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Norwegian authorities are planning to censor Breivik

Commander Breivik has been busy in prison the past couple of weeks, spending eight to ten hours a day writing letter to fans and supporters.

The Norwegian authorities initially tried to limit Breivik’s correspondence by restricting his access to stamps, which normally would have worked as planned, but as loyalty inspires loyalty a couple of patriots send a large number of stamps.

The prison authorities were already withholding letters that expressed the intent to plan or commit acts that would disturb the peace, and as of today the prison authorities have been given the clear to take it one step further. Their main concern appears to be Breivik’s attempt to create two networks, one of resistance fighters and political prisoners, and a second network of like-minded individuals.

As should be obvious, Breivik won’t be allowed to speak his mind, which is why he wrote 2083 – A European declaration of Independence.

Knights Templar Europe Report

I’ve created a new blog and resource collection that will primarily focus on reporting on the European Resistance. The Resource collection will contain manifests, articles, etc.
I’ve posted the mailing address of the militant anti-feminist Eivind Berge on the KT Europe Report, and I’m in the process of placing 2083 on the KTE Resource Collection.

Knights Templar Europe Report

Knights Templar Europe Resource Collection

One year after 7/22

In his manifesto, 2083 – A European declaration of Independence, Commander Breivik wrote:

The European Resistance Movement/Indigenous Rights Movement – PCCTS, Knights Templar offers a full pardon to the Western European multiculturalist regimes, the MA 100 alliance (political parties) and all category A and B individual traitors if they capitulate to our military forces by January 1st, 2020

As was to be expected the mainstream media has failed to report on the ultimatum by Knights Templar Europe, instead preferring to summarize 2083 with their choice word of the year: rambling.

The clock is ticking.

The Far Right on Breivik: Sebastian Ernst Ronin

One of the first Nationalists to discuss Breivik in an objective manner (while everyone else went into a frenzy trying to distance themselves as much as possible) was Sebastian Ernst Ronin, doing so in an article he published five days after 7/22. It’s available below.

The Breivik Action: The First Archeofuturist Victory

Ronin is a Canadian who supports the creation of White Nations in North America. He appears to be a radical environmentalist who envisions a collapse of modern society when the oil supply runs out (frequently referred to as peak oil), which in turn would result in a return to a nationalist agricultural society. Like many on the right he views the multiracial society as unsustainable in the long run. He leads a political party called the Renaissance Vanguard which is an alliance of Environmentalist, Ethno Nationalists, and Secessionists.

It remains to be seen whether White Nations will be allowed to be created in North America, my best guess is that no, it will not be allowed. This doesn’t mean that I believe resistance to be futile, just that it’s not going to be as easy as taking over a state with a low population density and declaring your independence. From this perspective I have to agree with Ronin that a global economic collapse presents a window during which White Nations can be established without the risk of being instantly deconstructed.

I however disagree that when oil runs out society will collapse, I predict an economic boom as society will go into panic mode and switch to electric transportation rapidly, all the required technology is there. Electric engines are cheaper to run than gasoline engines, and they run for decades without needing much maintenance, unlike gasoline engines which break down constantly and are expensive to repair. The only downside is that recharging batteries takes a while, meaning shorter travel distances, meaning long distance trade and travel will become more expensive, something which many will see as a plus. When faced with the choice between nuclear power and poverty the population will demand nuclear power. I’m not an expert on the matter, but a total collapse in the near future seems highly unlikely.

It’s unfortunately the rule, rather than the exception, that leaders of the far right make poor strategical decisions. I agree with Breivik that if nothing happens until 2083 there is little hope left for the European race. This being the case it seems an awfully risky gamble to tell your followers to sit idly by in wait for a global collapse that might never happen, and that’s putting it kindly. The same goes for democratic anti-immigration parties, they waste a lot of time and effort on a democratic solution without the slightest possibility of achieving a democratic majority.

