The European Underground Workgroup

Dear fellow revolutionaries,

We are all part of this cause for the liberation of our countries from the yoke of Cultural Marxism. I have conferred with my peers about a planning for the next few months so that we can keep the cause going even better than before. We have thus created a work group so that people can band together and get busy on the cause.

In this work group you will find a document containing a list and descriptions of future projects. We are currently looking for people that would like to help with these fun and rewarding events. Activities take anywhere from as little as one hour of your time to however many hours you can spare. We have left the programme descriptions vague because we want participants to be able to give input. The month indications are also a bit flexible; if we put something under January it means that we can start the project for real by then, but there is no deadline to finishing it. Don’t forget though; we need YOU to make this cause great!

Every little bit helps because it is a big middle finger to the system and a clenched fist salute to Breivik, so come and sign up!

This month we would like to start four programmes that we will need several researchers or writers for. We also need some ideas on human capital and social people who can convince others. The programmes range in size, and you can already contribute with one hour of work. All work will be appreciated. :)

Topics this month:

– Getting people to contribute
– VK recruiters
– Crusader Christianity
– Blood and Honour

Interested in joining? Head on over to our work group and leave us a message!

2 thoughts on “The European Underground Workgroup

  1. brotherelve123 2014/01/11 at 19:26 Reply

    I wrote a letter today, but I don’t understand where I should send it: Ila or Skien?

  2. Angus 2014/01/15 at 02:58 Reply

    Skien should do the trick. He’ll likely be moved back to Ila in September.

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