Chapter Summaries of 2083

We’ve spent the past three months on creating a 50 page summary of 2083. Each chapter has been carefully summarized and we’ve tried to retain the most useful information.

Commander Breivik wrote in one of his letters that 2083 was entirely too long for the average person to read and that he wanted to create an abbreviated version. One problem is that 2083 has been declared a forbidden book for prisoners in Norway, meaning that Breivik is unlikely to be allowed to keep a copy in his cell.

Another problem was that it quickly became clear that Breivik wouldn’t be allowed to publish an abbreviated version of Book 3, even though it’s clearly explained in a disclaimer inside the book that the content is entirely fictitious. ;)

For now the summary is available as an online website at the following link:

Each summarized chapter title is a link that links to the full version of the chapter. Your connection should be encrypted when using this webpage, meaning all your government can see is that you connect to Google Sites. Possession of 2083 might be a criminal offense in some European nations, as of yet it’s unclear if merely viewing a webpage is illegal, but you can set your browser into the Incognito setting before viewing so there’s no trace in your browsing history.

The summaries are currently being translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch.

If anyone is interested in translating this document to other languages please shoot me an email at If you do so I’ll email you a pre-processed document that will contain a machine-translation, this means that all you have to do is go through the document and fix mistakes made by the translation software. It doesn’t need to be a perfect translation, just get it to where it’s readable and understandable.


The latest news is that Breivik is doing well considering the circumstances, is receiving letters written to him, and that the unconstitutional censorship guidelines imposed upon the Ila prison authorities by the Norwegian Labor Party are not being fully enforced in Skien.

However, it appears the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) is contacting the governments of people who receive a letter from Breivik. As a result at least a dozen people from five different countries have been visited by the police and questioned.

Their strategy appears to be to demand insight into letters that have been sent and received. Possibly they do so with the intend of prosecuting people if a sent letter violates a speech law. In most nations there is very little the police is actually allowed to do without a court order, this being the case you should simply insist they respect your privacy and to either get lost or charge you with a crime.

To avoid trouble I suggest to store letters you’ve sent in a password protected environment, it’s also important to research your rights and mentally prepare for a visit from the police.

If you do get a panic attack when you’re being visited by the police there are a few things you can do.

Some substances might calm your nerves: Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamon C, Niacin, Valerian root, hemp oil, and a high dose of vitamin D. Avoid caffeine and anti-depressants, consider using a low dose nicotine patch (can cut up a 21 mg patch in 9 pieces) as an alternative to caffeine. Lemon balm and Iberogast might work for a knotted stomach. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart beating in your chest might help. A single glass of alcohol at night will calm your nerves, but make sure to take B1 vitamins if you do so. Dark chocolate may help some as well.

Faith can be a powerful ally: The New Testament makes it clear that God has willed for good to triumph over evil, and Jesus clearly states that only the righteous who openly defy evil will go to heaven. Breivik explains in 2083 that there are no atheists in fox-holes, and that you either adopt a crusader mentality and refuse to surrender, or that you grovel in the dirt before your Cultural Marxist rulers.

This is important for everyone to consider, time is running out, you can’t run or hide forever. The Cultural Marxists have no greater fear than that people will openly reject Political Correctness, because this would mean that the only way to get people to comply is to have the anti-fascists start executing people, as recently happened to two members of the Golden Dawn in Greece.

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