Breivik writes letter to the international press

Several news sources have reported on Breivik’s recent letter campaign to the international press.

The letter is reportedly 30 pages, though some news outlets have reported 35 pages as well. Hopefully someone will publish the full letter sooner or later.

Some of the new interesting facts are that the prison didn’t allow Breivik to get a second signature to found the Norwegian Fascist Party. Breivik wrote that he doesn’t think he’ll survive prison if the current conditions are maintained as he’s still restricted to 5 minutes of human contact a day. If he is in fact restricted to 5 minutes of human contact a day that is a rather severe human rights violation.

Breivik explains that the reason he is strip-searched several times a day is because he wrote about escaping from prison in 2083. In a similar fashion he’s on permanent suicide watch, meaning guards constantly disturb his sleep to check if he hasn’t killed himself.

The letter contains a draft of the party program of his political party, which is non-violent and involves Nordic separatism. Breivik explains that he tried to come across as a Counter-Jihadist to cause the least amount of damage to Ethnic Nationalists. Breivik wants to turn Southwestern Østfold into a Nordic state. According to Expo (a far-left organization) Breivik suggests Varg Vikernes and Erik Blucher as potential figureheads for such a movement. Blucher however appears to have retired, and Vikernes is rather busy making a living selling his sub-standard music, books, and documentaries to White Nationalists.

In my opinion Nordfront is the best alternative for Scandinavian hardliners to get involved. Generation Identitair is an option for people who are more so aligned with the new-right. Best to avoid organizations that want to see Israel destroyed, as Breivik explained several times, Israel is the perfect destination for disloyal Jews.

Brevik mentions he send a manuscript of “The Breivik Diaries” to a publisher on July 11, 2013. The manuscript is still in review by the prison authorities. He also finished a 2nd manuscript of 1,000 pages.

Breivik mentioned he has a Sony Playstation 2, he did so rather cleverly by embedding it in a sentence so pompous the media couldn’t resist quoting it. He’s allowed to receive books, DVDs, and CDs, so PS2 games should be allowed as well though this hasn’t been verified.

I’ve decided to maintain a gift registry in case people want to avoid sending Breivik duplicates. To inquire if a certain book, movie, or game has been send to Breivik you can reach me at or on VK. Make sure to email me from a gmail account for your own safety, unless you don’t care if any intelligence agencies are reading along.

Update 2014-01-27:

The first 5 pages of Breivik’s letter to the International Press were released by the Gates of Vienna blog and I’ve put it up on the Breivik Archive.

Anders Behring Breivik letter 13-09-29 to International Press

No real big surprises, it’s quite clear in 2083 that Breivik is trying to unite and radicalize various factions. Nor is it a surprise that a man of such radical actions entertains a wide variety of radical beliefs.

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