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The European Underground Workgroup

Dear fellow revolutionaries,

We are all part of this cause for the liberation of our countries from the yoke of Cultural Marxism. I have conferred with my peers about a planning for the next few months so that we can keep the cause going even better than before. We have thus created a work group so that people can band together and get busy on the cause.

In this work group you will find a document containing a list and descriptions of future projects. We are currently looking for people that would like to help with these fun and rewarding events. Activities take anywhere from as little as one hour of your time to however many hours you can spare. We have left the programme descriptions vague because we want participants to be able to give input. The month indications are also a bit flexible; if we put something under January it means that we can start the project for real by then, but there is no deadline to finishing it. Don’t forget though; we need YOU to make this cause great!

Every little bit helps because it is a big middle finger to the system and a clenched fist salute to Breivik, so come and sign up!

This month we would like to start four programmes that we will need several researchers or writers for. We also need some ideas on human capital and social people who can convince others. The programmes range in size, and you can already contribute with one hour of work. All work will be appreciated. :)

Topics this month:

– Getting people to contribute
– VK recruiters
– Crusader Christianity
– Blood and Honour

Interested in joining? Head on over to our work group and leave us a message!

Chapter Summaries of 2083

We’ve spent the past three months on creating a 50 page summary of 2083. Each chapter has been carefully summarized and we’ve tried to retain the most useful information.

Commander Breivik wrote in one of his letters that 2083 was entirely too long for the average person to read and that he wanted to create an abbreviated version. One problem is that 2083 has been declared a forbidden book for prisoners in Norway, meaning that Breivik is unlikely to be allowed to keep a copy in his cell.

Another problem was that it quickly became clear that Breivik wouldn’t be allowed to publish an abbreviated version of Book 3, even though it’s clearly explained in a disclaimer inside the book that the content is entirely fictitious. ;)

For now the summary is available as an online website at the following link:

Each summarized chapter title is a link that links to the full version of the chapter. Your connection should be encrypted when using this webpage, meaning all your government can see is that you connect to Google Sites. Possession of 2083 might be a criminal offense in some European nations, as of yet it’s unclear if merely viewing a webpage is illegal, but you can set your browser into the Incognito setting before viewing so there’s no trace in your browsing history.

The summaries are currently being translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Dutch.

If anyone is interested in translating this document to other languages please shoot me an email at If you do so I’ll email you a pre-processed document that will contain a machine-translation, this means that all you have to do is go through the document and fix mistakes made by the translation software. It doesn’t need to be a perfect translation, just get it to where it’s readable and understandable.


The latest news is that Breivik is doing well considering the circumstances, is receiving letters written to him, and that the unconstitutional censorship guidelines imposed upon the Ila prison authorities by the Norwegian Labor Party are not being fully enforced in Skien.

However, it appears the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) is contacting the governments of people who receive a letter from Breivik. As a result at least a dozen people from five different countries have been visited by the police and questioned.

Their strategy appears to be to demand insight into letters that have been sent and received. Possibly they do so with the intend of prosecuting people if a sent letter violates a speech law. In most nations there is very little the police is actually allowed to do without a court order, this being the case you should simply insist they respect your privacy and to either get lost or charge you with a crime.

To avoid trouble I suggest to store letters you’ve sent in a password protected environment, it’s also important to research your rights and mentally prepare for a visit from the police.

If you do get a panic attack when you’re being visited by the police there are a few things you can do.

Some substances might calm your nerves: Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin, Vitamon C, Niacin, Valerian root, hemp oil, and a high dose of vitamin D. Avoid caffeine and anti-depressants, consider using a low dose nicotine patch (can cut up a 21 mg patch in 9 pieces) as an alternative to caffeine. Lemon balm and Iberogast might work for a knotted stomach. A high-intensity workout that gets your heart beating in your chest might help. A single glass of alcohol at night will calm your nerves, but make sure to take B1 vitamins if you do so. Dark chocolate may help some as well.

Faith can be a powerful ally: The New Testament makes it clear that God has willed for good to triumph over evil, and Jesus clearly states that only the righteous who openly defy evil will go to heaven. Breivik explains in 2083 that there are no atheists in fox-holes, and that you either adopt a crusader mentality and refuse to surrender, or that you grovel in the dirt before your Cultural Marxist rulers.

This is important for everyone to consider, time is running out, you can’t run or hide forever. The Cultural Marxists have no greater fear than that people will openly reject Political Correctness, because this would mean that the only way to get people to comply is to have the anti-fascists start executing people, as recently happened to two members of the Golden Dawn in Greece.


