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Police reject Breivik’s maltreatment complaint

The police rejected Breivik’s maltreatment complaint which was to be expected. It’s not against Norwegian law to limit a prisoner to less than 1 hour of human contact a week.

Norway is violating international treaties it signed but the only way for those treaties to be enforced is politically.

The police did a brief investigation which might put a halt to the painful handcuffing, assuming they asked questions about that particular practice.

Breivik threatens with hungerstrike within 8 weeks

The Associated Press reported they received a copy of Breivik’s complaint letter and when they contacted Tord Jordet (Breivik’s lawyer) they were told that Breivik will start his hunger strike in 8 weeks  unless the prison authorities agree to end his solitary confinement, or otherwise improve his prison conditions.

It’s mentioned Breivik is allowed a 20 minute phone call a week, though in a previous letter Breivik wrote that in early 2013 the prison authorities no longer allowed him to call a German woman he’d been in contact with.

We’ve translated the first page of this four page letter thanks to a picture of the letter posted by the AFP. The English text, originally in Norwegian, is available here:

From the first page we learn that the prison authorities have refused to address Breivik’s complaint regarding their violation of Norwegian and European prison guidelines. No real surprise there given our benevolent rulers have refused to subject themselves to any kind of rationality or decency, as evidenced by the genocidal immigration policies of the past 5 decades.

Only fragments of another page was visible in the picture, from which we grabbed the following quote which was both interesting and entertaining:

“It is completely incomprehensible that influential people such as you (..) wish this. You are neither Berbers, Kurds or Arabs”


Breivik threatens with hungerstrike

According to the mainstream media Breivik has threatened to start a hunger strike over his prison conditions. The sources are a 4 page hand-written letter he wrote to the prison authorities that was leaked to the press (like his previous complaint letter), and a letter that was written January 29th to a French news agency.

The media refuses to name the most grievous aspects of Commander Breivik’s stay in prison, 5 minutes of human contact a day with the prison psychologist, no phone calls, no visitations, no (or extremely delayed) letter correspondence to friends and supporters. When he wants to leave his cell he has to undergo a strip search and he’s painfully handcuffed. Guards have been instructed to keep communication to a bare minimum. This kind of treatment is commonly used as a punishment for bad behavior and isn’t recommended to last for more than two weeks. Breivik has been subjected to this treatment for over 2 years now.

Breivik lists 12 requests to improve his prison conditions, one of which is to be given a Playstation 3 (he currently has an outdated Playstation 2) and being able to pick his own games as compensation for lack of socialization. Subsequently the media tries to make the masses believe that the announced hungerstrike is about a Playstation 3, they’ll undoubtedly succeed.

Some quotes from the letter:

“You have put me through hell (…) and I won’t be able to survive it much longer. You are killing me”

“You seem to think that we — all human rights activists who fight for one fundamental human right (cultural self-determination) — … are Nazi monsters who should be pushed into suicide”

“The hunger strike will not stop until (Justice Minister Anders) Anundsen and (Penitentiary affairs director) Marianne Vollan stop treating me worse than an animal.”

“If I die, all the far right radicals and extremists in the European world will know exactly which individuals tortured me to death (…) This could have consequences for some individuals on the short term but also when Norway will have a new fascist regime in 13 to 40 years.”

It’s hard to predict if there will be extensive trials after the inevitable regime change.

If Breivik goes on a hunger strike he will be force-fed eventually as I doubt they’ll let him die. Watching someone starve will be psychologically difficult on the guards. Hard to predict what the additional cost is for the Norwegian government if he goes on strike, if he needs to be hospitalized it can get costly. It’s also difficult to punish a prisoner for not eating, making it one of the few ways Breivik can protest without breaking the prison rules.

The psychological torture of Commander Breivik

After Gates of Vienna published the first 5 pages of Breivik’s letter, has published quotes from the remaining part. I’ve added these to the bottom of the 5 pages I published on the Breivik Archive earlier.

In summary Breivik asks for the solitary confinement where he only gets about 5 minutes of human contact a day to end.