being scared when seeing system protectors, afraid they will be punished for their crimes against the Norwegian people.

He decides to secure a boat for Delta, but his statements become vague after this and it seems like he stands around while accomplishing little though the translation is rather unclear as well. He sends one boat to Storøya, an island north of Utoya, from which Delta will eventually send a boat. All in all he comes across as incompetent and overwhelmed by the situation, possibly the reason he’s remaining anonymous.

12:27 Sergeant Hans Mattis Hamburg is the next to testify.

He’s in charge of seven men and meets up with an emergency squad of eight under the leadership of Havard Gåsbakk at Storøya, the island north of Utoya. Gåsbakk is in charge from there on. They send out one boat which ends up having engine problems, two civilian boats are send out to take the eleven stranded system protectors to Utoya, the fastest boat landing at 18:27 with four people on board. Soon after Breivik surrenders to the system.

13:00 The next witness is Havard Gåsbakk, performance director at Hønefoss police. He’s informed of the situation at 17.43 when he checks his answering machine and leaves port with his crew soon after. After the engine problems he arrives in the slower second boat. They quickly run into Commander Breivik who immediately surrenders.

Breivik claims he’s the 2nd cell and that the 3rd cell will soon activate, this in an attempt to create additional chaos and panic. Breivik is ready to start negotiating immediately, and a bandage for a cut in his finger is the first bargaining chip, Gåsbakk doesn’t quite know how to deal with the situation and walks around with some medical supplies instead. Armed system protectors looking for other resistance fighters cause mass hysteria among the survivors. Soon after volunteers begin the evacuation process.

13:37 Next witness is Klevengen.

He was originally in Oslo with the emergency squad when he was ordered to head out to Utoya. Several boats land on Utoya within a ten minute time span, putting 25 system protectors on the island. He sets up a control center on Utoya and gets reports that there are several perpetrators with guns on the island.

About 50 minutes after the landing they send a sniper up in a military helicopter and are on high alert until past midnight. Breivik at one point informs them that it was just him, but they do not believe him.

14:42 Oliver Tombre is the next witness.

He’s called around 19:20 with the request to travel to Utoya to talk with Breivik. Breivik tells them it’s alright if they want to execute them, but it’s presented as if Breivik is afraid of getting executed. Breivik also worries for his family, which is justified as he didn’t know how many people he killed. The cut in his finger is a recurring theme, if it didn’t stop bleeding by itself it wasn’t a minor cut and a bandage would be the proper response, if it stopped bleeding by itself no bandage would be needed. It’s silly to question someone while they’re distracted by blood dripping on the floor from an open wound. According to Breivik he lost about half a liter of blood from this ‘minor cut’. They strip Breivik down to his boxers, in response Breivik poses for them in the assumption they are taking pictures, but apparently none are taken. According to Tombre it’s pleasant to talk to Breivik, and his message was clear. Most of this content is contained in the psychiatric report which is available here:

Anders Behring Breivik Psychiatric Report 2011-11-29 Chapter 2.4 Breivik’s statements to the police

15:24 Tombre finishes his explanation and Breivik wants to make a comment, but the Judge does not allow it.

15:26 Next witness is Asbjørn Rachlew, a police sergeant at the Oslo police.He was tasked with questioning Breivik and obtain as much information as possible. Breivik was interrogated 31 times for a total of 220 hours resulting in a 1200 page statement. He says the following about Breivik:We have followed him closely in court. The Breivik you have been familiar with, is the same Breivik we have seen. We have more nuance and had more time with him. He is quiet, restrained and hardworking. He arrived with his role and to respect ours. He is careful, including fluid intake. He is reticent when it comes to KT and the other cells. In addition, some aspects related to the family. This, he reasoned. Otherwise, he has been cooperative. He is good at explaining himself. Initially, some use of English words, less later. He is easy to follow when one puts his world view to reason. He is analytical and strategic. He has good memory with unusual detail. He is cold and pragmatic, especially when it comes to Utøya. He is strong in the faith. He may be selfish, but also self-critical. He is concerned to justify his actions, which he describes as cruel. He has shown self-irony.

