Breivik International: Polish and Hungarian translations

I’ve updated Breivik International with a Polish and Hungarian translation of Commander Breivik’s April 17 court statement. Special thanks to the nationalists who took the time and effort to provide these translations, much appreciated.

The Dutch translation team finished translating the abbreviated English version of Breivik’s Diary (taken from 2083) which is now available on the Dutch archive under the title Breivik’s Dagboek.

If anyone enjoys proofreading feel free to write down all errors you find and email them to me. The easiest way to go about this is to write down the part of the line with the error in so it can be found using the search function in a text editor, followed by a corrected line.

I’ve also looked closer at the German translation effort and it has me somewhat worried. Back in 2011 a German named Hugo Ostermann began the translation process, but it appears he also decided to improve upon it by highlighting phrases, adding pictures, removing content, and adding commentary.

This is of course wonderful, Hugo can do as he pleases and his efforts are appreciated. It’s however unclear how many people are helping him because there is zero transparency, and it’s equally unclear what content is removed or added, though it’s my best guess that Hugo calls all the shots.

I’d personally prefer an authentic translation of 2083, and if anyone is interested in modifying Hugo’s work into an authentic translation feel free to contact me. My main contribution would be to put German translators in touch with each other and publish finished documents on Das Breivik Archiv.

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