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Chapter Summaries of 2083

We’ve spent the past three months on creating a 50 page summary of 2083. Each chapter has been carefully summarized and we’ve tried to retain the most useful information.

Commander Breivik wrote in one of his letters that 2083 was entirely too long for the average person to read and that he wanted to create an abbreviated version. One problem is that 2083 has been declared a forbidden book for prisoners in Norway, meaning that Breivik is unlikely to be allowed to keep a copy in his cell.

Another problem was that it quickly became clear that Breivik wouldn’t be allowed to publish an abbreviated version of Book 3, even though it’s clearly explained in a disclaimer inside the book that the content is entirely fictitious. ;)

For now the summary is available as an online website at the following link:

Each summarized chapter title is a link that links to the full version of the chapter. Your connection should be encrypted when using this webpage, meaning all your government can see is that you connect to Google Sites. Possession of 2083 might be a criminal offense in some European nations, as of yet it’s unclear if merely viewing a webpage is illegal, but you can set your browser into the Incognito setting before viewing so there’s no trace in your browsing history.

The summaries are currently being translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch.

If anyone is interested in translating this document to other languages please shoot me an email at If you do so I’ll email you a pre-processed document that will contain a machine-translation, this means that all you have to do is go through the document and fix mistakes made by the translation software. It doesn’t need to be a perfect translation, just get it to where it’s readable and understandable.


The latest news is that Breivik is doing well considering the circumstances, is receiving letters written to him, and that the unconstitutional censorship guidelines imposed upon the Ila prison authorities by the Norwegian Labor Party are not being fully enforced in Skien.

However, it appears the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) is contacting the governments of people who receive a letter from Breivik. As a result at least a dozen people from five different countries have been visited by the police and questioned.

Their strategy appears to be to demand insight into letters that have been sent and received. Possibly they do so with the intend of prosecuting people if a sent letter violates a speech law. In most nations there is very little the police is actually allowed to do without a court order, this being the case you should simply insist they respect your privacy and to either get lost or charge you with a crime.

To avoid trouble I suggest to store letters you’ve sent in a password protected environment, it’s also important to research your rights and mentally prepare for a visit from the police.

If you do get a panic attack when you’re being visited by the police there are a few things you can do.

Some substances might calm your nerves: Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamon C, Niacin, Valerian root, hemp oil, and a high dose of vitamin D. Avoid caffeine and anti-depressants, consider using a low dose nicotine patch (can cut up a 21 mg patch in 9 pieces) as an alternative to caffeine. Lemon balm and Iberogast might work for a knotted stomach. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart beating in your chest might help. A single glass of alcohol at night will calm your nerves, but make sure to take B1 vitamins if you do so. Dark chocolate may help some as well.

Faith can be a powerful ally: The New Testament makes it clear that God has willed for good to triumph over evil, and Jesus clearly states that only the righteous who openly defy evil will go to heaven. Breivik explains in 2083 that there are no atheists in fox-holes, and that you either adopt a crusader mentality and refuse to surrender, or that you grovel in the dirt before your Cultural Marxist rulers.

This is important for everyone to consider, time is running out, you can’t run or hide forever. The Cultural Marxists have no greater fear than that people will openly reject Political Correctness, because this would mean that the only way to get people to comply is to have the anti-fascists start executing people, as recently happened to two members of the Golden Dawn in Greece.

Back in the saddle

Sorry about the erratic post 2 weeks ago. All is well and we got some cool Breivik stuff coming up soon.

I will be working on a clear and structured article that should be useful to Nordic Seperatists.

New letter from Commander Breivik to his supporters

The letter can be read here:

Anders Behring Breivik Letter 13-07-20 to Supporters

It appears Breivik’s lawyers have aligned themselves fully with the system by having ceased all communication with his brothers. This being the case I’m in need of a Norwegian lawyer who is willing to represent Breivik’s interests.

I’m looking for someone with a high level of integrity, who is honest, isn’t easily intimidated, believes in freedom of speech, and understands that communicating with Breivik’s supporters is part of the job description of representing Breivik in a professional manner.

Breivik is a convicted terrorist, but foremost he is a political activist with a political message. As his lawyer you will be representing a political activist who resides in prison, his past actions are irrelevant and only repeated, ad nausea, by his political adversaries.

Breivik’s political opponents control the media and have given free reign to a para-military unit known as the anti-fascists. As his lawyer you will receive death-threats from anti-fascists, and you will soon come to realize that the system will do nothing to put a stop to these radicals. So you must mentally prepare for this.

