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Anders Breivik Trial – Friday August 24 (Day 44)

10:00 Commander Breivik is brought into the courtroom and allowed to give the Knights Templar salute with the press still present. For most of the trial they left his hands cuffed to his belt until all photographers had left.

As such the question becomes: If Commander Breivik gives the Knights Templar salute without it being photographed, is it still awesome?

10:08 Judge Arntzen says the verdict was unanimous, and that Breivik has been declared sane and is sentenced to 21 years prison, minus 445 days deducted for time in custody.

She’s not saying anything we didn’t already know 445 days ago. The prison term can be extended indefinitely, but I doubt the Cultural Marxists will still be in charge in 20 years.

10:12 Arntzen begins reading out the full verdict, nothing we didn’t already know, it’ll take some hours. Lippestad ought to interrupt at least once and ask her to hurry up and skip to the end.

14:00 Arntzen is still running her mouth. Breivik will be allowed to make a statement at the end of the day.

Arntzen does to some extend acknowledge the problem modern day society faces with psychiatry, but of course cannot address the real problem. The dilemma is that psychiatrists have to determine whether someone is connected or disconnected from reality. However, under Cultural Marxists rule everyone is expected to live in the Marxist Utopian fake reality. In order to appear sane one has to disconnect from reality and adopt one of the acceptable delusional dogmas.

Normally this isn’t a problem, as political correctness and censorship guarantees that people with a dissenting opinion aren’t heard, but it’s difficult to silence someone who killed 77 people, the vast majority of which were traitors. The first psychiatric report decided that Breivik’s highly intellectual and rational worldview was the product of a psychosis, fortunately the vast majority of Norwegians wasn’t buying this story.

It’s unclear what Breivik’s official diagnosis is after this verdict, but what appears to be the consensus is for everyone to call Breivik a monster. You know, the things that hide under your bed and in your closet. This in itself isn’t a bad way to describe Realists from a Cultural Marxist perspective, we are monsters that should remain in the closet, under the bed, in the dark where no one can see us. We must not frighten the domesticated humans with our rambling doom stories about the downfall of our race, our culture, and nation.

16:30 I’ll wait for Norwegian patriots to provide more accurate translations but this one is based on a YouTube video of Breivik’s final statement which he ended with the Knights Templar salute. His microphone was cut off before he could finish his sentence, but until a lip-reader gives the final verdict my best guess is that he apologized for not having executed more traitors.

My first statement on the 16th of April was that I do not recognize this court because you receive your mandate from political parties that support multiculturalism.

By discarding my allegations of the principle of necessity and sentencing a representative of the Norwegian resistance movement you have sided with the multicultural majority in parliament and therefore you also expressed support for the multiculturalist ideology.

Since I do not recognise this court I cannot legitimize the Oslo district court by accepting this sentence. In my view this sentence and judgement is illegitimate and at the same time I cannot appeal against the judgement because by appealing I would legitimize the court.

I would like to end with a statement of regret. I wish to apologize to all militant nationalists in Norway and in Europe for not having executed more traitors.


16:35 The court is adjourned.

Update: 2012-08-26

It’s been confirmed that Breivik did indeed end his sentence with ‘execute more traitors’, which is in line with his uncompromising militant rhetoric.

This is another clear cut case of the mainstream media trying to distort Breivik’s message. Breivik killed one civilian and apologized for this person’s death in court. Breivik’s intention wasn’t to kill people, his intention was to kill traitors.

Breivik Rusinform

Good news for Russians following the Breivik Report. There is now a Russian Resource Collection and an associated Blog.

The resource collection is at the address below.

And here is the link for the blog.

Dealing with the Mainstream Media – Part 2

Based on recent experiences I’d like to retract my previous statement on how to deal with the Mainstream Media and I’d like to warn everyone to be extremely careful when receiving links in emails, as these may be from journalists trying to obtain your IP address.

Normally journalists protect people they contact as a source, but in this situation it’s beneficial to them to get someone fired from their job and write a story about it. It’s not like their audience wants to hear what we have to say anyways, other than a couple of carefully selected sentence that have been deemed safe for general consumption.

It’s not beneficial to the European Indigenous Rights Movement to deal with the Mainstream Media, fortunately the Internet allows us to create our own network, instead of trying to be accepted as second class citizens by the mainstream.

The Mainstream Media itself protects its own interests and its own network, this is obvious when they refuse to link to the Breivik Report or other sites that do not support Cultural Marxism. We have the support of at least 10% of the European population however, we have the critical mass required to begin carving out our own niche on the Internet.

The idea is simple. Nationalist sites should link exclusively to fellow nationalist sites while avoiding direct links to the mainstream networks. Sites that are favorable should be promoted, while those that oppose us should be shunned. It’s as simple as that, though getting the 10% to follow suit is unfortunately not so easy.

A sixth letter from Commander Breivik

Last week I got my hands on a sixth letter from Commander Breivik, the second half of the letter is a duplicate of the July 2nd letter that was send to Lisa. For those wondering, yes, this letter was addressed to me.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-07-02 to Angus

Breivik is of the opinion that it’s fairly safe to write him, and I agree that’s the case as long as you stay within certain boundaries.

