The Breivik Diaries

In his letter to Morgenbladet last June Commander Breivik wrote that he would submit his first book, The Breivik Diaries, to his publisher on August 1. Obviously this book will need to pass censorship, and as there is no limit on how long a letter, article, or book may remain in review this may take a year, a decade, or until the Cultural Marxist ideology is wiped from the face of Europe.

There is also a good chance the prison authorities will deem the book a disturbance of the peace, and subsequently prevent it from being published. Breivik is engaged in a legal battle over his constitutional right to free speech, but as of yet no information is available.

As Breivik wrote me in his February of 2012 letter he was planning to start a 3 year Bachelor course in Political Science in January of 2013, next continue with a master’s in Political Science. Breivik subsequently applied to the University of Oslo, was rejected, requested an explanation of his rejection, and was given an explanation in a letter that was intercepted and given to the media on August 1.

As Breivik didn’t bother to finish his high school education the University of Oslo rejected his application on the grounds that he didn’t properly document that he has sufficient skill in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Natural Science.

Anyone who has read Breivik’s letters knows that he speaks English fluently, in stark contrast with the emails in mangled English I occasionally get from Norwegian journalists, who supposedly did finish their high school education.

Chemistry is considered one of the Natural Sciences, and 2083 more than qualifies Breivik as an A+ student in chemistry, as evidenced by his manufacture of complex improvised explosives. Breivik also shows a familiarity with the physics behind explosions, and an understanding of nuclear physics in his research regarding capturing a nuclear power plant and creating a nuclear meltdown.

Regarding Breivik’s qualifications when it comes to the Social Sciences; he filled up at least 500 pages in 2083 about the history of Cultural Marxism and displays a knowledge and familiarity with political topics that far exceed that which is expected of a high school graduate.

This leaves the subject of Mathematics. Once again 2083 shows that Breivik has a familiarity with the field of Statistics that surpasses high school requirements. I’ve seen Breivik use Algebra in 2083 which showed proficiency. Geometry is straight forward and not really a requirement for the study of Political Science, unless you want to calculate the maximum number of traitors that can be fit on Utoya, and the most efficient route to traverse in order to execute them. Breivik’s activities on the stock market, running a company with 7 employees, utilization of various tax havens to avoid taxes on half a million Euros of profit, among other things, indicate that he more than qualifies when it comes to generic mathematical capabilities.

I would say that anyone with similar qualifications would have been accepted, but political correctness dictates that the university had to reject Breivik’s application on any possible ground.

I assume this means that Breivik has to finish his high school education first, which would take him about a year as he’ll need high passing grades in order to guarantee qualification. Quite possibly Breivik has already started this process in the understanding that his university application would be denied.

I personally don’t see the point in studying Political Science, but the actual study may give Breivik access to useful resources like a computer and a wide variety of documents. In addition he would have to write a thesis which would provide an opportunity to circumvent censorship. This alone would be reason for Cultural Marxists to pressure the University of Oslo into rejecting Breivik’s application.

Education minister Kristin Halvorsen has said she will look at loopholes in the law to deny Breivik the right to study, and will change the law if possible.

In response Breivik’s lawyer Geir Lippestad stated: “I believe it is bordering torture to give Breivik no meaning in his life when he is spending the next 20 to 30 years in prison. We must treat people decently even if they’ve done terrible things. If not we may as well start talking about the death penalty.”

August 5th Breivik was informed by his lawyer Vibeke Hein Bæra that he would soon be temporarily relocated to Skien prison. Breivik told Bæra he was relieved and happy to return to Skien, where he spend the months of August and September in the year 2012 while the isolation cells in Ila were being renovated. It’s probably best to keep sending letters to Ila where Breivik will eventually return.

Update 2013-08-09

AUF member Torvik Langerod stated to a news paper:

Oslo University is a place where one learns that one should pursue one’s opinions with words. You cannot tape over the mouths of those you disagree with, or shoot them.

What these traitors continue to fail to realize is that Commander Breivik did what he did because they are taping over the mouths of those they disagree with. Deprived of their freedom of speech the European peoples are led like sheep, ignorant and scared and silenced, to the slaughter. There is no greater act of heroism than to put your own life on the line to resist your people’s genocide.

What this man-child should have learned while studying Political Science is that you cannot tape over the mouths of those you disagree with without expecting to be shot. If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable.


3 thoughts on “The Breivik Diaries

  1. holka5555 2013/08/08 at 21:10 Reply

    Sending him letters is insignificant. I think he doesn’t write answers because he knows that he cant send them.In my opinion, he won’t be able to send letters anymore…

  2. Lillith Iceweb Nefer 2013/08/13 at 21:05 Reply

    Thank you for this important update. I´m really looking forward to read whatever Mr.Breivik gets published in the future.

  3. Une Ulv (@uneulv) 2013/08/22 at 13:08 Reply

    This mentioned “University” might just be a place where one can learn how being without defense against harrasment and terror feels. A place that represents very well what the Norwegian society stands for as a whole and how it brutally suffocates anything that it does not approve of. Suffocates not just with words, btw.!
    What is the alternative to silently dying of the pain these stupid megalomaniac and their deadhearted herd cause every day? What can be done for being heard, just once? Is terror the answer?
    If anyone thinks this is a crazy exaggeration then be glad because you do not know the Norwegian society and what it does to people who for some reason got trapped there.

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