Rosenqvist Psychiatric Notes 2011-08-18

I got my hands on the three psychiatric reports by Randi Rosenqvist and have finished translating the first section, which is available on the resource collection.

Rosenqvist Psychiatric Report 2011-08-18

Randi is clearly more intelligent than the authors of the previous report as her conclusions are clearer and more concise. Educated people of average intelligence tend to produce lengthy, overly verbose and confusing prose that masks their incompetence.

She notes Breivik’s excellent impulse control and ability to portray himself as a conservative on and as an ultra-nationalist in 2083. She fails to understand that portraying yourself as less radical is not an intellectual feat, this because political correctness is largely instinctive. Like Spiderman’s spidey sense we have a peecee sense that tingles whenever we’re about to say something that goes against System Dogma.

She concludes that Commander Breivik is unlikely to be violent in prison due to good impulse control and a desire for his violent actions to be spectacular. She fails to understand here that Breivik is extremely dangerous to category A, B and C traitors, and no threat at all to anyone else.

An interesting detail is that Breivik has memorized ten ways to commit suicide in prison. It should be noted that suicide is the ultimately form of defiance of the system, and subsequently the system will prevent this at all cost. Normally the system can do so with relative ease, in the case of Commander Breivik they will have to either give in to his demands (access to a computer and the ability to correspond and publish) or ready a body bag.


One thought on “Rosenqvist Psychiatric Notes 2011-08-18

  1. Anka P 2012/05/05 at 04:32 Reply

    I think ABB wouldn't have qualms about harming an innocent as a means to an end, for example to secure an escape and carry out the bonus mission. Unlikely scenario as this may be.
    For this reason, unlike Kevin Forts, I'd be quite fearful of the prospect of meeting him.

    “Like Spiderman's spidey sense we have a peecee sense that tingles whenever we're about to say something that goes against System Dogma.”

    I'd disagree, there is a fervent subset who lack this type of restraint, most common among the hardcore anti-semites, they will scarcely pass up a chance to blame/name the ETERNAL JOOOOS!!!!!!

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