False Flag by Swedish Antifa

I don’t like using the term False Flag, as it’s been used by too many idiots, but let’s call a spade a spade.

Some Antifascist who got an F in English is somehow expecting to get an A+ in chemistry after writing a letter containing a bomb threat to a Swedish Conservative newspaper.

In English so abysmal it can only be intentional (to portray Nationalists as being of low intelligence) he makes threats against the Swedish royal family and homosexuals. If this guy is an actual Nationalist he does not represent Commander Breivik.

First of all, no sane Militant Nationalist would attack the royals because they have no real power. Breivik himself said he considered bombing the Royal palace if he had three car bombs (see chapter 3.41 of 2083), but only if he could guarantee that the royal family itself would not get hurt. Also, if anyone should be trialed for high treason and executed after Cultural Marxism is brought to its knees it should be the European Royal Heads of State. Breivik made it very clear that unless the European royals resolutely reject Cultural Marxism (and resign), they will go down with the sinking ship.

Secondly, homosexuals have nothing to fear from Crusader Nationalists. Our Russian brothers are making a huge mistake by advocating violence against homosexuals. They should oppose all forms of Marxism, and Marxism at its core is Cultural Determinism. Homosexuality is a mental and genetic disorder, but you can no more forbid homosexuality than you can forbid depression, schizophrenia, autism, or left-handedness.

There was a time when Cultural Determinists wanted to eradicate left-handedness, they tried, they failed, nobody was better for it. There is a small genetic component to handedness, but once the brain has settled on a preference it is extremely hard to sway it.

Do parents feel a deep pain in their heart when their son or daughter turns out to be a homosexual? Of course they do, and to promote anything that would increase the odds of a child becoming homosexual is just as wrong as to promote anything that would increase the odds of a teenager becoming anorexic.

Those that fall victim to disease deserve our compassion. Any Nationalist ought to realize that excluding all left-handed people would hurt our cause, the same goes for homosexuals under the condition that they don’t take pride in their disorder.

This does not mean I want to silence homosexuals. I don’t believe I can silence a true White man because I would expect him to try to kill me for doing so. If a homosexual feels deep inside his soul that his sexual preference is his nature and that he will not change who he is, that is his cross to bear, and he will have my understanding. Let’s get back to the issue at hand. Those who speak the truth about homosexuality are silenced in Western Europe, and it’s possible that intellectual positions like mine are silenced in Eastern Europe as well. This would be a win-win for Cultural Marxism.

Fortunately you cannot enslave a free man, the best you can do is lock him up and forbid all communication to the outside world.

Update 2013-08-22

Today it also became known that Breivik has continued to see a psychologist in prison. This is a smart move on his part because he needs the socialization because solitary confinement is extremely damaging to the human psyche. He would be a fool to reject one hour a week of human company.

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