Some people argue that we should beat Blacks and Muslims at their own game by making a lot of babies, but if you view the problem from a hereditarian perspective you’ll quickly realize that Whites with the highest birthrates are those with below average intelligence. It’s pointless to beat the enemy by becoming the enemy, which we will eventually as the average White IQ will drop down to 85 in about 300 years at the current rate of genetic decline.

All this being said the hypothetical creation a White Nation and it’s subsequent deconstruction by NATO forces will radicalize thousands. We should not forget that Anders Behring Breivik cited the deconstruction of Nationalist Serbia as a milestone in his radicalization process. There’s of course nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst as having weapons, ammunition, and food for a year is ideal when the civil war goes into the second stage.

Another important thing to note is that Marxism vehemently opposes population control, while many radical environmentalists believe population control to be a crucial element of a realistic green platform. In what I call the ‘numbers game’ it’s possible to draw radical environmentalists away from the left as the deportation of all non-Europeans would cut the European population in half by the end of the century. Ronin’s National Environmentalist views are likely to attract people that otherwise would be hard to reach, especially considering his rejection of Nazism.

Keep in mind that declining birthrates are only a problem in a multiracial society, with South Africa being the prime example of a nation where Europeans once had a majority, but now live under Cultural Marxist rule after allowing Africans to out-breed them until they made up less than 10% of the population.

In his article, The First Archeofuturist Victory, Ronin views 7/22 as an action predicted in Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism. Faye is a French intellectual who is part of the European New Right, a political ideology that is virtually identical to the ideology described in 2083. The Knights Templar is of course almost entirely Breivik’s creation, though the New Right supports the concept of a Christian cultural heritage.

Ronin argues that 7/22 forced everyone on the far right to show their hand and either support or oppose Breivik. As no significant political party supported Breivik it didn’t make much of an impact in that regard, besides, Breivik insists that political parties should reject violence to stay out of trouble and focus on spreading the message. That being said I have to applaud Ronin’s courage for being one of few who refuse to bow down to political correctness when it comes to Anders Behring Breivik.

One area where a line has clearly been drawn in the sand is the Internet where the owner of Stormfront (Christian, National Socialist, anti-Semitic) has denounced Breivik, censoring and banning supporters, while the owner of the Vanguard News Network Forum (Atheist, National Socialist, anti-Semitic) is openly supporting Breivik. In this regard 7/22 was unique because it created a clear rift in the far right between the militant and non-militant factions.

Ronin also notes that the bar has been raised for the thousands of keyboard warriors that roam the Internet. Where burning down a mosque was considered radical and revolutionary in the past it’s considerably more difficult to impress anyone post 7/22. In addition he points out that Breivik’s attack on the Cultural Marxist elites will leave a lasting impression on the European psyche about betrayal from the top. Ronin also praises Breivik for bringing attention to the Islamization and deconstruction of Europe.

Ronin views 7/22 as a significant tremor in the political cultural landscape, though almost a year after the Oslo bombing and Utoya massacre everything has returned back to normal, meaning the West is still in the process of committing collective suicide. This however doesn’t mean that thousands aren’t eagerly waiting for the next bomb to go off, the metaphorical heart beat that shows that the resistance is alive, that the European race will not be destroyed without putting up a fight.

In conclusion Ronin states that our remaining options are victory or genocide. This seems to be another major milestone in the radicalization process, the realization that our genocide is imminent, providing a counter balance to the fear of political correctness that clearly tipped the scale in the case of Commander Breivik.


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The Far Right on Breivik: Eivind Berge

I’m going chronologically through various articles written by the far right about Commander Breivik. Eivind Berge is not a nationalist as his fight against feminism completely and utterly dominates his thought universe. That being said he’s not exactly an anti-nationalist either. He wrote an interesting article about Breivik five days after 7/22.

Anders Breivik: Paleoconservative Activism Or Beta Rampage?

While the KT is intended as a banner for various Nationalist ideologies to unite under, there is an argument to be made that there is room for anti-feminists. I expect this to remain a small group, and that most will become more outspokenly nationalistic once the tide turns.

