Map of Commander Breivik’s Coordinates in 2083

Embedded in Anders Behring Breivik’s 1500 page compendium were 46 coordinates, pointing at locations within Europe.

It’s unclear what the purpose of the coordinates are, but it’d be fun to visit some of them, and maybe leave a note for fellow supporters. I’ve created a map with all 46 locations and it’s available on the Breivik Archive.

Map of Anders Behring Breivik’s Coordinates in 2083

4 thoughts on “Map of Commander Breivik’s Coordinates in 2083

  1. Cheradenine Zakalwe 2012/10/18 at 04:36 Reply

    Where and how are these coordinates embedded?

  2. Hederosus 2012/10/18 at 09:45 Reply

    I think one must look on the history of these streets, ignoring the housenumbers; or maybe it has also something to do with the names of the streets (if it's a name of a person)?

    Stockholm: Linnégatan
    The building is a casern, that was build up in 1888/90 for after implementing military drift in Sweden in 1800 (with suspicious look at Europe) they needed more space.

    Oslo: Skippergata
    was build in the 17th century and was long after known for prostitution and junkies. In the 1980ies a lot of leftists (punks etc.) seemed to have fun there.

    Berlin: Tucholskystr.
    From 1827 to 1951 this street was named Artelleriestr. In 1880/83 a univeristy gynecological hospital was build up in this street. Also a synagogue, that in 1939 was closed by the Gestapo, in 1967 blown up and in 1990 was re-opend.

    Berlin: Karl-Schrader-Str.
    The most important building in this street was the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-House (build in 1913), which was a educational institution for women to become kindergarten teachers. A gynecological hospital was also part of this institute, that was supported by middle-class feminists (Henriette Schrader-Breymann; Hedwig Heyl; Alice Salomon) which, as Fröbel/Pestalozzi, meant the state should be responsable for a part of the education/upbringing of children (first kindergarten!).

    Frankfurt am Main: Grüneburgweg
    “Grüne Burg” was a big farm where in the 18th century German poets met, e.g. Goethe. In the 19th century the banker Amschel Mayer Rothschild became owner of the estate and build up a “palace”, that was lateron destroyed. The Rothschilds are even now-a-days one of the most powerful families of the world; powerful in the sense that they can manipulate the governments decisions with “their” money(monopoly). I wouldn't wonder if they have connections to ALL banks of the Western world.

  3. Cheradenine Zakalwe 2012/10/18 at 21:49 Reply

    Weird. I used to live in Tucholskystrasse, named after the writer Kurt Tucholsky.

  4. Angus Thermopylae 2012/10/19 at 12:07 Reply

    The coordinates only use three decimal places, meaning there is a rounding error of up to 220 meters.

    The general idea might be that every time an act of resistance takes place near one of these coordinates the KT will be credited for the action.

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