Breivik International: Italian, Dutch, and Russian translations

I’ve updated Breivik International with an Italian translation of Commander Breivik’s April 17 court statement.

The Russian translation team has finished a higher quality translation of Book 1.

The Dutch translation team has finished the first part (out of three) of Book 2.

As usual, thanks for the hard work.


3 thoughts on “Breivik International: Italian, Dutch, and Russian translations

  1. Demokratbloggen 2012/12/03 at 10:43 Reply

    I have finished translation of book 3 into swedish.

    Downloadable here:

    I call the book Tempelridraren in swedish, Knight Templar.

    I'm working with book 1 & book 2 now an it will befinished in 6 month aproximatley.


  2. Angus Thermopylae 2012/12/03 at 13:23 Reply

    Awesome, are Swedish and Norwegian close enough for Norwegians to read this, and are there any other related texts you translated to Swedish?

  3. Demokratbloggen 2012/12/04 at 18:22 Reply

    Norweigan an swedish is close enaugh. I have even translated Book 1 and 2 in compressed form as a start. its only 137 pages, but give a hunt of what islam is and jihad and dhimmitude.

    On my blog I daily have articles from my translations of the compendium, so people can follow the blog each day to get some new translation from the compendium.


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