Defector Projects

The European Union is making funds available for member nations to combat extremism using so called ‘defector projects’. It is part of the EU Counter-Terrorism strategy and the project is known as RAN (Radicalization Awareness Network). The funds will be used to train police officers and social workers to get people to leave radical environments and abandon radical ideologies.

“The biggest threat right now comes from violent right-wing extremism,” Commissioner Cecilia Malmström told Sveriges Radio (SR) on Tuesday. “For example in Greece and in Bulgaria, but also in Hungary.”

Malmström mentioned both right-wing and left-wing extremists were radicalizing in Europe. Malmström is apparently involved in the whole RAN business and supposedly knows what she’s talking about.

Naturally a large part of the focus will not be on Muslims (who love Cultural Marxist politicians) but on people with dangerous far-right convictions, which includes anyone who writes Breivik a letter in support, and is likely to include anyone who gets themselves onto a blacklist in one way or another. Based on Malmström’s statement ethnic nationalists may be blacklisted as well, members of Nordfront come to mind.

Getting yourself on a blacklist can happen in various ways, someone (a teacher for example) can report you as expressing extremist views, statements you make online can be traced back to your identity, the infiltration of far-right movements, and an extremist can be manipulated into providing names of fellow extremists.

People on these blacklists will then be visited by a police officer and be questioned. In the case of young people the favorite tactic is to confront them in school. If you’re employed the police officer may threaten to have a talk with your boss.

Generally you don’t have to talk or cooperate with a police officer if there is no criminal charge, and they may pretend to know less than they actually do in order to catch you in a lie, which in itself may be a criminal offense, or give them a reason for an actual criminal investigation, rather than a friendly chat with the purpose of intimidation.

As the EU is paying for the training of social workers this means that extremists will likely be offered counseling to help them change their evil ways. So if you want free psychological help you can consider writing Commander Breivik a letter.

The stated aim of RAN is to prevent terrorism, but it essentially boils down to one step further towards a police state, which can be identified as following:

– The criminalization of opposing ideologies, either directly (e.g. a ban on nazism) or indirectly (e.g. a ban on racial discrimination).

– Arrest or punishment of citizens for expressing their beliefs or opinions, especially for criticism of the regime, its ideology, or its leaders. This is known as the criminalization of dissent.

– The blacklisting of dissidents.

– Arrest or punishment of citizens for organizing political or civic groups.

– Disruption or intimidation of opposition groups, either directly, or indirectly by allowing opponents to be attacked by radicals (e.g. attacks by the Anti Fascist Action)

– Smear campaigns or blackmail of political opponents.

– Kangaroo courts where people get excessively punished for violating vaguely formulated laws (e.g. inciting racial hatred)

– Harsh punishment (long prison terms, huge fines, solitary confinement, sleep disruption, or other mistreatment of prisoners)

– Lack of accountability for violations of the laws or constitution by government employees.

– Secretly monitoring the activities or communications of citizens or groups who are not engaged in criminal activity.

– Censorship of the mass media and use of the media for government propaganda.

– Breaking up non-violent public demonstrations, arresting the participants, or allowing participants to be attacked by radicals.

– Government secrecy or government lying about its activities.



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