Breivik has not gone on a hunger strike

According to a British tabloid Breivik has gone on a hunger strike. I’m not sure if they’re making this up, but given the lack of letters and silence from the Norwegian media this is highly plausible. They report he has lost 28 pounds and that his situation is being monitored by doctors. It’s unclear if Norwegian law allows for Breivik to be force fed.

Assuming his demands won’t be met it’s my best guess that Breivik will fast until he dies. How long this will take depends on a couple of factors. My best guess is that the hunger strike started January 1, which means he’ll die late February or early March.

The psychological impact will be hard to predict, but it will most likely rattle the cage. I suspect that death by hunger strike has been Breivik’s intention all along in the case his right to free speech would be revoked, it’s one of the few ways to make a definite statement.

Update: 2013-01-22

I’ve received information from one of my sources that there is no hunger strike going on. This probably means Breivik’s original plan is in place to address his constitutional and human rights by juridical means, a somewhat lengthy process.

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