Breivik threatens with hungerstrike within 8 weeks

The Associated Press reported they received a copy of Breivik’s complaint letter and when they contacted Tord Jordet (Breivik’s lawyer) they were told that Breivik will start his hunger strike in 8 weeks  unless the prison authorities agree to end his solitary confinement, or otherwise improve his prison conditions.

It’s mentioned Breivik is allowed a 20 minute phone call a week, though in a previous letter Breivik wrote that in early 2013 the prison authorities no longer allowed him to call a German woman he’d been in contact with.

We’ve translated the first page of this four page letter thanks to a picture of the letter posted by the AFP. The English text, originally in Norwegian, is available here:

From the first page we learn that the prison authorities have refused to address Breivik’s complaint regarding their violation of Norwegian and European prison guidelines. No real surprise there given our benevolent rulers have refused to subject themselves to any kind of rationality or decency, as evidenced by the genocidal immigration policies of the past 5 decades.

Only fragments of another page was visible in the picture, from which we grabbed the following quote which was both interesting and entertaining:

“It is completely incomprehensible that influential people such as you (..) wish this. You are neither Berbers, Kurds or Arabs”


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