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Crusader Anders Behring Breivik

This satirical animation was originally uploaded by RBISMYLIFE on Youtube on August 7, 2011. The video was banned as per Youtube’s strictly enforced Cultural Marxist speech codes.

Flashback on Commander Breivik

Like Stalinists have freedom of speech in North Korea, and Cultural Marxists have freedom of speech in Norway, anyone with a dissenting opinion (like a Nationalist) has freedom of silence. And even the freedom of silence isn’t absolute as Cultural Marxists will often exclaim how wonderful multiculturalism is, and look at you expectantly, desiring a happy sigh in celebration of our cultural suicide.

The Nazis had a more effective form of political correctness, where one would exclaim ‘Heil Hitler’ and the recipient had to respond in kind. The Nazis had the excuse they were engaged in total war against the world. The Cultural Marxists have the excuse that they are engaged in total war against their own people.

I’m not entirely sure what is more insane, declaring war on the world or declaring war on yourself, I guess the latter, but both require totalitarianism, oppression, and human suffering. 

As Swedes with political incorrect opinions have no freedom of speech they head over to Flashback, an online forum hosted in United States of America, securely encrypted using https, and for the time being protected by the American constitution which for the time being grants freedom of speech.

Flashback used to be hosted in Sweden, but in 2002 the owner was banned from ever hosting a forum in Sweden again. The forum was subsequently moved to Great Britain, and in 2010 was moved to the United States, possibly because Great Britain has turned into one of the most totalitarian Cultural Marxist nations after the 2005 London bombings.

Currently Flashback is the largest Scandinavian forum and contains one of the largest online polls measuring the level of support for Commander Breivik. It goes without saying that decent and law abiding Swedes don’t hang out on forums like Flashback, so we’re likely sampling the more progressive and radical elements of Swedish society.

The poll question is: Do you support Anders Behring Breivik’s actions?

The poll has been answered by 5010 people, and of those 17.43% answered with: yes. This is extremely promising  and it’s not a big surprise that this poll has been completely ignored by the media. Keen observers may have noticed that no European government has allowed an official poll to measure the level of support for Breivik among the population, obviously they fear the results.

The gender distribution is unknown, but as support is significantly higher among males it’s safe to assume that 17.43% translates to 28% of the male voters, which is more than enough to start a revolution.


It’s difficult to measure public opinion among women without intensive polling. It’s known that of those who support the counter Jihad political platform 60% is male. As the message gets more extreme that percentage further increases. The estimate of 28% is based on the assumption that like Facebook, Flashback has a female majority, and that of those who support the Ethnic Nationalist platform 75% is male.


Upon further examination of the demographics of Flashback my estimate appears to be incorrect. Flashback is male dominated with a lot of members holding anti-immigration views making it unrepresentative for Sweden. So the estimate is probably closer to 5% of the Swedish male population.

It is however promising that radical males are self segregating on the Internet and moving to free speech havens.

Breivik International

Good news for the German and Dutch readers, as Breivik International now links to a Dutch and German archive of documents related to Commander Breivik and the European Resistance. They don’t have as many documents as the English archive, but hopefully that will change in the future.

The translation of 2083 by Russian and German nationalists is well under way, and the Dutch translation has started recently. If you are a Dutch speaker who can write on a professional level and wants to help out I can put you in touch with the Dutch translation team.

The Far Right on Breivik: Alex Linder

One of the most radical American White Nationalist forums on the Internet is the Vanguard News Network, better known as VNN. The VNN forum is ran by Alex Linder, a supporter of Militant Nationalism, National Socialism, Intellectualism, anti-Semitism, among other things.

VNN Forum is much smaller than Stormfront, though it has a dedicated and active following. Where Stormfront is Christian and Conservative, VNN is Atheist and Libertarian. Linder claims there is freedom of speech on VNN, but plenty of people end up banned. The criteria for getting banned are somewhat vague and may be related to a poster’s signal to noise ratio.

While David Duke made a fool out of himself by claiming that Commander Breivik is a Zionist who carried out a false flag operation to punish the naughty Norwegians for supporting Palestine, Alex Linder applauded the 2011 attacks since day one and acknowledges Breivik as an exemplary man.

As is the case on pretty much all American White Nationalist sites, antisemitism is pervasive, and the Jews are the main topic of discussion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While there may be a few supporters of ultra-Zionism (the return of the vast majority of Jews to Israel) the majority supports the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.

In a poll on VNN forum 50% of the members fully support Breivik, 19% isn’t interested, while 31% believes him to be either insane, a false flag operative, an idiot, or something along those lines.

As I discussed previous in Cultural Marxism vs White Marxism, modern day antisemitism appears to be closely related to Cultural Marxism where the ‘the evil White male’ is replaced by ‘the evil Jew’. Rather than viewing Jews as enemies, Jews should be viewed as valuable allies, assuming Jews will eventually come to understand that multiculturalism is destroying the West, and in doing so, will destroy their only allies.

It’s a political reality that nations with similar ideologies are friends, and once Israel fully embraces ultra-nationalism their only friends will be other ultra-nationalist nations.

All this being said Alex Linder is highly intelligent and one of the more interesting figures in the American WN movement. He wrote a long forum post on July 29, 2011, which I’ve archived and linked below.

Anders Behring Breivik: Ultimate Politics

Linder praises Breivik’s sacrifice for his people, he also point out that people are afraid of the Cultural Marxist bully, and that Breivik won a major psychological battle by giving the bully a beating it won’t forget for years to come.

