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Breivik International: German and Dutch translations

Chapter 3.153 – Interview with a Justiciar Knight, has been translated to Dutch and is available on the Dutch archive.

The German translation effort by Hugo Ostermann has been ended. I’ve placed a cleaned up HTML version of Ostermann’s translation (Introduction + Book 1) on the German archive, including a partial translation by Valkyrie of Book 2.

Deutsche Übersetzung von 2083

An English translation of Breivik’s judgment has been placed on the English archive.

Judgment of Anders Behring Breivik 2012-08-24


February 13

The Norwegian government quarters were evacuated this morning, not in celebration of Ander Behring Breivik’s birthday, which was today, but because a 27 year old member of the Norwegian Defence League spoke about setting off some fireworks in a drunken state.

The system raided his house and found a gas pistol, a bullet proof vest, and a packed suitcase.

Update: 2012-02-18

It appears our mystery bomber is Ron Alte, who is in fact 38 years old. He is a former chairman of the Norwegian Defense League and was wearing a bullet proof vest due to death threats from Islamic and Marxist extremists.

Ronny Alte resigned on April 19, 2012 after the NDL voted to neither renounce nor support Breivik’s 2011 attacks. Having condemned armed resistance it’s unlikely he planned to cause the parliament building to be evacuated on Breivik’s birthday, unless he had a change of heart and realized he’d have as much luck turning North Korea into a capitalist nation.

According to a statement Alte made on his blog he was drunk and kidded on the phone that he was going to bomb the parliament when asked what he was doing.

Breivik files complaint about his prison conditions

January 18th Breivik filed a legal complaint against Ila prison director Knut Bjarkeid and the minister of justice Grete Faremo for exposing him to various forms of torture. The media fails to properly report on what’s going on, but his grievances are:

  • Being kept in isolation for over half a year, which is known to cause psychological damage.
  • Being awoken at frequent intervals during the night, also known as sleep deprivation.
  • Being in a freezing cold cell without proper clothing, this issue may have been addressed.
  • Being placed in painful handcuffs whenever he is moved.
  • Being subjected to daily strip and cavity searches, a form of psychological torture.
  • Being systematically degraded by the prison guards, a form of psychological torture.
  • Being denied freedom of speech, likely in violation of the Norwegian constitution.

As Breivik might want to take this to the European Court of Human Rights this means he first has to try to resolve the conflict internally with the prison staff, which is probably the reason he waited several months before filing this legal complaint.