Rachlew explains that Breivik’s threat that 300 more would die was taken serious, and as a result Breivik was granted several favors, like a computer in his cell, and other luxuries. Rachlew states that the existence of the KT network couldn’t be established, Breivik’s response to this was: “If you do not believe me, it is an advantage for me. As the shock will be even bigger the next time it slams.”

16:35 Breivik gets the chance to make some brief comments:

I go back to the police superintendent first NN (who interrogated Breivik on Utøya]. First, there was no questioning on Utøya, it was a conversation that was taped by the police without a permit, which lasted eight hours. And in those eight hours there were hundreds of pages of information that was conveyed.

And the five points that the prosecutor initially specified, they give a completely wrong picture of the conversation. When it comes to dehydration that I was afraid to die, it was a very short sequence in the beginning, that was not representative of the conversation. And it is possible that the heart will stop if one does not get enough fluids when having taken ECA.

And it was not really an indirect way of saying I was very thirsty on. Had I just said I was thirsty I would have not gotten anything. But it is indeed possible that the heart stops if you don’t take sufficient enough. It was just two seconds out of an eight-hour interrogation. So it was that my family could be exposed to violence.

And .. There I said it is not unnatural that there will be a lynching mood for this were exceptional circumstances and that it is difficult to predict what happens. There were a few seconds of an eight-hour conversation. Bleeding is also a breeze. It is indeed said that it was an advantage if the bleeding was stopped, for I had lost half a liter of blood.

I just mentioned it. When it comes to specifics regarding the two cells which I am associated with and the KT network, then it is something I stand for and that is correct all the time, but it’s true that I do not want to convey information leading to arrests, but there is something I stand for.

KT network exists, it has made all the time, but it does not mean that I want to convey information about it. So the five points that Holden has chosen to focus on, well they tell more about the intentions of Holden than anything else, and it is ridicule. And perhaps it goes on sanity.

16:40 The court is adjourned for today.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Thursday May 24 (Day 24)

8:59 The defendant Anders Behring Breivik is led into the courtroom.

Four traitors and a Muslim get to tell their story today.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-24 Live Report

9:02 First out of the witnesses today is 21 years old Mathias Eckhoff.

He gets shot in the thigh at the pump house. He swims into open water and is picked up by a boat.

9:37 Next witness is 21 years old Mohamad Hadi Hamed, from Brumunddal.

He’s brought to the stand in a wheelchair after Breivik has left the court room upon his request.

He runs off in the initial panic and is shot while doing so, but in decent shape when he ends up at the pump house. When Breivik shows up there and begins shooting he assumes the fetal position covering his head with his arms. Breivik walks up to him eventually and shoots him in the side, arm, and leg. Hamed takes a deep breath and pretends to be dead until Breivik walks off.

Hamed is still recovering and one arm and one leg had to be amputated. The main reason he didn’t want Breivik to see him was out of fear that seeing him crippled would make Breivik smile. It just might.

11:26 The Next witness is 16 years old Einar Bardal.

He’s on the west side of Utoya when he is hit in the face and the knee. He’s fully recovered physically.

13:02 Next witness is Cecilie Herlovsen, who is 17 years old and from Sarpsborg.

She is shot in the wrist, shoulder, and jaw. Her arm had to be amputated as a result.

13:36 Next witness is Ingela Heie. She is 18 years.

She gets shot in the arm, pretends to be dead, and gets shot in the head. She regains consciousness in a pool of her own blood.

She has frequent headaches and lost her sense of smell.

14:30 Commander Breivik enters the court after the break and will address the court.

I have two brief comments on what we talked about yesterday, and comments to the judges. Claims that I cursed on Utøya. I have not done so and what I said was misunderstood to mean I was looking for Eskil. I did so to stop people from running away. It’s also untrue that I have laughed or smiled while on Utøya.

