Commander Breivik’s mother has passed away

Yesterday, Friday March 23, 2013, Wenche Behring passed away at 20:00. She had been in poor health for over a decade. According to official and less official sources she had frequent contact with her son, by mail, phone, and several visitations.

Wenche Behring visited Breivik last week and as it was clear this would be the last visit Breivik was allowed to come out from behind the glass wall and give her one last hug. It’s unlikely that Breivik will be allowed to attend the funeral, primarily to avoid a confrontation with militant marxists.


3 thoughts on “Commander Breivik’s mother has passed away

  1. Ellen Nordhaug (@Ilion_Brama) 2013/03/23 at 23:30 Reply

    Rest in peace, Wenche. God bless your son

  2. Lillith Iceweb Nefer 2013/03/24 at 17:25 Reply

    Rest in peace.

  3. jz227 2013/03/25 at 13:49 Reply

    Rest in peace, Wenche. To celebrate your life, I will make an acrostic

    Will your legacy endure with us, with your son?

    Ended your pain and now rest, in peace and calm

    Never forget what you left to us, a sky with bright sun

    Cause Europe will be free when Christians read all Psalms

    Hurra, hurra, hurra to you, mother of our Commander

    Everlasting shine in the sky your legacy, the Great Anders

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