Linder shares the view expressed in 2083 that the democratic process is rigged and engaging in politics is pointless. It’s however important to drive home the point that Breivik is in fact engaging in politics, and I quite liked how Linder labeled this: ‘Ultimate Politics’, a course of actions that completely disregards the rules and limitations that govern politically correct society, and instead has winning as the only criteria.

Ultimate Politics

Linder notes Breivik’s effort to lead by example but doesn’t discuss this in further depth, and takes a crack at the ‘Nationalists’ who claim that the 2011 attacks hurt their cause, stating that they had zero democratic freedoms to begin with, so Breivik couldn’t have possibly taken any away.

Linder also makes the observation that loyalty and sacrifice will inspire loyalty and sacrifice in others, and that there is little time left to take decisive action.

You’ll realize when reading Linder’s writings that he blames everything on the Jews rather than the Cultural Marxist elite. What Linder fails to realize is that the Jews are as much a puppet to political correctness as everyone else, and their only fault is that they are highly capable, ambitious, and tribal. A European with these three traits would be labeled an exemplary White Nationalists, while a Jew with these traits is labeled a parasite.

It’s best for European Nationalists to stay clear from sites like Stormfront and VNN, and instead wait for a forum or social network that has a consistent, rational, and pragmatic political message. In other words, a forum that supports the framework laid out in 2083. It also remains to be seen if these forums are of any use as it’s extremely unproductive to spend your free time chatting with like-minded friends about how miserable the world is. What would be of far greater use would be an alternative to Wikipedia that is dedicated to our cause so people can do something productive with their free time.

Never forget that reality is on our side.

Commander Breivik’s chance to appeal has expired

The legal proceedings of the trial were officially closed last Friday.

As is usually the case Norwegian politicians have been hinting at wanting to take away Breivik’s computer for several weeks now, and have been gauging the public’s response to this plan. In modern democracies the executive and juridical branch are strictly separated and it’s a sign of totalitarianism when the two begin to mingle.

Prison authorities have expressed worry about placing Breivik in permanent isolation without access to a computer to occupy his mind. Cultural Marxist politicians who lost friends and family during the 2011 attacks have been steadily applying pressure to prevent Breivik from writing letters and books in an attempt to silence Europe’s most famous ideological prisoner.

In hindsight Breivik should have appealed, and from a technical perspective he would have been in his right to do so because the judges and the prosecution refused to address Breivik’s claim of necessity and instead focused on his sanity.

Lippestad in turn failed to adequately represent his client, though Breivik may have told Lippestad to focus on having him declared sane opposed to presenting a convincing argument that multiculturalism will destroy Europe, that it is a human right to resist genocide, and that the judges and prosecution take his defense seriously and present an argument to the contrary.

An appeal would have allowed Breivik to keep access to his computer, so for strategic reasons it would have made sense.

According to insiders Breivik has began printing out important documents because he will lose access to his current computer. Hopefully Breivik will be given a new computer, but the situation being as it is the prison authorities are unlikely to allow him to transfer any data between his old and new computer.

If no new computer is provided this means Breivik will have to write all letters by hand, meaning that few people will continue to receive letters.

Breivik’s Private Emails

Shortly after 7/22 several of Commander Breivik’s email accounts were hacked by the Norwegian hacker group Noria.

It’s unclear if Breivik intentionally made it easy to hack these accounts. Forcing the police to go over 7,000 emails is a financial drain, while the police investigating moderate nationalists who Breivik communicated with would be part of his strategy to polarize society.

Last Monday journalist Kjetil Stormark released the book “Massemorderens private e-poster” which contains a selection of these emails. This is somewhat controversial because the emails were obtained through theft, nor did Stormark ask for Breivik’s permission to publish his emails, and it’s unlikely that Breivik will file charges because he does not recognize the Norwegian court system.

It’s also pointless for Breivik to sue. If he wins he might get a financial compensation, but all of Breivik’s income is confiscated. Alternatively the book gets banned, but Breivik may not want this as there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The book itself is in a legal limbo as the legal rights obviously belongs to Breivik and his correspondents, which means everyone should feel free to distribute digital copies of the book so Stormark doesn’t make any money off of his theft.

It’s unlikely that Stormark will be able to enforce a copyright claim, especially if the document is altered so it only shows the emails, and none of the crap that Stormark may have added, we’re not interested in his opinions anyways.

As of yet not much is known about the content of the book. Many emails were related to online purchases, subsequently Stormark has suggested that the system keeps track of certain online purchases of its subjects and take action if someone buys too many suspicious goods. It’s clear the Cultural Marxists intend to completely disarm the indigenous European population so it cannot resist its own genocide.

The book also contains emails of support send to Breivik’s email account after the attack.

Update 2013-06-12

A free online version has been published on the Norwegian section of Breivik International.

Massemorderens private e-poster

Translation of 2083

If anyone is interested in helping out with translating 2083 into German and Russian and doesn’t know how to get in touch with the key people, please send me an email ( and I’ll put you in touch.

If anyone wants to offer their services in case I need a short text translated into English I’d like the following information:

A) What languages you speak.

B) Your skill level in each language:

1 for basic ability – enough to understand simple material.
2 for intermediate ability – enough to understand complex material.
3 for advanced level – very proficient with the occasional small error.
4 for native level – native or near native proficiency.
5 for professional proficiency – professional or near professional proficiency.