So I have two pieces of information to the judges. One is that it has been commented that I did not show emotion in court, and this is intentional. But it is worth noting that I use a lot of energy doing so. Although I experience things that move me, I’m good at hiding it. When I come home to Ila, I am very exhausted and today I feel almost mentally damaged by the witness statements.

Also, I have a final point. Before this trial started, I had considered criteria in case of an appeal, and my main objective of this trial was to convey what I wanted to convey ideologically. Now it’s the case that my comments were not broadcast, but the text was still disseminated, and as it has been until now, I feel there’s been the required minimum exposure. There is really no reason to appeal at all, if I am considered sane.

So, with that settled, the question whether the case should be appealed or not, is up to the judge alone.

14:36 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Wednesday May 23 (Day 23)

9:00 The court is now set.

Today five survivors will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-23 Live Report

9:03 First up is 15 years old Ylva Helen Schwenke.

She was shot four times, including shots in both legs and her shoulder. She zones out until help arrives.

She says she’s not ashamed of her scars because that’s the price she paid for democracy. Breivik smiles, probably like one smiles when dealing with a child who is still fully convinced that Santa Claus is real.

9:38 Next witness is 17 years old and remains anonymous.

She was shot in the arm and is doing well otherwise.

10:37 Next witness is 20 years old Tarjei Jensen Bech.

He ended up jumping from a cliff into the water, a ten meter fall, seriously injuring himself in the process. He’s still doing politics.

12:34 The next witness wishes to remain anonymous. She is 18 years old.

She calls Breivik a moron and unsurprisingly isn’t warned by the judge. She was shot while hiding out in the water and is likely to make a full recovery. 

12:59 The final witness is Andrine Johansen. She is 17 years.

She hides out at the pump house when Breivik shows up to play hook, line, and sinker and tells them he’s a system protector with a rescue boat. A couple of traitors take the bait and get executed.

She says she’s hit in the chest, then starts to make implausible statements, like describing how a friend throws himself in the line of fire, sacrificing himself to save her life, and that Breivik smiled and laughed while executing traitors. She coughed up blood until help arrived.

She has panic attacks, insomnia, and trouble eating red foods because they remind her of blood.

13:36 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Tuesday May 22 (Day 22)

8:59 Commander Anders Behring Breivik has been seated.

Today we’ll be hearing from five more traitors who survived 7/22.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-22 Live Report

9:05 An 18-year-old has taken place in the witness stand.

He gets shot in the head, both thighs, hands, forearm, and shoulder. He hides behind a rock in the water until help arrives. He’s permanently blind in one eye and suffers from anxiety attacks.

9:41 The next witness is 20 year old Eirin Kristin Kjaer.

She runs off into the woods and hides under a ledge until Breivik shows up and shoots her in the stomach. As she runs off down a slope she’s shot in the arm and foot.

She’s doing well physically and has gone back to committing treason with her Marxist buddies.

10:42 Espen Myklebust is the next witness. He is from Haugesund and 18 years old.

He ran like hell when he saw Commander Breivik start executing traitors. As he jumps into the water he is shot in the back. Figuring he won’t make it across he swims along the shore until he finds a hiding place. 

His wound was superficial and he’s doing alright.

12:36 The next witness wants to remain anonymous.

She was on Utoya because her friend invited her and she lacked the common sense to avoid political training camps. Breivik put several bullets in her and took out her kidney.

13:04 Next witness is Catherine Trønnes Lie. She is 18 years.  Her sister Elisabeth Trønnes Lie, who was 16 years old and a category B traitor, was executed by Breivik. 

She’s shot in the back and arm as she heads down a slope and is severely injured.

She’s not doing well in school and sees it primarily as a social activity.

13:34 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Monday May 21 (Day 21)

8:59 Commander Anders Behring Breivik is brought into the court room.