“Inshallah” (if God wills it) is an important expression to take note of when trying to understand the Islamic mindset. It’s typical of the far-right to classify Muslims as a bunch of goat-fucking barbarians, a viewpoint similar to how the Roman Empire viewed the Germanic tribes before these ran the Romans over. One should be weary of sophisticated people who relish in the stink of decadence that covers the moral decay that lies underneath the surface.

Europeans today appear much like deer stuck in the headlights of the oncoming train, and calling this train a goat-fucking barbarian isn’t going to slow it down or soften the impact. Muslims are pragmatic above anything else. It’s unclear to what extent the Islamic faith is responsible for this, but it’s safe to assume Islam encourages pragmatism. Europeans tend to get lost in thought, incapable of mapping out a course, incapable of action unless forced into motion by those of noble character. The difference between a good man and a noble man is that the good man will stand by and do nothing.

Today, 12 years ago, Al Qaeda crashed two airplanes into the World Trade Center, an act which few intellectuals have managed to explain in a satisfactory manner.

One of the tenets of Islam is that there must be an Islamic Empire; this means there is a chain of command, which starts with the father of the family, who answers to the imam of the mosque he visits, who in turn answers to a higher authority.

Another important tenet is the commandment to spread Islam, by force if necessary, as the infidel is a mote in God’s eye. This concept is known as Jihad, the struggle (kampf), and holy war.

Muslims are very much aware of the demographic warfare they are engaged in, and like no other foreign entity they manage to use Western laws and attitudes to their advantage. In this regard 9/11 was not a smart move as it alerted many Europeans to the danger that is Islam, but on the other hand Islamic scholars fear that Muslims will fall victim to the Cultural Marxist ideology. It appears 9/11 radicalized more Muslims than Europeans, so I would conclude that it was both a strategic and military victory.

Al Qaeda has several objectives. Notably to take control over nations of notable military power: the USA, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China. They will encourage immigration to these nations. Economic power houses are important as well: Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Brazil.

A gradual take over is important, so they will focus on a gradual Islamization of Europe. It’s not beyond Al Qaeda to start a civil war to force refugees into Italy to jump-start Italy’s cultural enrichment.  It’s no surprise that when Egypt stabilized, doing so surprisingly quickly, it only took a couple of months for the nation to once against destabilize. Al Qaeda appears to be rocking the boat in Egypt and Syria. They do not seek political power because the US would assassinate any radicals they put in power or in the spot light, so they rock the boat and refugees spill everywhere, some landing right where they want them to.

Muslims will be encouraged to speak of peace in the host language, and speak of war in Arabic. It’s of course important for the Islamic Empire if all Muslims share Arabic as their 2nd language.

Mosques will host educational centers to help Muslims with legal immigration and family reunification. Muslims will be encouraged to marry someone from the home country. Muslim males will be told that Westernized Muslim wives are nothing but trouble, while Muslim females will be told that Westernized Muslim males are nothing but trouble. In over 75% of marriages Muslims will import a bride or groom, meaning that if a Muslim couple has 4 children, 1 husbands and 2 wives will be imported, giving them the equivalent of 7 children.

Multiculturalism was practiced by the Islamic Empire in Spain, where Arabs ruled over Sephardi Jews, Sephardi Jews ruled over Christians, and Christians ruled over Pagans. The uncircumcised had the lowest status, resulting in some groups adopting the practice of circumcision to avoid being converted or enslaved. Islam incorporates multiculturalism as an effective means of divide and conquer. When the Islamic reign ended in Spain, the Sephardim were prosecuted for aiding the Moors during their reign. The glorification of Islam is obviously important for Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marism also hides the fact that thousands of Ashkenazi Jews were not executed by the Nazis, but by East Europeans, because the Ashkenazim collaborated with the Russians during Communist rule.

Getting invaded by the US is a wonderful opportunity for immigration. The trick is to create conflict, have the US move in, cease fire, have the US move out, and create a hostile enough environment for ‘traitors’ to seek refuge in the US.

When you vote you are exercising force, the authority from which all other authorities are derived. Muslims understand this like no other and their turn out when election time nears is around 75%, and higher when it matters. In contrast, the African turnout in Europe is around 25%.

Islam enables and encourages its followers to maintain high birthrates, speak with two tongues if needed, maintain a chain of command, utilize demographic warfare and multiculturalism, to be pragmatic, and to take both small and big steps towards a larger goal.

