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JegerNeger (NegroHunter) has been arrested

Last Friday JegerNeger was arrested by the Norwegian police. Now most of the people reading this will probably wonder, who the hell is JegerNeger?

Apparently he’s a man in his early twenties who created a blog on twitter, and 140 characters at a time, spewed forth racial abuse, intolerance, and the occasional word of praise for Commander Breivik. Possibly in combination with one bottle of beer (it’s too expensive to do serious drinking here) and a cigarette, or perhaps even a nice joint. After all, you have to enjoy the good things in life while you can.

As JegerNeger’s adventures on the Internet weren’t all that interesting (it could be just me as I’m not easily amused) sufficient hype had to be created first. So earlier last week the self-proclaimed Queen of Facebook Elisabeth Norheim announced she knew the identity of JegerNeger, and the Norwegian news followed suit by putting his Twitter page in the spotlight.


Of course people may want to know who Elisabeth Norheim is. I have no clue, but a picture shows more than a thousand words.


After the revolution Elisabeth will most likely have her case reviewed by a judge and be relocated to Africa. As by this time (2030 or so) people will have grown rather tired of getting all caps emails from African businessmen, Africa will likely be cut off from the World Wide Web. So I hope she enjoys being the Queen of Facebook until that day.

How Elisabeth obtained the identity of JegerNeger is unclear, I guess he got careless. For those wanting to do some future racist tweeting, I suggest reading our Online Anonymity and Privacy guidelines first.

Fully ready for the media attention she had her story prepared. She claims that the picture used by NegerJeger, the end of an era of multiculturalism, is threatening, because in it Breivik is killing a bunch of non-Whites. This is of course an epic distortion of reality that can only come from the mind of a delusional Cultural Marxist.

It is clear that the intention behind the picture is that Breivik is destroying the multicultural dream, as one of the children is a white girl. The picture is purely symbolic, which is exactly why Cultural Marxists dislike it, and apparently they are trying to get the picture classified as a form of hate speak / threat of violence. Small minded people rarely like sarcasm or wit.

Until very recently politically incorrect blogs were legal because Norwegian law was strictly defining what a public statement was, which did not include the Internet. On May 24, 2013 the Norwegian law was changed so any statement that can reach a large audience is considered public, and that being the case, forbidden thoughts expressed on the Internet are now punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.

The era of Multiculturalism has ended, welcome to the era of Totalitarianism.

On the other hand the behavior by our benevolent ‘elites’ shows the emotions that lie underneath the surface: the Cultural Marxists no longer feel safe. Terrorism in the past was something inflicted upon the underclasses by immigrants, inflicted upon the population at large by Jihadists, or inflicted upon political opponents by their para-military wing known as the anti-fascists. After 7/22 they know they are no longer invisibly pulling the strings, they have gotten a taste of the coming conflict they have set in motion, and they are afraid, very afraid.

Commander Breivik has cancelled his university courses

Breivik was taking courses in Political Theory, International Politics, and Public Policy and Administration. These courses would have given him a total of 30 credits. The University of Oslo recently received a notification that Breivik won’t be taking any of the exams.

Breivik’s ability to study is most likely difficult because he’s not allowed to use a computer, not to mention the complications of being kept in almost complete isolation because the system fears he might commit a speech crime.

Next there is the issue that the political works he’ll have to read will be extremely boring. Education is supposed to teach the student how the world works, instead under Cultural Marxism no such thing is taught, instead you are to cram all kinds of useless drivel, half-truths, and outright lies into your head. In high school they make this process somewhat bearable, but in university you’re expected to cram whatever crap they order you to remember into your brain. And they want you to do this in a timely fashion, fully self-motivated, and to pay them for the privilege to boot.

Breivik probably remembered the many reasons he dropped out of high school, and realized that this endeavor with the university of Oslo would be a massive waste of time. His courses are good for 30 credits, which are the equivalent of 1200 hours. This means that Breivik can either spend 1200 hours studying a field he has already mastered beyond the expertise of his professors, or alternatively, spend 1200 hours writing letters to supporters, working on his books, and reading academic works that would never ever be included in a Cultural Marxist curriculum, like “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” by Richard Lynn.