Today four traitors and a Muslim will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-21 Live Report

9:03 The witness Hussein Kazemi takes a seat in the witness stand.

Kazemi came from Afghanistan in 2009 and it didn’t take him long to join forces with those who encourage his people to wage genocidal demographic warfare against the indigenous Norwegian population.

When the panic breaks out he runs off into the woods, and meets up with a bunch of traitors, this is when someone points out he’s been shot in the leg. He moves south and eventually Breivik shows up, after which he heads out into the water and gets shot in the leg once more before he hides behind a rock. At the hospital they discover two bullets in each thigh and one in his ankle.

He says he isn’t doing well mentally, Lippestad fails to inquire if his mental problems may be due to his parents being first cousins. Kazime says Breivik had a calm and gentle voice, which combined with his calm demeanor made it easy to be fooled.

Breivik’s talent for trickery pales in comparison to the millions of people fooled by Cultural Marxist propaganda each day.

10:00 Breivik leaves the room so Hanne Hestø Ness can take the witness stand. This can be seen as a humiliation, but it’s a clear victory as it displays the mental weakness of the witness.

She’s in the great hall when Breivik enters and begins executing traitors. She is hit by several bullets and her best friend lies on top of her preventing her from moving as Breivik moves on. She claims she screamed at Breivik in anger, but I bet she pissed her pants instead.

She’s hit in the neck, arm, and hand, and one of her fingers had to be amputated. She’s still recovering mentally and physically. 

11:00 The next one is 18-year-old Martha Smith Fevang, Breivik remains absent for this testimony as well.

She witnesses the initial panic and watches a guy getting executed at close range. She runs off and gathers with others at the love trail when Breivik eventually catches up with them and executes traitors left and right. Ten traitors are killed and Smith receives a head shot which she survives. Pro-tip: Always double tap. When she regains consciousness she crawls into the woods to hide, where she finds help and ends up getting bandaged.

When asked she said Breivik was very calm and determined. She can no longer dance due to her injury.

12:49 Next one up is 18-year-old Martha Gustavsen Ødegården.

She climbs down a cliff along the south side of Utoya when she’s shot in the thigh, followed by a shot in the back. She makes her way into the water and chills for an hour until she’s helped back out.

She spent five months in the hospital and still has to use crutches. She has frequent anxiety attacks.

13:34 Last witnessing today is Renate Tower.

She survived and wants some pity for losing some friends, all in all there’s nothing of interest in her story.

14:20 Breivik reads the various leadership positions those who have testified have.

I checked the word for word transcript from to see the full comment, but ‘word for word’ apparently means that anything that is inconvenient to the system gets skipped or summarized. With some perseverance I eventually found Breivik’s full statement.


Breivik: During my testimony I mentioned that I wanted to explain to the judges a few key points on how I became radicalized. In addition, I wish to convey an overview of political motivated violence carried out by militant nationalists since 1978 and I was told that I should have time to explain this and my question is whether you can dedicate an hour to do so in the near future. 

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen: We will have a meeting tomorrow and then we shall look at it. But we do not take this now.

When Breivik gets the word again, he begins to read from a sheet. 

Breivik: It so happens that some of the witnesses have not informed us about their political positions in the Workers’ Youth League, so I thought I could quickly go through it now. I start with Frida Holm Skoglund, who is vice chairman of the AUF in Vestfold, Ina Rangone Libak, County Secretary for Labour Youth in Akershus.

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen: Breivik, what significance does this have?

Breivik: No, that is, the impression they give when they come here, it’s that they weren’t political at all. But many of these are very experienced political activists and it is something that isn’t stressed at all in their statements, and I feel that it is important to emphasize that.

Breivik: Julie Iversen, former local team leader in Halden, Ingvild Stensrud, AUF’s delegation leader for those from Telemark, Elise Waage, county leader of AUF in Østfold and women’s political contact in Sarpsborg, Hanne Hestø Ness was vice chairman of the Nord-Trøndelag AUF. That’s all I have so far.

