Breivik files complaint about his prison conditions

January 18th Breivik filed a legal complaint against Ila prison director Knut Bjarkeid and the minister of justice Grete Faremo for exposing him to various forms of torture. The media fails to properly report on what’s going on, but his grievances are:

  • Being kept in isolation for over half a year, which is known to cause psychological damage.
  • Being awoken at frequent intervals during the night, also known as sleep deprivation.
  • Being in a freezing cold cell without proper clothing, this issue may have been addressed.
  • Being placed in painful handcuffs whenever he is moved.
  • Being subjected to daily strip and cavity searches, a form of psychological torture.
  • Being systematically degraded by the prison guards, a form of psychological torture.
  • Being denied freedom of speech, likely in violation of the Norwegian constitution.

As Breivik might want to take this to the European Court of Human Rights this means he first has to try to resolve the conflict internally with the prison staff, which is probably the reason he waited several months before filing this legal complaint.

11 thoughts on “Breivik files complaint about his prison conditions

  1. jz227 2013/02/02 at 08:49 Reply

    His birthday is coming… let’s celebrating sending several letters to Ila Prison congratulate him. I will send a gift. This shall be next 13rd day of this month. Send him Lacoste shirt, Chanel parfurm or a single words of support. And alert him about the France!!!!! Hollande will sink the country with extorsive tax of 75%!!!!! Salute, Mr. BREIVIK!!!!!!

    • enforcer4 2013/02/06 at 19:52 Reply

      ^ One step ahead of you, bud. I sent a few bits and pieces the other day which I think he will like and I very much hope that others will do the same. I did consider sending him his favourite aftershave, Chanel Platinum Egoiste, but I chose not too for the following reasons:

      1. Being a liquid substance, it probably had a slim chance of getting through to him in the first place. (God forbid it be used as a weapon to drown the plant on his windowsill…).
      2. I wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable sending another man some perfume. It just seems like the type of gift a fan girl would send.
      But I won’t rule the aftershave out completely as an option for future gifts.

      Hell, I even thought about sending him a Knights Templar belt buckle and some KT shirt cuffs but then I became apprehensive that prison authorities wouldn’t react very well to the gesture. If I found out his chest size, collar size etc., I would contemplate once again sending him a nice LaCoste shirt at some point. But there’s no rush.
      I read some news that Breivik may be granted a gaming console and if he is, I will focus primarily on sending him RPG (Role-playing games) games which are his known favourite.

      Phew! *Wipes sweat off brow*

      • Angus 2013/02/06 at 23:25

        I’ve been told only books and compact discs are accepted as gifts, everything else is rejected.

  2. juliana 2013/02/05 at 18:40 Reply

    how do I send letters to lla prison?

    • enforcer4 2013/02/06 at 19:57 Reply

      Assuming that you don’t already know and assuming that you want to send letters to Breivik and not the prison authorities themselves, Breivik is having a very hard time receiving anything positive at the moment and an even harder time responding to supporters due to censorship. My point being, don’t hold your breath every time you hear something fall through your letterbox. :)

  3. jz227 2013/02/07 at 17:38 Reply

    Since I sent 2 letter last year and the response from the Commander came in 3,5 months (+100 days). I sent from Brazil and he answered me, here, in Brazil!!!! And when I found out that his birthday is next 13, I sent a gift. Angus told that will be rejected. They will bother about a silver CROWN pen that I sent to him??? I spoke truth all the burocracy mail papers. I think they will easy to me and deliver his present
    Unless he is Macgayver, he can make a bomb with it. ahahahahaha. Btw, all people that sent to him a letter, must have patience. And better, talk about that you wrote to ABB to friend, relatives and family and they will trat you as you have smallpox :-P :-P :-P.
    Doing this, you can speak about the “conservative revoltionary movement” to all people that ask what ABB believes. Is a good way to spread his teachings and beliefs.
    And after he ended his allegations that he was distrated in Ila Prision, ABB must now have time to answers his “penpals”. In the next two months, I hope hear “something fall through my letterbox. :)”.

    P.S: I made this acrostic to him, and every people who write to him, add this to your letter:
    And put the credit in my nick name: jz227

    A strange act went on
    N ow all Europeans scare
    D ied 77 people. Are gone
    E rased the safety there
    R evenge against them
    S ocialist, atheist. Death then

    B rought attention to him
    E xpelling fear. Showing fist
    H ero? Most no. Nuts as Bin!!!
    R est in jail, or face analyst?
    I n jail, said that is insane
    N ew evaluation they made
    G oing to Ila, and is SANE

    B ars will not fear him nor mad.
    R egret??? Did not kill more
    E ars and weep heard in court
    I n hell you shall live, some said
    V alhalla, Mjölnir, Gungnir are your faith
    I slam will Europe dominate???
    K eep your focus and shout loud: NO!!!

  4. KLofthus (@KLofthus) 2013/02/13 at 14:57 Reply

    Maybe the best thing to do if one wants to send items to him would be to contact his lawyer. That would be Tord Jordet at the Lippestad law firm. Or maybe somebody in here already did and could say something about that?

  5. veranemica 2013/02/14 at 00:55 Reply

    According to Tord Jordet the previously mentioned items (compact discs and books) are the only accepted gifts.

  6. Lillith Iceweb Nefer 2013/03/03 at 19:46 Reply

    And what about his situation in prison? Is there anything we can do to help address the issues? Torture is after all illegal in most parts of the civilized world.

  7. anette hansen (@aylara123) 2013/03/11 at 21:15 Reply

    Is anyone getting any letters from Breivik? I haven’t heard from him since july last year. Is there still censorship on in and outgoing mail? I have no idea if he has even gotten my previous letters.

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