Hopefully this means I’ll get some reports about letters having arrived soon. I doubt Breivik will be allowed to write me because apparently “I help Breivik blog from prison”, and no prisoner in Scandinavia is allowed to blog from prison. Oh wait.. John Ausonius, the Swedish Laserman, is allowed to blog from prison, but of course he only writes politically correct crap because he has the hopes they’ll let him out of his cage one day.

One of Us. A tale of Norway

A new 500 page book about Anders Behring Breivik is about to be released by Asne Seierstad titled ‘One of Us. A tale of Norway’. It is, supposedly, of higher quality than the drivel that has so far been published by journalists wanting to make a quick buck off of the Breivik hype.


She goes into greater detail regarding Breivik’s childhood. As customary after WW2 Nordic men weren’t allowed to display any signs of dominance, and at her wits end, as young Breivik was laughing whenever she spanked him, Wenche sought professional help.

When a concerned Cultural Marxist psychologist threatened to take Breivik away from Wenche (it’s a lot easier to break a child in a foster home) she came to her senses and did whatever she had to do to keep her child. Wenche most likely decided to let Breivik be himself after which the neurotic symptoms vanished.

Seierstad interviewed Wenche eight days before she died of cancer and this new book will give some new insights into Wenche’s mental state during her final days.

As Breivik explained in his June 22nd closing statement, people who are on the verge of death become immune to political correctness because they have nothing left to lose; they might in fact welcome it if an anti-fascist walks up to them with a gun and puts them out of their misery.

Breivik cited Steinar Lem whose dying words were: “We fight for the right of Tibet and the indigenous people of Tibet, we fight for other indigenous people, but in modern Norway, one is not able to state that Norwegians possess just as much right for their home country as Tibetans do for Tibet and that our rights are just as important.”

Shortly after 7/22 Wenche was very fearful of being attacked and felt pressured, like everyone else, to prostate herself before the altar of Political Correctness and assure everyone that she is a firm believer in the goodness of the ideology that will result in Norway’s indigenous population’s genetic and cultural suicide.

It appears that Wenche found the same courage as Steinar in her final days. Here is an excerpt of parts of her conversations with Seierstad:

Seierstad: Is it correct that a mother can get an intuition, a horrid feeling?

Wenche: I believe so. I sat there and wanted to show him the atrocities on TV, and he didn’t come, and I was thinking… oh, no..

Seierstad: Have you reconciled with Anders’ actions?

Wenche: There has to be space for reconciliation. We can’t change anything anyway. So let things be. Try to understand instead. Large pieces are missing.

Seierstad: For you as well?

Wenche: Yes, certainly.

Seierstad: Have you reconciled with Anders’ actions yourself ?

Wenche: I reconciled with it quite a few months after it happened. I was determined that I should manage to succeed at that. Maybe it is just me that is the atoning mother.

Seierstad: Have you forgiven him?

Wenche: Yes, I have.

Seierstad: What do you think, was he sick or was it a political action?

Wenche: It was a political, rational action. There is no doubt. It was unexpected, but perhaps not so unexpected.

Seierstad: What do you mean by that?

Wenche: I think we should leave it at that. We can follow up on it later. You should go home and think it over.

Before Åsne Seierstad left the following was said:

Wenche: Well, Anders is at peace now. At least that’s what he told me.

Chapter Summaries of 2083

We’ve spent the past three months on creating a 50 page summary of 2083. Each chapter has been carefully summarized and we’ve tried to retain the most useful information.

Commander Breivik wrote in one of his letters that 2083 was entirely too long for the average person to read and that he wanted to create an abbreviated version. One problem is that 2083 has been declared a forbidden book for prisoners in Norway, meaning that Breivik is unlikely to be allowed to keep a copy in his cell.

Another problem was that it quickly became clear that Breivik wouldn’t be allowed to publish an abbreviated version of Book 3, even though it’s clearly explained in a disclaimer inside the book that the content is entirely fictitious. ;)

For now the summary is available as an online website at the following link:

Each summarized chapter title is a link that links to the full version of the chapter. Your connection should be encrypted when using this webpage, meaning all your government can see is that you connect to Google Sites. Possession of 2083 might be a criminal offense in some European nations, as of yet it’s unclear if merely viewing a webpage is illegal, but you can set your browser into the Incognito setting before viewing so there’s no trace in your browsing history.

