Breivik writes letters to several researchers

News broke today that a 42 page transcript was stolen which contained one of the interrogations of Commander Breivik. There were several leaks to the press so this seems to be one of the many cases of police corruption in Norway.

In late 2013 Breivik wrote a letter to Lars Gule. It’s a short handwritten letter where he asks Gule to drop by and discuss politics. He wrote other political experts with the same request. Quite possibly he views this as a way to circumvent the strict isolation regime. A translation is available on the Breivik Archive.

Lars Gule and Øystein Sørensen have accepted the invitation and are planning to interview Breivik in May.

One thought on “Breivik writes letters to several researchers

  1. Skog Redd 2014/05/27 at 16:23 Reply

    Gule? Is that not the former Norwegian terrorist that luckily failed at killing anyone if Wikipedia had it right (noticed page got changed recently)? And who now tries to control what they in Norway call public debate? Maybe he is proud receiving so much attention and hopes for yet more power/influence as the ultimate expert on more or less anything political correctness and all the causes of and means for prevention of terror. If I understood his arguments correctly, anyone who has a different opinion than he himself is a so-called hater and a radical (was that now right wing radical while left wing radical would we fine – I tend to confuse this as I am neither) and should be harrased, at least verbally?

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