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Update on Commander Breivik’s inheritance and letter ban

Breivik’s mother’s apartment has been sold. It’s unknown who bought the apartment, or if pilgrims will be allowed to take a private tour by the new owner. However, there are plenty of places to visit listed on the Breivik Timeline for anyone planning a trip to Norway.

Breivik’s letter situations remains unchanged.

No letters have been sent to fans as of July 26, 2012 when the Department of Justice instructed Ila prison to put a stop to Breivik’s correspondence. On August 8, 2012, Ila officially adopted the new policy forbidding Breivik from making any kind of political statement. The only exception appears to be letters with a legal nature, like the letter where Breivik offered his Marxist hunting gear to the Norwegian Resistance Museum, or the letter where Breivik tries to create a separatist political party.

Breivik has started legal proceedings to put an end to the letter ban, and my best guess is that the Norwegian government is trying to slow this process down as much as possible.

As the situation will only deteriorate it’s probably best to accept that we’re not going to hear from Breivik until the Cultural Marxist reign in Norway is brought to an end.

Breivik did recently send a letter to Aftenbladet in which he stated that since August 8, 2012 more than 450 letters have been stopped by the prison authorities, including three essays.

Last April 127 of 130 inbound and outbound letters were stopped. The letters that were allowed through were undoubtedly to family, the mainstream media, or of a legal nature. As they took away his computer this means that every single letter is either hand written or typed.

Breivik also sent a complaint to an ombudsman, the supervisory board of Correctional Services and the anti-torture committee. He also filed a legal complaint against Asker and Bærum for violating his freedom of expression.
Breivik mentioned that he is almost finished with the first of three books he is intending to write. The name of the book is ‘The Breivik Diaries’ and he’s intending to release this book coming Monday, on August 1, 2013. The title appears to be a direct reference to ‘The Turner Diaries’ which is a fictional  work which undoubtedly influenced Breivik.
Breivik signed his letter as the party secretary of the Norwegian fascist party.

Breivik’s lawyer, Tord Jordet, clarified that Breivik is subjected to political censorship. The prison authorities have indicated that they won’t allow Breivik to publish his book if they determine that even one sentence in the book can cause a potential disturbance of the peace.

Below is a letter from the prison authorities regarding 10 letters to supporters where Breivik encourages them to start a blog.


The letter states:

Decision to deny the sending of ten outgoing letters – Anders Behring Breivik born 130279

With reference to your ten letters to [censored].

From the letters it is clear [censored] shall establish an internet-blog where [censored] can publish among other things three enclosed essays you have written. The letters contain among other things a detailed description on how [censored] can establish the internet-blog, including tips on how [censored] can do this anonymously, what the blog can look like, concrete proposals as to the blog’s contents, what name the blog can have etc. The letters also describe your goals with the blog. The letters are mainly to be seen as a recipe for how [censored] can make a contribution to this work and a recipe on the blog.

Current rules

Inmates shall as a main rule be allowed to send and receive mail, ref. the Execution of Sentences Act § 30 first subsection. This applies unless otherwise stated in the provision.

The Correctional Services shall control mail to and from inmates in departments with especially high security levels before it is delivered or sent, ref. the second subsection of the provision. Mail from and to inmates in such a department shall be controlled by reading or similar acts, and are to be opened and read before they are delivered or sent, ref. regulation of the Execution of Sentences Act § 6-11.

The Correctional Services can deny the delivering or sending of mail to or from inmates if the consignment contains information about planning or implementation of a punishable act, evasion of the implementation or actions that will disturb peace, order or security if § 30 [the rest of the letter is not visible].

As I previously discussed VK it is probably the best platform for anyone interested in online activism. WordPress has rather dodgy https support, requires an email address which will give the US government insight into your activities unless you disable all email notifications, and displays the IP addresses of people commenting on your blog which is somewhat of a security issue if your account is hacked, so WordPress is not ideal.

It’s unclear if the US government gives EU governments access to email accounts of European Indigenous Rights activists, as far as I know US laws allowing this specifically indicate that this may only be done in cases relating to 9/11. There was protest that Google handed over Breivik’s email account to the Norwegian authorities without a court order shortly after 7/22, but in hindsight this was probably PRISM in action, and Norwegian authorities probably got a talk down from the NSA for leaking this exchange to the Norwegian press.

Keep in mind that the NSA still requires a court order, but it uses a secret court where one judge examines the requests, and typically grants it. A good judge would refuse to hand over an email account of someone accused of crimes that are legal under US law, like is the case for my blog, not to mention my nationality and location is unknown, making it very difficult for any nation to press charges. This is a tactic I would advice to everyone considering to start a blog: give no clues as to your nationality or in what nation you reside, even if you’re a US citizen.

Massemorderens private e-poster

We’ve published an online version of massemorderens private e-poster on the Norwegian version of Breivik International.

Massemorderens private e-poster

Shortly after 7/22 several of Commander Breivik’s email accounts were hacked by the Norwegian hacker group Noria. These emails were given to the journalist Kjetil Stormark, who in turn figured to make some easy money by turning some of the more interesting emails into a book which he published in September of 2012.

Stormark never asked for Breivik’s permission to publish his private emails, and this seems part of a mainstream effort to degrade and marginalize Breivik. As a response we’ve scanned the book, converted it to text, and now everyone can read it for free.

Commander Breivik declines maternal inheritance

Wenche Behring’s apartment has been put up for sale for an amount of 480 000 euro. Commander Breivik has declined receiving his share of the inheritance because all financial gains (including money sent to him by mail) will go to a fund set aside for his victims, primarily Category B and C traitors.

Breivik’s decision means most of the inheritance will go to his sister Elisabeth.

I’ve got two other blogs

For those interested, I have two other blogs.

One is the Knights Templar Europe Report, where I blog about European militant nationalism.

The other one is the European Indigenous Rights Report, where I blog about issues relating to European indigenous rights.

I generally reblog all three blogs on my VK group: The European Underground. As well as my Google+ page: Angus Thermopylae.