Not long after 7/22 the Norwegian media decided to downplay the Oslo bombing, though it was mentioned on May 3, day 11 of the trial, that rebuilding the government quarters can cost as much as 1.3 billion Euro. I reported on this, but specific information was difficult to find.

In this letter Breivik includes two reports he wrote which contain more detailed information about his July 22nd attacks against the Norwegian government.

The 2011 Norway Attack: The Oslo Bombing

The 2011 Norway Attack: The Utoya Massacre

Breivik decided not to include a summary of the victims and their political affiliations without my explicit approval. Instead I’ll link the overview of victims I published last year.

Detailed Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre victim list

Breivik’s Second in Command steps forward

Last Monday someone claiming to be one of the two single-cell resistance fighters that were under Breivik’s command has send an email to several Norwegian politicians and news agencies.

As was to be expected the Norwegian mainstream media blurred out an image of a print out of the email, but the person identifies himself as a member of Knights Templar Norway. It’s somewhat of a strategical mistake that he didn’t send me an email as I’m more than happy to publish his message in full. On the other hand the blatant censorship is a slap in the face of the Norwegian people, so it’s a win-win for us.

First of all I’d like to applaud this courageous individual, whether he’s one of the two cell operatives Breivik talked about, or a resistance fighter who answered Breivik’s call to action and cleverly follows the strategy of deceit and intimidation outlined in 2083.

Some quotes from the two page letter.

I hereby present myself as cell two and representative of the Norwegian resistance movement. Me and my soldiers, with all respect to our people, our culture and ethnicity, will warn all supporters of multiculturalism against the war we are now deeply engaged in. No longer will we tolerate your ignorance, nor your derision of our people.

Never before have we been forced to commit this type of acts against our own people, and we will continue along this path until we succeed in waking up the Norwegian and European people from their psychosis, and undoing the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Everyone must know, or will get to know, what this is all about. It’s about reading the historical and political facts and gaining an understanding of our general viewpoints.

Our Commander, Anders Behring Breivik, sacrificed his life and freedom for our people and our struggle. It will be unacceptable and inequitable to us if he continues to be ignored and is declared “insane” by the unjust and corrupt apparatus that is in power. If this is to be the case, all those who died by his sword will have passed in vain.

The full text might appear eventually, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. If any Norwegians want to help me with human translations of small Norwegian texts shoot me an email. According to some sources the letter threatens with the liquidation of Category B traitors.

Update: 2012-08-21 Most of the text is available now:

2012-08-13 letter from Cell Two to Norwegian Category A and B traitors

The Norwegian authorities now have the task to track down cell two, which can be difficult if this resistance fighter took this operation seriously and prepared well. As a thought experiment I’d like to point out the difficulties of sending emails like these without getting caught.

The most obvious approach is to use the Tor network. As email is send instantly it’s possible for the Norwegian security agency to obtain a list of computers that were connected to the Tor network during that time period by accessing the logs of Internet Service Providers. This list might be fairly small if they can filter out regular users and focus on unusual connections.

Assuming they figure out the IP address the email came from it’s unlikely that cell two send this email from his home computer. Each network card has a unique identifier, and the Norwegian police traced down the original ownership of Breivik’s network card to a Swedish woman, who, of course, was ‘unpleasantly surprised’ when she got her five minutes of fame. The safest  way to go about it is to buy a notebook and a network card with cash, next log in at a business with an open wireless network, or hi-jack someone’s private wireless network that hasn’t been secured.

If you connect from a business it’s likely that camera footage will be examined in the hopes of identifying a suspect, a clever resistance fighter will have screened the location on a prior occasion making careful note of the position of cameras in order to stay out of sight.

They may also figure out in what shop the wireless network card was purchased and keep an eye out for future use of this network card, possibly forcing Norwegian ISPs to alert them the instant the network card is used. As usb wireless cards are fairly cheap it has most likely already been discarded.

Worst case scenario cell two gets arrested, in which case he’ll be treated to a show trial and placed in isolation so he can’t radicalize fellow inmates. Given the timing of the warning it is possible that cell two is preparing an attack following the August 24 verdict.

Dealing with the mainstream media – Part 1

Giving an interview to the mainstream media as a resistance blogger can generate quite a bit of publicity.

I’ll give some advice and provide points of discussion.

1. Most journalists are Category C traitors and if a journalists does not stay objective and attacks your ideology this makes them a Category B traitor. Make sure to inform them that high treason is a capital offense and that you’ll follow his/her trial with great interest after the revolution.

This is no more a threat than stating that pedophiles should be executed.

2. Make sure to emphasize that terrorism is a direct result of cultural Marxist oppression and that a civil war is inevitable. We are in stage one and it is going to get worse.

If they make it personal tell them not to shoot the messenger, many Europeans are not going to accept that they’re being made into a minority in their own nations.

3. Promote the Commander Breivik Report and it’s collection of links, letters, and documents if you get the chance, or some other Breivik blog / site you enjoy.

We’re engaged in a war of information, and you want to promote our network. If you fail to do so you’re promoting their network by providing them with free content.