As Breivik’s lawyer your main task is to help him spread his political and ideological message, everything else is of second nature. The primary political and ideological goal is to create a Nordic separatist state within Scandinavia where the Nordic lineage can live in freedom, peace, and prosperity among their own kind. You must subsequently support the right to self-determination, that Nordics have the right to live among their own kind, and have the right to govern themselves.

You will also accept that if the Nordic people are not allowed to segregate themselves peacefully that they will segregate themselves forcefully. The logic behind this argument is that if you frequently punch a Nordic in the face it is a matter of time until one of them punches you back. These are not acts of unprovoked violence but acts of desperation because Nordics are fearful of their future and are tired of having to live a subdued and oppressed life.

Anyone who meets these criteria can email me at

I’ve got two other blogs

For those interested, I have two other blogs.

One is the Knights Templar Europe Report, where I blog about European militant nationalism.

The other one is the European Indigenous Rights Report, where I blog about issues relating to European indigenous rights.

I generally reblog all three blogs on my VK group: The European Underground. As well as my Google+ page: Angus Thermopylae.

The Breivik Timeline

The past couple of months I’ve been working on a timeline about Commander Breivik and his various exploits. It’s a useful tool to organize the available data chronologically and contains a generic timeline as well as more specific timelines, like the 2011 attacks, psychiatric evaluation, and trial.

The Breivik Timeline is not entirely finished yet and still needs a little bit more work.

If you have an interesting picture or fact that would fit in nicely feel free to email me at Keep in mind that exceptional claims will need exceptional proof, so if you give me a particular date and time for a particular event I would appreciate a link or copy of the source you got the information from.

In a few cases I had to make some educated guesses, like the precise year certain pictures of Breivik were taken, feel free to let me know if you have more precise or additional information.

I also have limited storage space, so I’m not overly interested in pictures that can’t be linked to a notable event or are slight variations of pictures that are already in use. Ideally pictures should be between 100 and 250 KB.

Blogspot vs WordPress vs Google Plus vs VK

Yesterday I downloaded my Blogspot blog and imported it into WordPress, I’ll probably go through all the posts sometime and fix a few things that didn’t properly import.

The main reason for moving to WordPress is because it supports https. Blogspot used to support https but for unknown reasons disabled it. My main worry is that European governments are analyzing unencrypted traffic and creating black lists of people who frequent European Indigenous Rights blogs.

Unlike blogspot WordPress doesn’t have speech codes, but the moderators are very opposed to violence, with the exception of anti-fascists using WordPress to publish pictures and details of Nationalists, some of which have been attacked as a result.

So there’s a chance this blog will be deleted, or is marked as inappropriate and given a tag that prevents it from being indexed by Google.

To counter this I’ll also be creating duplicates of my blog posts on Google+ which has very solid https support. So if you want to stay up to date it’s an option to follow me on Google+.

Angus Thermopylae @ Google+

Facebook and Youtube have been particularly problematic when it comes to the censorship of ultra-nationalists, and people will find themselves walking a thin line to avoid getting banned. Certainly you can reach more people using these sites, but you ultimately end up censoring your message, and sooner or later you still get banned.

I’ve researched the available alternatives and I’ve drawn the conclusion that the best strategy for European Indigenous Rights activists is to migrate to VK, which is a Russian clone of Facebook. As only 5% of the Russian population speaks English it should be fairly easy to fly under the radar, and Nationalism is far more acceptable in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe.

This being the case I suggest an exodus of Nationalists from Facebook to VK, this is not going to be easy as West Europeans are extremely docile and put up with humiliating speech codes that dictate that they quietly accept the genocide that is being prepared for them. So while this might be a futile effort I feel like it’s my duty to give it a try regardless.

VK supports https though you have to explicitly visit the site using Because it’s a Russian site this means the online community falls outside the Western sphere of influence, including political correctness.

You should edit your VK settings after creating an account and set it to always use encryption. A successful exodus will likely be seen as a clear rejection of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness, though it will be difficult for many people to give up their subdued existence as second class citizens on Facebook.

I’ve created a VK account, Angus Thermopylae, and people are free to befriend me. I’ve also created a community called The European Underground. I’m not an overly social person, but hopefully some people will join up who are and add some life to the party.

Dutch translation of 2083 – Book One

The Dutch translation team has finished the translation of Book One.

Het Breivik Archief – 2083

It’s available as an HTML file, so simply download the file and double click it to open it in your browser. This also allows bookmarking the file in your browser for easy access.

The English HTML file for 2083 has been updated as well and is now a single file with embedded images.

Knights Templar Europe – 2083