“Inshallah” (if God wills it) is an important expression to take note of when trying to understand the Islamic mindset. It’s typical of the far-right to classify Muslims as a bunch of goat-fucking barbarians, a viewpoint similar to how the Roman Empire viewed the Germanic tribes before these ran the Romans over. One should be weary of sophisticated people who relish in the stink of decadence that covers the moral decay that lies underneath the surface.

Europeans today appear much like deer stuck in the headlights of the oncoming train, and calling this train a goat-fucking barbarian isn’t going to slow it down or soften the impact. Muslims are pragmatic above anything else. It’s unclear to what extent the Islamic faith is responsible for this, but it’s safe to assume Islam encourages pragmatism. Europeans tend to get lost in thought, incapable of mapping out a course, incapable of action unless forced into motion by those of noble character. The difference between a good man and a noble man is that the good man will stand by and do nothing.

Today, 12 years ago, Al Qaeda crashed two airplanes into the World Trade Center, an act which few intellectuals have managed to explain in a satisfactory manner.

One of the tenets of Islam is that there must be an Islamic Empire; this means there is a chain of command, which starts with the father of the family, who answers to the imam of the mosque he visits, who in turn answers to a higher authority.

Another important tenet is the commandment to spread Islam, by force if necessary, as the infidel is a mote in God’s eye. This concept is known as Jihad, the struggle (kampf), and holy war.

Muslims are very much aware of the demographic warfare they are engaged in, and like no other foreign entity they manage to use Western laws and attitudes to their advantage. In this regard 9/11 was not a smart move as it alerted many Europeans to the danger that is Islam, but on the other hand Islamic scholars fear that Muslims will fall victim to the Cultural Marxist ideology. It appears 9/11 radicalized more Muslims than Europeans, so I would conclude that it was both a strategic and military victory.

Al Qaeda has several objectives. Notably to take control over nations of notable military power: the USA, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China. They will encourage immigration to these nations. Economic power houses are important as well: Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Brazil.

A gradual take over is important, so they will focus on a gradual Islamization of Europe. It’s not beyond Al Qaeda to start a civil war to force refugees into Italy to jump-start Italy’s cultural enrichment.  It’s no surprise that when Egypt stabilized, doing so surprisingly quickly, it only took a couple of months for the nation to once against destabilize. Al Qaeda appears to be rocking the boat in Egypt and Syria. They do not seek political power because the US would assassinate any radicals they put in power or in the spot light, so they rock the boat and refugees spill everywhere, some landing right where they want them to.

Muslims will be encouraged to speak of peace in the host language, and speak of war in Arabic. It’s of course important for the Islamic Empire if all Muslims share Arabic as their 2nd language.

Mosques will host educational centers to help Muslims with legal immigration and family reunification. Muslims will be encouraged to marry someone from the home country. Muslim males will be told that Westernized Muslim wives are nothing but trouble, while Muslim females will be told that Westernized Muslim males are nothing but trouble. In over 75% of marriages Muslims will import a bride or groom, meaning that if a Muslim couple has 4 children, 1 husbands and 2 wives will be imported, giving them the equivalent of 7 children.

Multiculturalism was practiced by the Islamic Empire in Spain, where Arabs ruled over Sephardi Jews, Sephardi Jews ruled over Christians, and Christians ruled over Pagans. The uncircumcised had the lowest status, resulting in some groups adopting the practice of circumcision to avoid being converted or enslaved. Islam incorporates multiculturalism as an effective means of divide and conquer. When the Islamic reign ended in Spain, the Sephardim were prosecuted for aiding the Moors during their reign. The glorification of Islam is obviously important for Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marism also hides the fact that thousands of Ashkenazi Jews were not executed by the Nazis, but by East Europeans, because the Ashkenazim collaborated with the Russians during Communist rule.

Getting invaded by the US is a wonderful opportunity for immigration. The trick is to create conflict, have the US move in, cease fire, have the US move out, and create a hostile enough environment for ‘traitors’ to seek refuge in the US.

When you vote you are exercising force, the authority from which all other authorities are derived. Muslims understand this like no other and their turn out when election time nears is around 75%, and higher when it matters. In contrast, the African turnout in Europe is around 25%.

Islam enables and encourages its followers to maintain high birthrates, speak with two tongues if needed, maintain a chain of command, utilize demographic warfare and multiculturalism, to be pragmatic, and to take both small and big steps towards a larger goal.

If Muslims play their hand right and avoid premature civil war they will achieve a demographic victory by 2083, if God wills it. But already they rule over a divided and morally bankrupt society where the weak band together to take the riches of the strong. Where the blind lead the blind, still panic-struck from a war we’ve long since recovered from, toward the abyss.

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