The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league

A screenshot of an application by Commander Breivik, send February 19th, has been published by the Norwegian press. The application is for the creation of an association named ‘The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league’.


The screenshot states as following:

Political organization

Further description of the party’s activities I would like included if possible.

The party’s purpose is democratic fascist power in Norway to win parliamentary support for the establishment of a Norwegian-Nordic indigenous state in south-Østfold, named, Norway Yggdra.

(If it is not possible to include the text I request that the process continues with no delays)

The application apparently also states that for the time being this will be a one-man party.

March 21 the application was rejected, this because Breivik applied to create an association, which requires at least two people.

In order to create an actual political party Breivik needs 5000 signatures. In a true democracy people vote anonymously, and by requiring 5000 signatures this means that if there are 5000 patriots willing to sign, their political preference will be conveniently documented by their benevolent totalitarian government.

Breivik’s lawyer, Tord Jordet, stated he knows little about the party, except that Breivik wants to conduct his political activities in a legal and democratic framework. Jordet also stated that the strict letter control, preventing Breivik from writing anything with a political content, makes it difficult for Breivik to cooperate with supporters.

It’s unclear how to interpret this. Obviously there is no democratic or peaceful solution, but separatist political parties are a crucial component to radicalize and polarize society. The Basque separatist ETA movement comes to mind. So starting separatist political parties is a crucial component.

Breivik’s use of the term fascist could be seen as an attack on political correctness by being provocative while staying true to the ideology described in 2083. As he’s been completely silenced by the tighter letter control that was started in August 2012 this is one of the few ways for him to get a message out. His use of the term fascist seems a little bit out of character, so the main intend must have been to provoke, or perhaps Breivik has given up on consolidating conservative forces and is instead focusing on the radical right.

Of course any political movement in a time of conflict will need a focus on strong leadership, ultranationalism, ethnocentrism, and militarism in order to survive, and the proper term for this would indeed be fascism. Fascism is essentially a form of ultra-patriotism. If we win the civil war the fascist government would be replaced with a conservative government, this process is outlined in 2083. It’s important to remember that fascism and totalitarianism are not the intended goal, the intended goal is to end destructive anti-nationalism and totalitarianism so the European people can live in freedom. This will most closely resemble the USA prior to WW2.

If we lose the civil war we’ll live under an equivalent of Stalinism. Under Stalinism minorities were placed in a position of power over the indigenous population of Eastern Europe. Under multiculturalism minorities will be placed in a position of power over the indigenous population of Western Europe. Why? Because more and more people will do what Breivik did, making it impossible for the ruling class to trust anyone with light eyes and light skin.

One advantage Norway has is that the Sami people are recognized as an indigenous people with the right to preserve their cultural, genetic, and territorial heritage. Of course they can’t be openly racist, but that’s why the Sami get to speak their own language, so anything out of the ordinary can be safely ignored. The same goes for Muslims, if they glorify terrorism in Arabic it’s alright. As obtaining a democratic majority is impossible the focus of a European indigenous rights movement would be to get the same recognition for Europeans, either politically, or by using various forms of civil disobedience.

A Norwegian activist could for example try to find out to what extend the Sami are protected by trying to move into Sami territory, ask Sami women out on dates, and question their dedication to multiculturalism. If the Sami indigenous rights include racial protectionism, the question could be raised why Nordics are not entitled to racial and cultural protectionism.

If a political solution becomes available this would mean that territory is assigned to indigenous Europeans, which allows them to form an autonomous democratic socio-economic government. This indigenous government would have authority over who is allowed to live in the indigenous reservation, including the right to cast out people. A strong constitution would need to be created to protect this reservation.

At the center of the reservation a walled city could be build. This because an indigenous European reservation would likely attract wealthier people (wanting a safe place for their children to grow up) which in turn will attract criminals as is the case in South Africa.

This solution is not going to work in the long run, if you look at South Africa the European population will eventually become a democratically insignificant minority who is hated by the poor non-European majority, who will vote in favor of communism and forcibly redistribute the wealth. So not only should the goal be to have a reservation, but to pay the bare minimum in taxes, and to have the right to create an army.

If no political solution is allowed there is always the option to create gated communities, with the neighborhood association functioning as a make-shift government. Islands can be bought for this purpose as well. These communities might be forcibly disbanded for racial discrimination, and would obviously be disbanded in the long run as the political climate changes in favor of communism, as it inevitably will as seen in South Africa and South America.

These communities should not be viewed as a hiding place, but as fortifications once it dawns on enough Europeans that multiculturalism is a self destructive ideology that will result in the genocide of the European people. Burying your head in the sand is an evolutionary dead end.


One thought on “The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league

  1. Lillith Iceweb Nefer 2013/05/28 at 13:21 Reply

    well put! It seems like Mr.Breivik is indeed pointing at the irony involved.

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