Breivik: There have also been allegations of a battle cry, or something I would have said while I was on Utøya, which has been interpreted as a battle cry. And I have commented before, it was the following: “You shall die today, Marxists!”

Breivik: There were tactical reasons for this, as I have explained, and I see that it has been interpreted, but it was certainly what I said on two occasions. Beyond that, I have no more comments. 

It really was a missed opportunity that Breivik didn’t scream “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!”

14:22 The court is adjourned for the day.

A third letter from Commander Breivik

Firstly I’d like to thank the provider of this letter for supporting Commander Breivik and making his prison life a little less boring.

The letter, with details of a personal / private nature removed, is available on the resource collection.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-05-07

Some highlights are that the Norwegian authorities have made it a policy to declare foreigners undesirable aliens if they are pro-Breivik or aid him in one way or another. I’m not sure if there is an official term for the policy, but it’s kind of like racial profiling, so we could call it political profiling, where people with undesirable political opinions are investigated and prosecuted or harassed to the full extend of the law.

In other words, Breivik has single handled turned Norway into an apartheid state where nationalists are treated as second class citizens. As was the case in South Africa this will create a totalitarian environment where armed resistance is inevitable.

Breivik explains the situation regarding his interview. He confirms that he won’t appeal if he’s declared sane.

Anyways, read for yourself.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Wednesday May 16 (Day 20)

9:01 Commander Breivik has been seated in the courtroom.

Today five survivors will testify, three of them anonymous, possibly out of fear that someone will finish the job that Breivik started.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-16 Live Report

9:02 The first to take the witness stand is 17 years old Ingvild exchanger Stensrud.

Like several others she ends up hiding out in the cafe building behind the piano. Breivik jumps on the piano and begins to shoot, she gets hit in the hip and shoulder and plays dead. Breivik fails to give her a head shot, possibly because someone fell on top of her and she didn’t move when he shot her in the shoulder. She stayed in the building with other survivors until the system protectors showed up.

She has recovered both physically and mentally.

9:40 Next witness is an 18 year old man.
He’s in the cafe building as well and is hit in the arm and foot. He plays dead in a pile of corpses, someone else playing dead isn’t as lucky and is shot in the head while he watches. After Breivik leaves he hangs out with a guy who got shot in the face, and Ingvild who testified before him.

His foot is permanently damaged and still hurts, and he hasn’t worked since. 

10:24 One of the witnesses who would testify today was moved to May 29. Thus remain two witness statements for today.

10:37 Next witness is 20 years old Glenn Martin Waldenstrøm, he makes Breivik leave the court room.

Waldenstrøm was in the cafe building with the previous two witnesses. He sees Breivik enter the building, and claims that Breivik looked confused, which is an unflattering and inaccurate description of Commander Breivik’s “I’m going to execute me some filthy traitors” face. Seconds later he’s shot in the face and hangs out with Ingvild and the guy Breivik played footsie with until the system protectors come by to take care of them.

He’s got 10% vision left in his right eye and hasn’t physically recovered, a mild punishment for high treason. 

12:28 The next witness is a 22-year-old woman.

She’s in the cafe building and sees a Breivik when she looks out of the window. She stands in the doorway when she’s hit in the foot, after which she jumps through a window and runs to the water, just in time to see the ferry leave Utoya. She decides to play possum until help arrives.

She hasn’t fully recovered and will have surgery this fall. Emotionally she’s doing well.

13:03 The court is back to discussing to what degree the proceedings will be censored.

13:20 Commander Breivik comments that there is no danger in allowing his comments to be recorded because the media won’t broadcast anything that is politically insensitive.

As his 36 page letter wasn’t published in full this seems to be a correct assessment, though I doubt they trust the Eastern European press which has yet to be properly house-trained.

13:20 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Tuesday May 15 (Day 19)

8:58 Breivik enters the courtroom.