If Muslims play their hand right and avoid premature civil war they will achieve a demographic victory by 2083, if God wills it. But already they rule over a divided and morally bankrupt society where the weak band together to take the riches of the strong. Where the blind lead the blind, still panic-struck from a war we’ve long since recovered from, toward the abyss.

Vote anti-anti-Fascist, vote Fascist

In eight days (Monday September 9, 2013) Norwegians will be allowed to vote, and this year they have the wonderful choice between Multiculturalism and Multiculturalism.

TV stations will inform the audience that it is very important to vote, because every vote counts, whether it’s for Multiculturalism, or for Multiculturalism. Not only are you to vote for Multiculturalism, you must love to vote for Multiculturalism. Why?

A very real fear is that people will realize that voting is pointless, and that subsequently the majority refuses to vote. If this were to happen this would be bad, because Multiculturalism is a dream we must all believe in in order for it to work. Why?

As children we are told to be careful what we wish for because reality is harsh and uncompromising. We all know the stories about people who are granted three wishes, and with each reality distorting wish their lives become increasingly miserable. Long ago, before most of us were born, the survivors of an immensely bloody and frightening war decided that they would collectively make three wishes. They wished that from that day onward everyone was to be equal, that everyone was to be happy, and that there never was to be another war again. They forgot to wish for the road to hell not to be paved with good intentions.

This election it’s time to present a dissenting opinion. An opinion critical of multiculturalism, democracy, and idealism. Hence all anti-Marxist Norwegians are encouraged to write in Anders Behring Breivik and the Norwegian Fascist Party.

Parties need to be registered in Norway, so if there is no option to write in a party you could pick the Pirate Party of Norway which supports freedom of speech, or the Democrats in Norway party which opposes immigration.

There should be the option to write in a candidate other than the candidates listed, make sure to write clearly. As with every political campaign most of the fun is to propagandize your party, this being the case we’ve prepared some promotional material.




Print them out, hang them all over town, then print out some more. Your country needs you.

Angus Thermopylae,

Senior Consultant on Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the Norwegian Fascist Party.

The Commander is dead, long live the Commander

It’s been two years since I was checking the news and read about an explosion in Oslo. My first thought was that the Muslims were at it again, noting that it was unusual for Muslims to attack a government quarter, but it wouldn’t be the first time they bit the hand that feeds them. Soon after the news came in that a white man was killing people at a political training camp of the youth movement of the Norwegian Labor Party. I wondered if a fellow radical had finally decided to pick up arms?

This was the case, and not just your run of the mill White Nationalist, but an intellectual with a plan, and a quiet determination to never bow down to the totalitarian ideology that seeks to destroy the heritage left to us by our ancestors. Not only will history prove Breivik right, people will look back on this day and age and wonder how a civilization could so willingly and ignorantly destroy itself.

Insanity is the rule however, rather than the exception. The Aztecs claimed to have sacrificed 80,400 people during a four day blood ritual for their imaginary God. This averages out to killing about 800 people an hour. Compared to the Aztecs the Cultural Marxists seem like a bunch of wimps who are afraid to get their hands dirty, though admittedly the anti-Fascists will beat the crap out of Nationalists whenever they get the chance. As insanity prevails the European race awaits the same fate as the Aztecs, as any civilization that destroys itself from within will sooner or later be destroyed from without.

Some may be confused by Breivik’s choice to embrace Christianity, but keep in mind that Christianity was successful because it was less retarded than the religions it replaced, and keep in mind that Cultural Marxism is a failure because it’s more retarded than Christianity. This is not to say that Christianity is ideal, and Breivik himself has indicated he’d like to return to the times of early Germanic Christianity, which in essence is Pagan culture with Christian symbolism.

There’s not much to report on since last year’s anniversary of 7/22, which marked the beginning of phase 1 of the European civil war. On July 26, 2012, the Norwegian government send a gag order to Ila fengsel, resulting in an almost complete ban on Breivik’s outgoing mail as of August 8. Breivik is effectively dead to the world, but the resistance will continue to live as it will become increasingly difficult for the system to make everyone believe that multiculturalism is a faerie tale with a happy ending.

Commander Breivik did manage to send out a few legal letters, some of which were reported on by the mainstream media, and one letter to the press was allowed through.

Breivik should be allowed weekly visitation, as well as a weekly phone call. Keep in mind that if you manage to arrange a visitation or be allowed to make a phone call you will almost certainly be interviewed by the police, and this can be extremely intimidating. A couple of outspoken Breivik supporters have decided to lay low after being harassed by the police (taken in for questioning) or harassed by anti-fascists (physical attacks).

