Commander Breivik’s chance to appeal has expired

The legal proceedings of the trial were officially closed last Friday.

As is usually the case Norwegian politicians have been hinting at wanting to take away Breivik’s computer for several weeks now, and have been gauging the public’s response to this plan. In modern democracies the executive and juridical branch are strictly separated and it’s a sign of totalitarianism when the two begin to mingle.

Prison authorities have expressed worry about placing Breivik in permanent isolation without access to a computer to occupy his mind. Cultural Marxist politicians who lost friends and family during the 2011 attacks have been steadily applying pressure to prevent Breivik from writing letters and books in an attempt to silence Europe’s most famous ideological prisoner.

In hindsight Breivik should have appealed, and from a technical perspective he would have been in his right to do so because the judges and the prosecution refused to address Breivik’s claim of necessity and instead focused on his sanity.

Lippestad in turn failed to adequately represent his client, though Breivik may have told Lippestad to focus on having him declared sane opposed to presenting a convincing argument that multiculturalism will destroy Europe, that it is a human right to resist genocide, and that the judges and prosecution take his defense seriously and present an argument to the contrary.

An appeal would have allowed Breivik to keep access to his computer, so for strategic reasons it would have made sense.

According to insiders Breivik has began printing out important documents because he will lose access to his current computer. Hopefully Breivik will be given a new computer, but the situation being as it is the prison authorities are unlikely to allow him to transfer any data between his old and new computer.

If no new computer is provided this means Breivik will have to write all letters by hand, meaning that few people will continue to receive letters.

One thought on “Commander Breivik’s chance to appeal has expired

  1. Bardelas 2012/09/12 at 09:57 Reply

    I just want to note that the native Israelis, especially young people, are very different from the Diaspora Jews and always keeping in mind that there is a long queue of those, who wishing to destroy Israel. We are not going to surrender to anyone, be it a fascist, islamists or penguins.

    We have rich experience in fighting against all sorts of pixilated baddies. We can share it ;)

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