It should go without saying that Berge (he’s a Norwegian) will happily agree to a 98% Norwegian Norway if it meant the end of feminism, or in his own words, if it gets him laid. His grievances are a bit elusive, he points out that killing a woman while operating a car under the influence can get you a six years sentence, while having sex with a woman who is drunk can get you eight years if she has regrets doing so the next morning. Julian Assange is a great example of these bizarre Scandinavian laws, being charged for rape after two women regretted having voluntary sex with him. In addition it’s legal for women to prostitute themselves, but illegal for men to have sex with a prostitute.

Due to these grave injustices Berge views the killing of cops as desirable because they enforce the anti-male laws which have been laid down by the totalitarian Cultural Marxist state. It seems somewhat excessive to argue in favor of killing cops because you can’t buy sex legally. As Berge is obviously an intelligent guy it’s my best guess that his aim was to attract an anti-feminist woman with his bold and daring militant statements, and if that’s the case it worked as Berge confesses that he was on the verge of becoming a martyr for the MRM (Male Rights Movement) when a young Norwegian woman read his blog and developed a romantic interest.

While I don’t disagree that the lower female sex drive gives women an obvious advantage, most men have allowed themselves to be turned into mindless wankers, chronic masturbators with a porn addiction and faint hopes of a random slut giving them a pity fuck. Like most junkies they’re too concerned about their next fix to be overly concerned about the direction society is taking. Conservative Christians will point at their bibles and exclaim that God does not approve, but who cares? Hereditarians like me will point out that evolution does not approve of a generation of self absorbed wankers, and that there’s but one God, and his name is Death. Nietzsche almost got that one right. And yes, it’s safe to ignore the Cultural Marxist approved health warning that not masturbating is bad for your health.

Eivind Berge seems to have drawn the conclusion that it’s all about the gratification of sexual needs, while the hereditarian faction holds the survival of the group as the highest priority. Based on his consumption driven views Berge appears to be an individualist and can be classified as an anti-Collectivist. On the other hand he has a strong group identity, that group being the male gender, and he admits he has brotherly views towards Muslims because of their anti-feminist attitudes. In this regard he’s no different from anti-Semites with bleeding hearts for the Palestinian cause and a fondness for Muslims who share their dislike for the Eternal Jew. This seems a common theme among those who embrace a victim mentality.

I must applaud Berge’s open hostility and militant attitude. Focusing solely on your desire for sex while your ethnic group is in the process of committing collective suicide is inexcusable however, besides, who needs sex when you’re getting fucked by the system on a daily basis.

Berge briefly considers if Breivik is a raging beta-male. This because 90% of the men want sex with the top 90% of the fertile female population, and 90% of the women want sex with the top 10% of the male population, which leaves the majority of men sexually frustrated as females want quality rather than quantity. Cultural Marxists don’t have a solution for this side effect of their feminist policies, so rather than giving themselves a headache trying to figure out a solution they instead make fun of sexually frustrated males. It’s almost as much fun as making jokes about executed traitors. Under Nationalist rule natural law can be restored, creating a balance between the genders that will be more agreeable to the male sex drive.

While Eivind Berge is not an ideological brother of Breivik he admires the sheer brilliance of the operation, and has no tears for the executed teenagers, who like Breivik he views as his oppressors.Berge views the Knights Templar as somewhat grandiose and possibly fictitious, he is open to the possibility of civil war but not overly concerned with the subject.

I was initially going to ignore Berge as he’s not a nationalist, but last Wednesday, July 4th 2012, Berge was arrested by the Norwegian authorities for inciting violence against the police. To some degree we owe Berge our support because he hadn’t blogged for six months when Breivik awoke him from his slumber. If it hadn’t been for 7/22 it’s unlikely that Berge would have gotten in trouble for his outspoken opposition to Norway’s Cultural Marxist rule.

Obviously the system won’t be satisfied with Breivik’s life sentence, it sustained too much damage to be satisfied with anything less than collective punishment, so it’s highly likely Berge will be made into an example. If Eivind Berge refuses to bow down to the system during his trial he’s looking at a prison sentence of eight years.