The summaries are currently being translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch.

If anyone is interested in translating this document to other languages please shoot me an email at If you do so I’ll email you a pre-processed document that will contain a machine-translation, this means that all you have to do is go through the document and fix mistakes made by the translation software. It doesn’t need to be a perfect translation, just get it to where it’s readable and understandable.


The latest news is that Breivik is doing well considering the circumstances, is receiving letters written to him, and that the unconstitutional censorship guidelines imposed upon the Ila prison authorities by the Norwegian Labor Party are not being fully enforced in Skien.

However, it appears the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) is contacting the governments of people who receive a letter from Breivik. As a result at least a dozen people from five different countries have been visited by the police and questioned.

Their strategy appears to be to demand insight into letters that have been sent and received. Possibly they do so with the intend of prosecuting people if a sent letter violates a speech law. In most nations there is very little the police is actually allowed to do without a court order, this being the case you should simply insist they respect your privacy and to either get lost or charge you with a crime.

To avoid trouble I suggest to store letters you’ve sent in a password protected environment, it’s also important to research your rights and mentally prepare for a visit from the police.

If you do get a panic attack when you’re being visited by the police there are a few things you can do.

Some substances might calm your nerves: Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamon C, Niacin, Valerian root, hemp oil, and a high dose of vitamin D. Avoid caffeine and anti-depressants, consider using a low dose nicotine patch (can cut up a 21 mg patch in 9 pieces) as an alternative to caffeine. Lemon balm and Iberogast might work for a knotted stomach. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart beating in your chest might help. A single glass of alcohol at night will calm your nerves, but make sure to take B1 vitamins if you do so. Dark chocolate may help some as well.

Faith can be a powerful ally: The New Testament makes it clear that God has willed for good to triumph over evil, and Jesus clearly states that only the righteous who openly defy evil will go to heaven. Breivik explains in 2083 that there are no atheists in fox-holes, and that you either adopt a crusader mentality and refuse to surrender, or that you grovel in the dirt before your Cultural Marxist rulers.

This is important for everyone to consider, time is running out, you can’t run or hide forever. The Cultural Marxists have no greater fear than that people will openly reject Political Correctness, because this would mean that the only way to get people to comply is to have the anti-fascists start executing people, as recently happened to two members of the Golden Dawn in Greece.

Moren (The Mother) by Marit Christensen

After 7/22 Wenche Behring (Commander Breivik’s mother) began talking to journalist Marit Christensen who managed to wriggle herself into Wenche’s life by using a mutual friend.

As is known, Wenche had meningitis, an inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, and as a result she suffered brain damage. This happened around the time Breivik had to serve in the military, for which he got an exemption because he was taking care of his ill mother. As we found out earlier this year, Wenche had terminal cancer, and she passed away a couple of months ago.

At one point Christensen manipulated Wenche into signing a contract, and upon discovering the terms of the contract, and having seen a draft of the book Christensen wrote, Wenche returned the money, and hired a lawyer to stop the publication of the book titled ‘Moren’ (Mother).

Jens Breivik (Anders Behring Breivik’s father) has also read some parts of the book and states he has never been approached by Christensen, who appears to prefer vulnerable people. Jens has also stated that the content of the book is not ground in reality.

The book was originally planned to be released November 15th, but fearing its publication would be halted by a court order the book was released two weeks early, and became available yesterday.

The publishing of this book is of course an insult to Wenche Behring’s last wishes, and subsequently an insult to Breivik. This however seems to be a game the Cultural Marxists are playing in an attempt to get back at Breivik. I’m not exactly certain how this lame insult makes up for the 76 traitors Breivik wiped off the face of the earth on 7/22. Of course the anti-fascists will at one point take some lives in retaliation, and they may in fact already have. The media has a tendency to cover up murders by immigrants and far-left extremists.

To understand the infantile mindset that is the root cause of what we are seeing here it’s important to realize that Norway at this point is largely governed by baby boomers. The baby boomers were born in the years immediately following the WW2. After WW2 millions of women in Western Europe who had dated German soldiers had their heads shaved, or were raped by Communists, Social Democrats, and other degenerates. For children born after the war, in many cases, any sign of aggression or dominance was beaten out of young boys, especially if they were blond and blue-eyed. Women were introduced to feminism.

