Blogspot vs WordPress vs Google Plus vs VK

Yesterday I downloaded my Blogspot blog and imported it into WordPress, I’ll probably go through all the posts sometime and fix a few things that didn’t properly import.

The main reason for moving to WordPress is because it supports https. Blogspot used to support https but for unknown reasons disabled it. My main worry is that European governments are analyzing unencrypted traffic and creating black lists of people who frequent European Indigenous Rights blogs.

Unlike blogspot WordPress doesn’t have speech codes, but the moderators are very opposed to violence, with the exception of anti-fascists using WordPress to publish pictures and details of Nationalists, some of which have been attacked as a result.

So there’s a chance this blog will be deleted, or is marked as inappropriate and given a tag that prevents it from being indexed by Google.

To counter this I’ll also be creating duplicates of my blog posts on Google+ which has very solid https support. So if you want to stay up to date it’s an option to follow me on Google+.

Angus Thermopylae @ Google+

Facebook and Youtube have been particularly problematic when it comes to the censorship of ultra-nationalists, and people will find themselves walking a thin line to avoid getting banned. Certainly you can reach more people using these sites, but you ultimately end up censoring your message, and sooner or later you still get banned.

I’ve researched the available alternatives and I’ve drawn the conclusion that the best strategy for European Indigenous Rights activists is to migrate to VK, which is a Russian clone of Facebook. As only 5% of the Russian population speaks English it should be fairly easy to fly under the radar, and Nationalism is far more acceptable in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe.

This being the case I suggest an exodus of Nationalists from Facebook to VK, this is not going to be easy as West Europeans are extremely docile and put up with humiliating speech codes that dictate that they quietly accept the genocide that is being prepared for them. So while this might be a futile effort I feel like it’s my duty to give it a try regardless.

VK supports https though you have to explicitly visit the site using Because it’s a Russian site this means the online community falls outside the Western sphere of influence, including political correctness.

You should edit your VK settings after creating an account and set it to always use encryption. A successful exodus will likely be seen as a clear rejection of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness, though it will be difficult for many people to give up their subdued existence as second class citizens on Facebook.

I’ve created a VK account, Angus Thermopylae, and people are free to befriend me. I’ve also created a community called The European Underground. I’m not an overly social person, but hopefully some people will join up who are and add some life to the party.

2 thoughts on “Blogspot vs WordPress vs Google Plus vs VK

  1. Lillith Nefer 2012/12/26 at 15:32 Reply

    well, that´s just the problem isn´t it…only 5 % are english-speaking :(

  2. Angus 2012/12/26 at 19:48 Reply

    It’s not really a problem, English speakers can stay on one side, Russian speakers on the other side, and VK can draw revenue from advertisements. It’s going to take a little bit of patience for the community to build up, but as far as I can tell VK is technologically equal (if not superior) to Facebook with a much cleaner interface.

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