Political Correctness

When Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 the world was flooded by pictures and video of one of the largest displays of political correctness I’ve ever witnessed. Of course nobody in the mainstream media would dare calling it political correctness, which in itself is a display of political correctness, just like nobody in North Korea would dare to admit they cry out of fear instead of out of sadness.

Political Correctness in it’s purest form

For centuries those with a disregard for authority and public opinion have been executed. Witches were burned at the stake, and assuming there’s no such thing as witchcraft their only mistake must have been the crime of being different from the rest.

Nobody had to tell these North Koreans to act the way they act, this behavior feels completely normal to them and only seems retarded to an outsider. Of course we don’t live in a full blown totalitarian state like North Korea, but the underlying mechanism is no different.

Political Correctness Light

I particularly like this picture where Breivik defiantly stares into one of the cameras while his lawyers and guards stand by, eyes cast downward, subdued, prostrating themselves before the altar of Cultural Marxism.

If they had the money North Koreans would buy flowers and burn candles for their leader. As such political correctness can also manifest itself as a monetary gift.

Capitalistic Political Correctness

I’m sure hundreds of Norwegians have been pressured into buying flowers to show their love and devotion to the multicultural experiment. Like all had to believe in their heart of hearts in the priesthood and their ideology in order for the Gods to bring them rain and prosperity, everyone has to believe in their heart of hearts in the Marxist elite and ban out all racist and impure thought for the Multicultural Utopian experiment to succeed.

The thousands of flowers, and thousands of people singing a multiculturalist song might come across as a display of power, but it’s ultimately a display of fear and submission.

Unless we free ourselves we’ll end up like the North Koreans, this because higher levels of political correctness will be required as the multicultural society becomes increasingly unstable. 

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Friday June 22 (Day 43)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-22 Live Report

Judge Arntzen starts off the day by rejecting the request to broadcast Breivik’s final court statement.

9:05 Geir Lippestad begins his address:

He starts out by saying that 7/22 is hard to believe, even though a violent action around 2010 was predicted as early as 1990. Lippestad continues with some legal talk. He quotes that it’s just as bad to treat a healthy person as it is to refuse an ill person treatment.

Lippestad argues that Breivik had no prior history of violence, making it unlikely he’s driven by violent thoughts. He mentions that it’s uncharacteristic of someone who’s driven by violent thoughts to not have placed the bomb in the center of Oslo where a lot more people would have been killed, and that someone driven by violent fantasies wouldn’t have surrendered.

Lippestad argues that friends and family said Breivik was passionate about politics, not violence. Before the attacks he spend hours mailing out his manifesto to politicians and journalists. While on Utoya he spared the lives of two young children. He concludes that violence is a means to an end for Breivik, and not the goal itself.

On the subject of delusions Lippestad argues Breivik may as well have said he was Jesus, as they did not take him serious. Lippestad gives Breivik’s description of the coming civil war as a low intensity conflict that is mostly demographic in nature, a view that is shared almost universally on the far right.  Lippestad says he’s surprised the authors of the first report didn’t alter their conclusion after being confronted with the cultural context they chose to ignore.

Lippestad states that Breivik was in Liberia and London in 2002, and that it indeed would have made his job a little tricky if he had simply imagined having visited those places. He cites a police report from September 9, before the release of the first psychiatric report, where Breivik describes himself as a mere foot soldier. In October Breivik speaks of four sweaty men in a basement creating the foundation of the KT, hard to prove, but far from a bizarre reality bursting claim. Lippestad argues that lies and exaggerations are part of the arsenal of a terrorist. 

Breivik said he thought the chance of becoming a future leader of Norway to be 2 percent of 2 percent, which was written down as 1 in 200 while it should have been 1 in 2500. Lippestad confirms that shortly after the bombing there was a lynching atmosphere, something Breivik predicted. 

Lippestad argues that Breivik knew what he was doing, and that terrorists take it upon themselves to choose in matters of life and death as the end justifies the means. It’s classic terrorist thought that has been confirmed by experts in court.