4. Don’t prepare written statements, try to have fun, and simply be yourself.

If you think you’ll be too stressed out do not do it, an interview isn’t worth losing sleep over. Simply ignore the request and carry on as usual.

I’ve updated the opening and closing statements

I’ve updated Commander Breivik’s opening and closing statements from machine to human translations. Unlike the translations from counter-currents these are not based on the VG transcripts which omit and summarize several sentences.

A fifth letter from Commander Breivik

One glaring omission in 2083 was the chapter explaining how to share letters. Fortunately Eastern European women don’t need instruction on this subject, I guess 80 years of Communist indoctrination was good for something after all.

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-07-02 to Lisa

An interesting thing to note is that Breivik is numbering his letters, it’s best to save and number the letters you send out in case a letter gets lost in the mail.

Breivik mentions the availability of a machine translation of his April 17 speech on the Breivik Report and the human translation from counter-currents. The translation from counter-currents used a lower quality source and is missing a lot of content however – just because the guy claims it’s better doesn’t make it so – and I suggest linking the translation on the Breivik Report as I’m in the process of fixing it up.

The most interesting bit of information is that Breivik stopped performing his salute because they kept both his hands cuffed to his belt. I double checked the footage and this indeed appears to be the case.

Breivik remains optimistic that he’ll be declared sane. We’ll see.

He mentions the three books he’s planning to write, formalizing his education, the creation of the pan-European think tank called “Conservative Revolutionary Movement” which will be one step to the right of the current counter-Jihad movement, and a prison network which he talks in detail about in a previous letter which is available on the Resource Collection.

Breivik is looking for Russian publishers willing to publish his books. It’s unclear if he needs help with other nations. I assume he’ll focus on the English, Russian, and German markets as interest in Breivik is highest in North European nations.

Breivik is also looking to establish contact with radical bloggers who support his platform.

Anyone interested in joining a network of active bloggers that oppose Cultural Marxism should send me an email. For the safety of those involved who blog from nations with invasive speech laws, everyone interested should contact me using a gmail account with https enabled. It might be a couple of months before I launch this network. I will require proof that someone is an active blogger / writer / whatever to avoid a low signal to noise ratio.

Don’t expect great things, the main purpose of the network will be its existence as an act of defiance. I’m not sure of a name yet. Maybe the Anti-Anti-Fascist Blogging Alliance.

Better safe than sorry

As Google has a pretty bad track record when it comes to censorship on Youtube I’ve decided to go ahead and make a backup blog in case my blog at gets nuked.

WordPress has a nicer looking Terms of Service than Google as it doesn’t include Cultural Marxist speech codes forbidding hate speak. WordPress does forbid inciting violence, I’ll be happy to do this in private emails if anyone is interested – just kidding. I couldn’t possibly do a better job at inciting violence than the totalitarian Cultural Marxist governments out there.

I’m still strategizing on where to take things from here and have created a list of goals I want to accomplish. One of these goals is to create an online network for Breivik supporters. The backbone of this network has already been created on the Breivik Report Resource Collection which contains a collection of links to English pro-Breivik blogs.

And the hunt is on!

Apparently Breivik has encouraged a couple of individuals to visit my blog, this according to VG which has access to recent copies of letters Breivik wrote to fellow nationalists. The biggest surprise however is that they decided to stop pretending that there’s no support for Breivik out there.

In the usual quasi-fascistoid manner they didn’t link to the Breivik Report or mention it by name, but they did succeed in getting hundreds of Norwegians to google: breivik the clock is ticking, leading them to my little fan club, and yes, the clock is still ticking. Back in the early nineties European intellectuals concluded that Europeans would pick up arms around 2010, and that the second stage would begin in 2020. Anders Behring Breivik didn’t pick the date 2020 at random, he was repeating an almost prophetic warning that was spread a decade earlier.

The civil war will come as surely as it came to Lebanon, Kashmir, the Maluku Islands, Armenia, Yugoslavia, and dozens of other nations who tried to live in peace with Muslims. In a mutual fashion World War II was not an example of racism being wrong, but that multiculturalism does not work, and inevitably results in genocide. Most Jews got the message loud and clear and moved to Israel to reclaim their homeland. One day Europeans will do the same.

It’s unclear where the Norwegian media wants to go with this, but if I interpret their article correctly they are challenging Cultural Marxist radicals to figure out my identity, claiming that I’ve hidden my tracks extremely well. The media would of course not openly state: Hey find this dude so we can publish his name and get a bunch of anti-fascists to beat him up. Instead they present it as a challenge: Hey, this guy has hidden his tracks extremely well, what a shame *nudge* what a shame.

I assume Google will treat Norwegian requests to shut down my blog the same way it treats Chinese requests to shut down undesirable blogs, with a polite refusal. This being the case the Chinese system employs groups like the ‘Red Hackers’ Alliance’ to harass Tibetan separatist bloggers fighting for Tibetan indigenous rights, and it looks like the Norwegian system wants to encourage the same tactic to harass European separatist bloggers fighting for European indigenous rights.

An alternative theory is that it was time for more Breivik news and they didn’t have anything better to write about. Thanks for the traffic in that case.