We all know the result of this post-traumatic response to WW2: 23 years after the war, in 1968, there was a revolution where Cultural Marxism firmly established itself as the dominant ideology. Among their ranks were the brainwashed baby boomers who collectively decided they were going to create a society that resembles Smurf Village, and all that was required for this Utopia to be brought into existence was for everyone to believe in the dream.

What is important to realize about the Cultural Marxist mindset is that everyone must believe in this dream, this collective hallucination, and if there is one person who openly protests, and says that it isn’t so, this persons ruins the experience, and this persons must be shut up. Shutting someone up can be done in several ways; people can be shunned, people can be fired from their jobs, people can get a visit from the police, people can be fined, people can be imprisoned, people can be roughed up by the anti-fascists, and if all else fails there is always the bullet to the head, or a jail sentence with the complete censorship of your communication, something which Breivik is currently subjected to.

As to what is contained within this book, I don’t know and I don’t care. Breivik’s mother is a baby boomer and as far as I know she didn’t understand why her son did what he did. Breivik loved her, but the burden of our generation is that our elders are committing collective suicide while we watch.

This is a difficult thing to come to terms with, that our elders are completely and utterly insane, impervious to reason, and detached from reality. This also means that we have to stop trying to take them serious and show them how much we despise them. Their books are meaningless, their talk shows are meaningless, their endless drivel is meaningless, their very existence has become meaningless because they are a cancer and a disease.

They made their bed and now they should lie in it. Europeans should abandon the homes for the elderly and let immigrants take these jobs. This sounds cruel but it is necessary. The only possible cure for our elders is to give them a taste of the world they created.

Of course the baby boomers will reject reality and vote for parties that promise to take money from the young minority to give to the old majority. So you may consider not paying any taxes, or even going on welfare, and consider doing so the equivalent of going on a strike.

This being said I have obtained a copy of the contract signed by Wenche Behring Breivik.



It states:

Hereby the following in regard to the meeting/conversation of January 5, 2013 is confirmed:
The journalist Marit Christensen has since March 3, 2012 had many long regular meetings and conversations with me, where I after my best judgement and memory have told my life and family history to her. 
The reason behind this has been Cristensen’s interest in gaining a deeper insight in both my life and my son’s, Anders, upbringing, seen from my point of view – as part of Christensen’s work to gain a more complete and accountable picture of the history than what has previously been forwarded by the court and the media’s treatment of the tragic events on 7/22. It has also been a wish on my part to tell the story in an overall form – hereunder my experience of the time after 7/22, 2011.
Christensen has also in this regard had access to and insight in the diary notes which I made during my three month long stay in Vindern psychiatric hospital as of the night of 7/23, 2011.
I have been aware of and accept that Christiansen can use this information as a basis for the publishing of her journalistic and literary work with this theme – hereunder in form of book publishing.
It is agreed that I will get the opportunity to read/see my own quotes who may come to be used and that Christensen otherwise keeps me informed about when the first time publishing may come to take place.
It is important to understand generic copyright law. If you make a private statement, whether written or verbal, this statement belongs to you. Nobody can reproduce your statements, especially not for monetary gains, without your explicit permission. There are exceptions to this, but in general this is how copyright works.
It is clear that Wenche Behring Breivik did not sign a contract waving away her copyright. This means that Christensen needed Wenche’s permission to publish a book containing quotes by Wenche.
It is unclear if Christensen fabricated quotes, or if she quoted Wenche out of context. Something in the book pissed off Wenche, and my suspicion is that she persistently quoted Wenche out of context.
As was the case when Breivik’s hacked emails were published without his permission (violating his privacy), the Breivik Report will once again try to take action.
What we will do is obtain a copy of this book, extract all the quotes by Wenche Behring Breivik, and make these available for free. This way anyone interested in the message that Wenche wanted to share with the world can do so without putting money in the pocket of Christensen who abused the trust of a dying woman.
The copyright of Christensen won’t be violated in this manner because we won’t publish any of her drivel and conjecture. This free publication will violate Wenche’s copyright, but clearly the Norwegian state, which includes the media, doesn’t give a fuck about her rights anyways.