Lippestad argues that Breivik’s stock trading and the writing of his manifesto do not indicate the loss of function describes in the first psychiatric report, and that being a guild leader in a WoW raiding guild is a highly structured task comparable to having a job. Breivik worked out, went to a shooting club, hung out with friends, was a free mason, and went on trips.

Lippestad confirms that Breivik had a large sum of money at his disposal. He argues that changing your interests doesn’t indicate a loss of mental function, and that the claim that Breivik uses neologisms has been thoroughly refuted.

Lippestad shares his amazement at the claim in the first report that Breivik thinks he can read minds. There is nothing in the report that supports this, merely Breivik claiming he’s a good salesman who knows how to read people.

Lippestad notes the stark difference in interviews with Breivik’s mother, in the first police report she speaks highly of her son and says she’s baffled at what happened, in her interview with the psychologists she begins to question her son’s sanity. Lippestad argues the psychologists have told Breivik’s mother that Breivik may get a light sentence if he’s declared insane, and that Breivik’s mother subsequently tried her best to portray her son in such a manner. Lippestad list the large number of psychologists who failed to find psychotic symptoms in Breivik.

Lippestad briefly addresses necessity, to view July 22 as one act of terror, and to consider that Breivik has said that from now on he will fight with the pen. He pleads for acquittal on behalf of his client.

11:34 Holden and Engh comments on Lippestad’s statement.

They basically maintain that Breivik might be insane.

12:55 Witness Sissel Wilsgård takes the stand, he was in the government quarters during the bombing.

He tells a sad tale about how July 22 made their life very difficult, forcing them to move to new locations and dealing with an increased work load with fewer people. I’m sure it brightens Breivik’s day to hear about the suffering of the Category D and C traitors running the totalitarian multicultural bureaucracy, thanks Sissel.

13:06 Next witness is Kirsti Løvlie who is the mother of Hanne Ekroll Løvlie.

Her daughter was a Category B traitor working as an adviser for the prime minister. She tells a particularly sad tale and has many people in tears, including judge Arntzen. There won’t be any tears for the victims of the multiculturalist experiment in this court room, they’re considered collateral damage for the Marxist cause.

13:20 Witness Helen Brenna takes the stand.

Brenna was on Utoya and her testimony is full of cheesy poetic language that’s supposed to convey the cheer horror of it all. She gets an applause when she’s finished, as if she’s at an AA meeting and just confessed she’s an addict. 

13:32 Next one is Unni Espeland Marcussen.

Her daughter Andrine was deputy leader of Fredrikstad AUF. Andrine was taken down with a shot in her chest and put out of her misery with a shot through the head. Good riddance.

13:43 Lara Rashid is the next witness.

She’s from North Iraq and her sister was shot in the head twice, courtesy of Breivik. There’s this saying that the only good Muslims in Europe is a dead Muslim, I don’t disagree.

14:05 It’s time for Commander Breivik’s final court address. I fixed up the translation and tried to fill in the blanks as there are obvious gaps in vg’s ‘word for word’ transcript.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Statement 2012-06-22

Breivik’s final words:

July 22 was the direct consequence of the actions of those who consciously and unconsciously are destroying our country. Responsible Norwegians who feel a sense of honor and duty are not going to sit and watch while they are turned into minorities in their own country. We are going to fight. The attacks on July 22 were preventive in nature, in defense of my ethnic group and I cannot acknowledge guilt. I acted on behalf of my people, my religion and my country. I therefore demand that I be acquitted.

Amen to that brother.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Thursday June 21 (Day 42)

12:05 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-21 Live Report

Today Engh and Holden will give their closing arguments to the court.

Engh makes a little speech, claims Breivik’s victims were random and as such the entire nation has been traumatized. She mentions the four conditions required for someone to end up in prison 1) Perform a criminal act 2) There must be no necessity or self-defense 3) There must be subjective guilt 4) The subject must be sane.