Today four traitors who survived Utoya will testify.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-15 Live Report

The first order of business is whether Breivik’s comments to the witnesses will be allowed to be broadcast.

9:06 The first witness, a 15 year old girl, is waived. A written statement is read instead.

She suffered from a fractured shoulder blade and injuries to the right lung. She also suffers from mental problems.

9:16 The next witness is Marta-Johanne Svendsen.

Like many people she ran for the forest during the initial surge of panic. She was shot through the arm as she reached the forest’s edge. She sought aid in the schoolhouse, which Breivik eventually approached and fired two shots through the window before walking off. She stayed there until the system protectors showed up.

If I recall Breivik’s statements correctly he didn’t enter the building where 47 people hid because he wanted to avoid getting ambushed.

She reports her elbow is completely healed, and that her post traumatic stress vanished after about three months, which is the normal recovery time for most people.

Lippestad asks if she knew that Breivik had taken off the door handle. She was unaware.

9:44 Next witness is Ina Rangone Libak, 22 years old.

She was in the cafe building when the shooting started and hid behind a piano. Breivik jumped on top of the piano and started shooting, hitting Libak in the hands, chest, and jaw before she ran out of the building.

A friend finds her, picks her up, and runs off with her into the woods and down a cliff. The people she ends up hiding with manage to stop the bleeding and keep her warm. At one point Breivik walks passed heir hiding spot, and either doesn’t see them or pretends he doesn’t because he’s out of ammunition. A couple of minutes later Breivik surrenders to the system.

She was discharged from the hospital after a month and suffers from anxiety and nightmares but appears to be doing alright otherwise.

10:34 Next witness is Even More Øien Kleppen and was working for Norwegian People’s Aid, which is a sister organization of the labor party.

Kleppen is on the mainland when Breivik arrives and takes the same ferry ride to Utoya. He notices the unusual length of the assault rifle’s magazine. Kleppen describes Breivik as very calm. He heads to the main house and drops of his bags, then he hears shooting.

Kleppen ends up barricading himself into the school house. At one point Breivik tries to open the door. Eventually they are escorted out of the building by system protectors.

Kleppen is still on sick leave and suffers from nightmares and anxiety.

13:14 The next witness is an eighteen year old man.

He watches a person in a grey sweater walk up to a system protector and offers to shake his hand in welcome. Then all of a sudden something strange happens, the system protector draws his gun and shoots the Cultural Marxist in the grey sweater in the head, people start running as panic ensues.

He ends up on the southern tip and joins Breivik’s private swim school with a friend.

After 100-150 minutes his friend turns around, unable to go much further, and starts swimming back to Utoya. His friend never makes it back and drowns. The witness continues swimming until he reaches the mainland.

He feels guilty about abandoning his friend but is otherwise doing well.

13:36 The next witness is Julie Size Held Iversen who testifies by telephone, she’s 17 years old and currently resides in the United States.

She gets shot in the left leg as she runs off, and soon after starts swimming towards the mainland. About 100 meters off shore she looks back and watches a fellow traitor getting executed. She’s picked up by a row boat eventually.

Her leg injury was minor and she’s doing well.

14:00 The court is adjourned after Breivik states he has no comments.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Monday May 14 (Day 18)

9:01 The court is set.

Today five people who survived Utoya will take the witness stand.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-05-14 Live Report

9:03 The first witness is Silja Kristianne Utengen who is 21 years old.

She was asleep when she heard shots being fired and ended up swimming to the shore. Upon reaching the shore she discovered she had been hit by a bullet in her right arm, a minor wound. She has yet to return to work.

9:26 Next witness is Lars Grønnestad who is 20 years old.

Grønnestad runs along with a bunch of panic stricken Cultural Marxist as he comes to a stop as he sees a system protector, unaware it’s a Knights Templar in disguise, Commander Anders Behring Breivik of the European Resistance movement.

