Commander Breivik has cancelled his university courses

Breivik was taking courses in Political Theory, International Politics, and Public Policy and Administration. These courses would have given him a total of 30 credits. The University of Oslo recently received a notification that Breivik won’t be taking any of the exams.

Breivik’s ability to study is most likely difficult because he’s not allowed to use a computer, not to mention the complications of being kept in almost complete isolation because the system fears he might commit a speech crime.

Next there is the issue that the political works he’ll have to read will be extremely boring. Education is supposed to teach the student how the world works, instead under Cultural Marxism no such thing is taught, instead you are to cram all kinds of useless drivel, half-truths, and outright lies into your head. In high school they make this process somewhat bearable, but in university you’re expected to cram whatever crap they order you to remember into your brain. And they want you to do this in a timely fashion, fully self-motivated, and to pay them for the privilege to boot.

Breivik probably remembered the many reasons he dropped out of high school, and realized that this endeavor with the university of Oslo would be a massive waste of time. His courses are good for 30 credits, which are the equivalent of 1200 hours. This means that Breivik can either spend 1200 hours studying a field he has already mastered beyond the expertise of his professors, or alternatively, spend 1200 hours writing letters to supporters, working on his books, and reading academic works that would never ever be included in a Cultural Marxist curriculum, like “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” by Richard Lynn.

Hopefully this means I’ll get some reports about letters having arrived soon. I doubt Breivik will be allowed to write me because apparently “I help Breivik blog from prison”, and no prisoner in Scandinavia is allowed to blog from prison. Oh wait.. John Ausonius, the Swedish Laserman, is allowed to blog from prison, but of course he only writes politically correct crap because he has the hopes they’ll let him out of his cage one day.

2 thoughts on “Commander Breivik has cancelled his university courses

  1. Une Ulv (@uneulv) 2013/12/03 at 20:35 Reply

    Regardless what he did and why, Breivik is more intelligent than the average Norwegian. Intelligent people can judge if they fit in at a typical Norwegian “university” or not, which is nothing else than a brutal and corrupt terror organisation with great lack of expertise (this is not an empty claim, I can proof it).

  2. Angus 2013/12/04 at 03:37 Reply

    Modern day science is all about authority, and when the facts don’t match what authority wants the facts to be they are ignored.

    Sub-Saharan Africans for example have 8% smaller brains, which on average means a 20% lower IQ. This fact is ignored, and instead all kinds of weird theories are proposed to explain their lack of academic achievement, like white privilege and stereotype threat.

    Only a completely morally corrupt scientific organization would allow such nonsense to prevail.

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