JegerNeger (NegroHunter) has been arrested

Last Friday JegerNeger was arrested by the Norwegian police. Now most of the people reading this will probably wonder, who the hell is JegerNeger?

Apparently he’s a man in his early twenties who created a blog on twitter, and 140 characters at a time, spewed forth racial abuse, intolerance, and the occasional word of praise for Commander Breivik. Possibly in combination with one bottle of beer (it’s too expensive to do serious drinking here) and a cigarette, or perhaps even a nice joint. After all, you have to enjoy the good things in life while you can.

As JegerNeger’s adventures on the Internet weren’t all that interesting (it could be just me as I’m not easily amused) sufficient hype had to be created first. So earlier last week the self-proclaimed Queen of Facebook Elisabeth Norheim announced she knew the identity of JegerNeger, and the Norwegian news followed suit by putting his Twitter page in the spotlight.


Of course people may want to know who Elisabeth Norheim is. I have no clue, but a picture shows more than a thousand words.


After the revolution Elisabeth will most likely have her case reviewed by a judge and be relocated to Africa. As by this time (2030 or so) people will have grown rather tired of getting all caps emails from African businessmen, Africa will likely be cut off from the World Wide Web. So I hope she enjoys being the Queen of Facebook until that day.

How Elisabeth obtained the identity of JegerNeger is unclear, I guess he got careless. For those wanting to do some future racist tweeting, I suggest reading our Online Anonymity and Privacy guidelines first.

Fully ready for the media attention she had her story prepared. She claims that the picture used by NegerJeger, the end of an era of multiculturalism, is threatening, because in it Breivik is killing a bunch of non-Whites. This is of course an epic distortion of reality that can only come from the mind of a delusional Cultural Marxist.

It is clear that the intention behind the picture is that Breivik is destroying the multicultural dream, as one of the children is a white girl. The picture is purely symbolic, which is exactly why Cultural Marxists dislike it, and apparently they are trying to get the picture classified as a form of hate speak / threat of violence. Small minded people rarely like sarcasm or wit.

Until very recently politically incorrect blogs were legal because Norwegian law was strictly defining what a public statement was, which did not include the Internet. On May 24, 2013 the Norwegian law was changed so any statement that can reach a large audience is considered public, and that being the case, forbidden thoughts expressed on the Internet are now punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.

The era of Multiculturalism has ended, welcome to the era of Totalitarianism.

On the other hand the behavior by our benevolent ‘elites’ shows the emotions that lie underneath the surface: the Cultural Marxists no longer feel safe. Terrorism in the past was something inflicted upon the underclasses by immigrants, inflicted upon the population at large by Jihadists, or inflicted upon political opponents by their para-military wing known as the anti-fascists. After 7/22 they know they are no longer invisibly pulling the strings, they have gotten a taste of the coming conflict they have set in motion, and they are afraid, very afraid.

2 thoughts on “JegerNeger (NegroHunter) has been arrested

  1. Une Ulv (@uneulv) 2013/12/03 at 20:41 Reply

    Considering how extremely racist every Norwegian is, it seems absurd that the police arrests such an individual. As you said: small minds. They protect foreign rapists, freeloaders and drug dealers and punish those who have a genuine wish and the capability to contribute to a society with humane values. This is because main stream Norway is run by rapists, freeloaders, corrupt criminals and junkies (not an empty claim, I do have some proof).

  2. Angus 2013/12/04 at 03:26 Reply

    Politicians are indeed a bunch of corrupt and criminal freeloaders who rape the country while they’re high on their power trip.

    Breivik got rid of some particularly unworthy human beings on 7/22.

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