Breivik’s Private Emails

Shortly after 7/22 several of Commander Breivik’s email accounts were hacked by the Norwegian hacker group Noria.

It’s unclear if Breivik intentionally made it easy to hack these accounts. Forcing the police to go over 7,000 emails is a financial drain, while the police investigating moderate nationalists who Breivik communicated with would be part of his strategy to polarize society.

Last Monday journalist Kjetil Stormark released the book “Massemorderens private e-poster” which contains a selection of these emails. This is somewhat controversial because the emails were obtained through theft, nor did Stormark ask for Breivik’s permission to publish his emails, and it’s unlikely that Breivik will file charges because he does not recognize the Norwegian court system.

It’s also pointless for Breivik to sue. If he wins he might get a financial compensation, but all of Breivik’s income is confiscated. Alternatively the book gets banned, but Breivik may not want this as there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The book itself is in a legal limbo as the legal rights obviously belongs to Breivik and his correspondents, which means everyone should feel free to distribute digital copies of the book so Stormark doesn’t make any money off of his theft.

It’s unlikely that Stormark will be able to enforce a copyright claim, especially if the document is altered so it only shows the emails, and none of the crap that Stormark may have added, we’re not interested in his opinions anyways.

As of yet not much is known about the content of the book. Many emails were related to online purchases, subsequently Stormark has suggested that the system keeps track of certain online purchases of its subjects and take action if someone buys too many suspicious goods. It’s clear the Cultural Marxists intend to completely disarm the indigenous European population so it cannot resist its own genocide.

The book also contains emails of support send to Breivik’s email account after the attack.

Update 2013-06-12

A free online version has been published on the Norwegian section of Breivik International.

Massemorderens private e-poster


One thought on “Breivik’s Private Emails

  1. Hederosus 2012/09/06 at 06:38 Reply

    “everyone should feel free to distribute digital copies of the book” …. That's what I'm waiting for too! :D

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