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Back in the saddle

Sorry about the erratic post 2 weeks ago. All is well and we got some cool Breivik stuff coming up soon.

I will be working on a clear and structured article that should be useful to Nordic Seperatists.

New letter from Commander Breivik to his supporters

The letter can be read here:

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 13-07-20 to Supporters

It appears Breivik’s lawyers have aligned themselves fully with the system by having ceased all communication with his brothers. This being the case I’m in need of a Norwegian lawyer who is willing to represent Breivik’s interests.

I’m looking for someone with a high level of integrity, who is honest, isn’t easily intimidated, believes in freedom of speech, and understands that communicating with Breivik’s supporters is part of the job description of representing Breivik in a professional manner.

Breivik is a convicted terrorist, but foremost he is a political activist with a political message. As his lawyer you will be representing a political activist who resides in prison, his past actions are irrelevant and only repeated, ad nausea, by his political adversaries.

Breivik’s political opponents control the media and have given free reign to a para-military unit known as the anti-fascists. As his lawyer you will receive death-threats from anti-fascists, and you will soon come to realize that the system will do nothing to put a stop to these radicals. So you must mentally prepare for this.

As Breivik’s lawyer your main task is to help him spread his political and ideological message, everything else is of second nature. The primary political and ideological goal is to create a Nordic separatist state within Scandinavia where the Nordic lineage can live in freedom, peace, and prosperity among their own kind. You must subsequently support the right to self-determination, that Nordics have the right to live among their own kind, and have the right to govern themselves.

You will also accept that if the Nordic people are not allowed to segregate themselves peacefully that they will segregate themselves forcefully. The logic behind this argument is that if you frequently punch a Nordic in the face it is a matter of time until one of them punches you back. These are not acts of unprovoked violence but acts of desperation because Nordics are fearful of their future and are tired of having to live a subdued and oppressed life.

Anyone who meets these criteria can email me at

Breivik has sent a batch of letters

The word on the street is that several letters have left either the Ila or Skien prison. I’ll report on the content as soon as I get my hands on a copy.

Keep in mind that the prison most likely changed the regulations, meaning that Breivik most likely has to pay for paper and envelopes. So when you send Breivik a letter try to include some blank pages, stamps, and envelopes. Mention in the letter that these items have been included so Breivik can file a formal complaint if the prison confiscates stamps, writing paper, or envelopes.

Breivik relies on Scandinavian supporters to send him stamps as they’re more easily available to them. Postage for letters to Norway is 9 NOK, Europe is 12 NOK, and outside Europe is 14 NOK. Consider sending him a sheet with 9 NOK stamps, 1 NOK stamps, 2 NOK stamps, and 3 NOK stamps. This way he can mix and match stamps according to his needs.

Foreigners might be able to order stamps from

The paper size should probably be A4 (correct me if I’m wrong).

Breivik was recently moved to Skien where he will probably stay for one a year before he’s moved back to Ila.

The Skien address is:

Anders Behring Breivik
Postboks 2720 Kjørbekk
3702 Skien