Breivik International: Czech, English, and Norwegian translations

Commander Breivik’s opening statement has been translated to Czech. It’s linked from Breivik International. A more direct list of translations of Breivik’s opening statement is available on the Breivik Timeline.

The first psychiatric report is now available in properly formatted HTML in Norwegian and English.

The second psychiatric report is also available in properly formatted HTML in Norwegian and English.

In the English version particular attention should be given to Chapter 17 which contains summaries of interviews with Breivik, this chapter is a human translation and much easier to read than was previously the case.

As chapter 17 consists of about 50 pages of text I’ve decided to highlight some interesting quotes for those who lack the time or interest to read the entire thing themselves.

On 17 february 2012 Breivik agrees to a second psychiatric evaluation on the condition that each session is recorded.

Breivik admits to having paid for sex with two prostitutes in Prague in 2010 in an attempt to get in touch with Czech criminals in order to purchase illegal weapons. Breivik was too humble to say so himself during the interview, but these were two out of many sacrifices he made for the cause.

Breivik explains that his speech on February 6, 2012 was intended for his supporters. He demanded to be released and be given a medal of honor. He explains it as an orchestrated show intended as an act of defiance.

Breivik addresses the claim by the 1st report that he made grandiose claims about having earned a total of 4 million kroner. That Breivik earned a large sum of money, and engaged in tax evasion, was later established to be a fact during the trial.

Breivik mentions that one thing that particularly upset his father was that he send him three dog food bowls for Christmas, one with the dog’s name, one with his father’s name, and one with his stepmother’s name. Breivik’s sense of humor might come from the mother’s side of the family.

Breivik refuses a MRI scan of his brain or an EEG study to determine whether he has brain damage. He might consider doing so if the Labor party’s parliamentary representatives get their brains scanned as well, given they are allowing Islamic mass immigration. He adds that he’s kidding.

Breivik doesn’t see himself in a leadership position after his release because he has too much blood on his hands. On the other hand he did buy his mother a puppy when she broke up with his stepfather. Now I am imagining the following conversation:

Cultural Marxist: He killed 77 people!

National Socialist: But he bought his mother a puppy!

Cultural Marxist: 77!!

National Socialist: 88??

Breivik mentions he gets more mail than he can respond to, and as time progresses there is less hate mail, and subsequently more mail from supporters. There are Swedish, German, Danish, French and Norwegian letters. Some say they have been inspired by him and have become more extreme as a result of 7/22.

Breivik says he created the term Suicidal Humanist himself, as humanists are so naive that they embraces a culture that makes them exterminate themselves.

Breivik says that on 7/22 he stopped the car a few hundred meters before the government quarters and felt extreme anxiety, remembering only bits and pieces of what happened afterwards. After he had placed the bomb and returned to the getaway car at Hammersborg square his mind returned to normal, until he arrived at Utøya and executed the camp leader, after which he was in an altered state of mind until after his arrest.

Breivik emphasizes what he wanted to achieve on 7/22:

1. To distribute the compendium to those on the threshold of becoming militant nationalists.

2. Trigger a witch hunt on moderate cultural conservatives, so they will lose faith in democracy, and there will be a polarization of the population.

3. Send a message to all who betray the European culture through support for multiculturalism and Islamisation, that treachery is punishable by death, ie “strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.”

Breivik states he is not going to take his own life as it goes against his Catholic and Orthodox views.

Breivik mentions Fjordman and asks the experts to read “Will the Netherlands Survive the 21st century?” which he considers to be Fjordman’s most important essay.

He describes his relationship to the woman from Belarus. He was in love with her, but it lasted a week, and he found out that she was a gold digger.

Breivik stresses the importance of Bushido meditation, and explains his promotional video on YouTube can be used for this purpose. The music combined with visualizing the video strengthens his fighting spirit. He also explains it’s a form of self indoctrination to stay committed to his cause. Breivik says he tried praying, but that this didn’t work all that well for him, possibly because he’s not very religious. He started meditating in 2006, with a particular focus on becoming emotionless, with a particular focus on removing fear.

Breivik says he feels guilt to some extend, but does not regret his actions. He says he is proud to have conducted a successful operation after years of preparation  but that he finds it upsetting that the operation was needed.

Breivik adds that another attack will happen unless the government abandons multiculturalism.

When asked if he still sees himself as a “Justiciar Knight” he answers he does not distance himself from the system proposed in 2083, but that he’s open to suggestions from other militant nationalists.

Breivik estimates the chances of being released as close to zero.

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  1. rusfeb 2013/05/15 at 05:52 Reply

    Great post, thank you. Conversation between Cultural Marxist and NS is brilliant, rofl. :))

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