Engh says she refuses to address condition #2, not like she has to as it’s obviously a show trial. Instead she begins describing the events as hypothesized in the discredited first psychiatric report that reasons that Breivik suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She doesn’t stress mental illness, her main goal seems to be to discredit the Knights Templar organization.

She briefly describes the bombing of Oslo and the executions on Utoya, describing Breivik as a cold blooded monster. She tries to make sure that Breivik is credited for the two deaths by drowning and falling, thanks I guess.

She wants Breivik charged with two terrorist acts and financial liability.

13:22 Svein Holden takes over.

He starts out with some lengthy legal talk. He argues it’s better to send a sane man to the madhouse than to send a mad man to prison. He also argues that if it can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Breivik is sane, legal precedent holds that he should be declared insane.

Holden claims that Breivik initially wanted to be declared insane, an obvious lie as all that Breivik said was that it provided options. I have the suspicion that the main focus of the trial was to try to get Breivik to admit that the KT does not exist.

Judge Arne Lyng asks if they considered that Breivik maintains that the KT is an existing organization with sleeper cells in place to create fear among the population. Holden claims they have irrefutably disproved  that Breivik is lying, which is of course not correct. They have no idea what Breivik did in London and they have no idea what Breivik did during the evenings in Liberia. According to Eastern European sources Breivik visited a training camp in Belarus, though this hasn’t been picked up by the Western European media, making it unclear if someone made this up.

Holden maintains he’s convinced that Breivik is delusional about the KT, but the true intent appears to be to convince the population at large that they have nothing to fear, while it’s been reported that political correctness in Norway is at an all time high.

He concludes that he wants Anders Behring Breivik sentenced to compulsory psychiatric care pursuant to Penal Code § 39, or alternatively  to the custody of a time frame of 21 years and a minimum of 10 years.

As Holden finishes his statement Commander Breivik gives the Knights Templar salute. There won’t be an address by Breivik today because he’s only allowed to comment on witnesses, not the prosecution.

15:01 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Wednesday June 20 (Day 41)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-20 Live Report

Today we’ll have two witnesses who lost a loved one on July 22 and two trauma experts.

9:03 The first witness Tor Østbø takes the witness stand, he lost his wife Tove Åshill Knutsen (56) during the Oslo bombing.

His wife was a  secretary with the electricians and information technology workers’ union. It’s a typical Category D profession as unions tend to fully embrace multiculturalism. Østbø says it’s currently politically incorrect to express hatred towards Breivik, I guess the political elite has gone for the forgiveness route. He’s annoyed with the victims not being the main focus of the trial.

9:36 The next witness is senior political adviser and Category B traitor Kirsten Vesterhus, her son Håvard Vederhus was the leader of Oslo AUF, and one of the top 10 Category B traitors executed for treason on July 22 by Commander Anders Behring Breivik of KT Europe.

She’s quite the tearjerker, but Breivik does not budge.

10:25 Next up are Dagfinn Winje and Are Holen, the trauma experts.

They observed survivors of July 22 and observed post traumatic stress in 68%, depression in 36%, and anxiety in 20%.

Next they spend over an hour talking about the various ways people have been traumatized by July 22, by being shot, getting close to drowning, watching close ones die or get injured, the whole nine yards. It has a weird educational vibe to it, and is rather boring.

13:48 Commander Breivik addresses the court.

It’s good to have two experts, perhaps the two best in Norway when it comes to stress and mental disorders. I understand that it was the counsel’s testimony, but since two of the experts were in the witness box it was a pity they did not mention anything about the traumatic experience of being deprived of your ethnic culture and religion without being able to do anything about it.

About how traumatic it is to watch your sisters being raped by Muslims, their brothers beaten and the hopelessness of the witness.

This case is about Norway’s and Europe’s future. The traumatic experience of being labeled as a right-wing extremist. These traumas that have occurred after the prolonged harassment of the right-wing. How many have been driven to suicide because of this in Norway? Maybe 10, 100?

Thank you.

1:53 Breivik finishes his address.

Special thanks to Breivik for including the traumatic experiences the trauma experts forgot to mention.

1:54 The court is adjourned.