As Breivik begins executing trainers Grønnestad starts to run and is knocked down by a bullet that shatters his shoulder blade, punctures his lung, and breaks two ribs. He manages to get moving again and reaches the forest and hides under a tree, drifting in and out of consciousness until the police finds him. He’s still sensitive to loud noises but is otherwise (unfortunately) doing alright.

10:24 Next witness who will testify, is Frida Holm Skoglund. She’s 20 years old and makes Breivik leave the courtroom.

She ran into the woods with a bunch of fellow traitors when Breivik came up the hill. When they come to a halt she notices she has been shot in the thigh. She manages to pull the bullet out, it wasn’t until later that she started feeling any pain. She gets to the southern point and swims towards the mainland, after swimming for one hour she gets picked up by a boat 100 meters from the shore.

A top athlete will swim 800 meters in about ten minutes, add clothes, cold water, poor endurance, average technique and you’re looking at an hour of swimming.

Skoglund hasn’t been back to work or school since the incident.

12:32 Marius Hoft is the next witness.

Hoft hangs around while everyone else runs off and sees a woman getting executed, two shots to take her down, and a third shot through her head to finish the job. Hoft finally got the hint and ran off into the woods with a friend. A little later they climb down a steep slope when his friend slips and falls, dying quickly. He hides against the cliff wall for several hours before being pulled back up with a rope by the police.

Hoft is struggling in school and has trouble falling asleep.

13:08 Ane jump Evenmo is the next witness, she’s 17 years old. She gets hit in the leg by bullet fragments when she runs off, and while she tries to swim she gives up quickly and returns. She manages to get into a rowboat with some fellow traitors, Breivik shows up soon after and fires at the boat. When Breivik loses interest they row to the shore, and beg the system protectors waiting there not to shoot them.

She says she’s back in school and doing alright.

14:00 It’s discussed whether other parts of the trial should be allowed to be broadcast.

14:20 Commander Breivik makes a statement: “I find it unacceptable that my ideological explanation was censored in its entirety and that the psychiatric expert’s testimony is broadcast. This creates an imbalance that will make me look insane to those who follow the case.”

14:23 The court is adjourned.

Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White

I saw the phrase ‘anti-racist is a code word for anti-white’ show up on more than one occasion while surfing the internet and decided to look deeper into it.

It appears to be a meme created by the user johnnywhiterabbit on Youtube, which in turn is the punch line of a mantra he created. It’s been flagged as inappropriate meaning people get a warning when trying to watch it, judge for yourself:

The message is clear and in line with 2083, namely that White nations are being subjected to genocidal demographic warfare by means of mass non-white immigration.

The message is non violent, it only addresses a problem, white genocide, though it remains to be seen if even this minor act of defiance will be tolerated on Youtube. If it gains more popularity it will likely be removed.

I’ve developed a comment screening strategy myself where I only allow pro-Breivik messages to be posted to my videos. This is not in opposition of free speech, but to communicate Commander Breivik’s message that it’s too late for civil debate, and too late for a democratic solution. An additional benefit is that it really pisses off the Cultural Marxists when they see a screen full of comments in praise of Anders Behring Breivik. Muslims get annoyed as well and leave the occasional comment, I guess they don’t like the idea of being deported back to their 2nd world nations that will turn into 3rd world nations once the oil and tourism industries dry up.

The creator appears to originate from Stormfront, an American White Nationalist site with a fairly strong anti-Semitic following. As of 2012 less than 50% of all children born in the USA are white, so their battle against immigration has already been lost, and the US White Nationalist movement has a difficult ideological foundation to work with.

The message of the mantra has also been extended and converted to several catchy music videos.

Ultimately I don’t think this mantra will accomplish much as the mantras from the left are accompanied by righteous zeal, anonymous death threats, spitting opponents in the face, and a system that will be indifferent if this behavior comes from the left, and totalitarian when it comes from the right.

As Commander Breivik would say, unless you execute twelve traitors you may as well be screaming your message alone in the woods.