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Anders Behring Breivik, Facebook, and Psychopathy

Researchers from Sahlgrenska Academy and Lund University in Sweden have studied whether status updates on Facebook can indicate if a person is a psychopath or shows other undesirable tendencies, such as narcissism.

In a report in the scientific journal Personality And Individual Differences titled ‘The dark Side Of Facebook’, the researchers inform that if one does not want to be outed as the next Ted Bundy, one should not not put any status update which mentions prostitutes, decapitation, pornography or butchers.

Not having a Facebook profile could also be a bad sign according to them, and they cite James Holmes and Anders Behring Breivik as examples.

The interesting thing here is that Breivik did have a Facebook account, which was deleted after 7/22 because his profile was receiving too many messages from sympathizers, and those messages in turn were getting too many thumb-ups. It’s difficult to take these researchers serious if they can’t even get the most basic facts right.

It should also be noted that in modern psychology the desire to prevent the extermination of your people is considered a form of extreme narcissism. 

The obsession with the psychological state and political attitudes of the citizenry is a primary characteristic of every police state. Breivik himself wrote in 2083 to be careful what you write online, to blend in and appear more moderate than you truly are.

Facebook itself is a tool of mass censorship where every public and private message can be reported if it violates Facebook’s Terms of Service, which basically states that any opinion contrary to the Cultural Marxist ideology is considered hateful and subject to censorship. An interesting question for psychologists to answer is why people stay on Facebook even though it means they can’t express their opinions freely.

Breivik’s statement read out loud in Vienna

The IIPM (Institute of Theoretical and Artistic re-enactments) thought it was artsy-fartsy to read out loud Breivik’s explanation to an audience in Vienna. We have translations of Breivik’s explanation, originally in Norwegian, available online in over a dozen languages. There were about 250 seats available though roughly 400 people showed up, many of them journalists.

The journalists were carefully watching the audience, looking for ‘face crimes’. To add further intimidation anti-fascists had mixed into the audience and were openly observing people, creating a tense atmosphere. It’s unclear what punishment they had in mind if someone was an open Breivik supporter, maybe spit them in the face after the reading, maybe beat them up. Many of them have a ‘no debate’ policy.

Some Turkish actress was reading out the text while chewing gum, adding awkward long pauses after provocative statements, apparently in an attempt to signal the Cultural Marxists in the audience that they should laugh, but they were too busy looking for face crimes. They succeeded in turning it into some kind of comical performance during a prior reading, but this time the audience refused to laugh when signaled to do so, quietly listened to the performance. This greatly concerned the journalists present.

At the end the audience applauded, and as the applause died down a young man stood up and yelled “FREE BREIVIK!” and “BREIVIK IS RIGHT!”, after which a security guard escorted him out. The media somehow failed to report on the highlight of the evening, this brave young man, despite having over 30 cameras filming.


Christopher Philips aka Darren Clifft performs the Knights Templar Salute

Over a month ago Philips had to appear in a UK court because he had uploaded a video on YouTube where he and 60 friends hung a black-faced rag-doll from a tree while wearing KKK pajamas.

In sane societies this would be viewed as life-action role-play, in the UK it is considered inciting hatred, that is, if you upload a video of your role-playing session on YouTube.

After he got out of court during his first appearance he performed the KT salute. Bravo.


The anti-fascists didn’t really care for all this, so they visited the gym where Philips coaches kick-boxing. They were armed but Philips was ill that day and not around. None of these anti-fascists were arrested, even though one would think attempted murder is more serious than molesting a rag-doll during a pajama party.

In good Cultural Marxist fashion Philips was forbidden from using the Internet and he will receive a psychiatric evaluation. He’ll likely spend some time in jail, which will allow him to radicalize some fellow White inmates and teach them how to defend themselves against the immigrant scum that makes up the majority of the prison population today.

Update 2014-01-08

Christopher Philips has been given a jail sentence of one year for uploading three videos that the prosecution claimed were inciting racial hatred. In one of the videos a person in a KKK costume was holding a black-faced rag doll with a noose around its neck.


A second charge, for things Philips wrote online, remains on file. This means that Philips can be given another sentence, though I doubt they’ll prosecute him a second time unless he continues his political activism.

The judge also made Philips subject to an “anti-social behaviour order” which would stop him attending demonstrations or meetings of those with extreme racist or homophobic views, that he must not post anything on social media which promotes an extreme racist ideology or make gestures of an extreme racist ideology in a public place.

This means that Philips has been banned for life from activities that would otherwise be legal. If he goes to a far-right demonstration he can be jailed, if he makes the Knights Templar salute he can be jailed, and if he posts on Facebook that the UK should that non-Western immigrants should be send back home, I guess that means he can be jailed as well. The law allowing this was introduced by Blair in 1998. Welcome to the new age.