Monthly Archives: November 2012

Breivik writes Beate Zschäpe

German authorities intercepted a letter Commander Breivik wrote to Beate Zschäpe, the woman who was a member of the Nationalist Socialist Underground, a militant nationalist cell responsible for executing nine immigrants over the span of a decade.

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Breivik International: Polish and Hungarian translations

I’ve updated Breivik International with a Polish and Hungarian translation of Commander Breivik’s April 17 court statement. Special thanks to the nationalists who took the time and effort to provide these translations, much appreciated.

The Dutch translation team finished translating the abbreviated English version of Breivik’s Diary (taken from 2083) which is now available on the Dutch archive under the title Breivik’s Dagboek.

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Breivik has been given a typewriter

Last Friday a spokesperson from Ila Fengsel confirmed that Commander Breivik has been given access to an electric typewriter. The prison authorities have indicated they will limit Breivik’s access to the typewriter, which most likely means he’ll only be allowed to write for 45 minutes a day.

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Tord Jordet makes statement about Commander Breivik’s letter ban

One of Breivik’s laywers, Tord Jordet, has made a statement about the ban preventing Breivik from sending letter.

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The Far Right on Breivik: Abraham Shmuelevitz

Today I’ll write about Abraham Shmuelevitz, born as Nikita Demin. His father was Russian, his mother a Jew, and he’s a rabbi, political scientist, and an expert on Islam. As an ultra-Zionist he believes that all Jews should return to Israel, which is probably why he moved from Russia to Hebron, Israel.

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Anders Behring Breivik’s Diary

Chapter 3.154 of 2083 included a diary of sorts, titled: Knights Templar Log, and subtitled: Personal reflections and experiences during the preparation phases.

I’ve uploaded a fixed up and abbreviated version to the Knights Templar Europe Archive, it has some content removed, like chemical procedures and shopping lists.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Diary (html file)