One problem is that most people don’t know how tough they are until they’re taken in for questioning and are placed on a black list, or a group of anti-fascists spits them in the face and threaten their employer in the hopes of getting them fired. So it’s best to stay anonymous online as there’s almost nothing to be gained by revealing your identity, and everything to lose as most people stop their online activities completely once they’re outed.

On my end of the equation I’ve managed to establish contact with several intelligent and hard working Breivik supporters. I’ve drafted a rough plan of action, and we’ll be trying to get something accomplished on a large variety of fronts. Most of our activities will take place on VK, and anyone wanting to get involved should read my instructions for staying anonymous on VK and sign up.

These are all legal and non-violent forms of activism, though some are quite radical, for example, I do not exclude the option of a large scale hunger strike in 2016 or 2017. It’s one thing to be willing to kill a large number of people for a conviction, it’s another thing for a large number of people to kill themselves for a shared conviction.

The most reasonable demand would be for a referendum to be held in several European countries regarding the wishes of the European peoples when it comes to mass immigration. It’s a simple request, and if governments were to refuse and people start dying it would leave many radicals feeling rather grim. If the demand is met and a referendum is held and people vote in favor of mass immigration, this will convince radicals that a democratic solution is no longer possible. If people vote in favor of stopping mass immigration this will convince radicals that they serve the will of the people when it becomes clear that mass immigration (in Western Europe) cannot be stopped by democratic means.

We’ll need at least 24 people of good moral character to break through the media barrier and generate enough pressure for our demands to be met. Consider this an open invitation.

Battlefield Wikipedia

I was planning to write about Wikipedia at one point, but I moved doing so up the queue as recently journalists discovered one of Commander Breivik’s Wikipedia accounts and did a little bit of investigative reporting, if you can call it that.

The account in question is named Conservative and the 4 edits made by the account can be viewed on Wikipedia’s contribution log of Conservative. What is interesting in this case is that Breivik is accused of fabricating facts when he added notes to a text about Sigurd the Crusader.

In one part Breivik clearly emphasizes situations where crusaders freed people from Islamic oppression in Spain. This information was obfuscated in the original research article that Breivik’s adaptation was based on.

In another part Breivik is accused of changing a battle of Sigurd the Crusader against Vikings to a battle against Muslims. If you closely examine the text it becomes clear that Breivik added a note that Viking pirates off of the coast of Spain were most likely Muslim pirates, but he does clarify that the source he uses called it a Viking force. Sigurd’s crusade was documented by an Icelandic poet named Haldor Skvaldre, and the degree of historical accuracy is questionable, and it’s more than reasonable to wonder whether a Viking king on a crusade would attack Viking pirates.

The other accusation is more obscure, as Haldor Skvaldre describes a sea battle at the straight of Gibraltar without mentioning who the opponents were. One researcher claims this was a Viking force, but doesn’t provide any sources for this claim other than the description of Haldor Skvaldre, which doesn’t make a mention of Vikings. Breivik, who is clearly doing his own research based on original sources, draws the conclusion that the opponents were Muslims. I would have to side with Breivik here, and it’s clear that anyone wanting to make the exceptional claim that this was a Viking force would have to provide exceptional proof.

Of course this shows a weakness in society in general, most journalists are incapable of questioning the status quo because (like most people) they have a strong desire to conform, so the only conclusion (if Breivik says something out of the ordinary) is that Breivik is manipulating, delusional, or lying. There is scarce room for objectivity, not to mention there is nothing to gain and everything to lose by reporting objectively on Breivik.

What is interesting as well is Breivik’s edit of the entry of Kungälv, a Scandinavian city, and the flurry of activity that followed. At first someone deleted all of the information added by Breivik, which someone put a stop to. Then one paragraph and a source was removed with the claim that the source did not back up the text in the paragraph. The source most likely did back up the text, but like everyone else I don’t care enough to double check, and go back and forth with some idiot trying to get the information to stay until some admin with Cultural Marxist leanings blocks you for disruptive behavior.

What might dawn on some from this example is that Wikipedia is perhaps one of the most saddening examples of political correctness. In order to write anything on Wikipedia you need a source from a respectable publication, and in order for a publication to be respectable it needs to be political correct. Even if you find one source that’s politically incorrect there will be ten sources to counter it, and Cultural Marxists will be quick to engage into a game of tug of war once they notice that you are trying to rewrite political correct history or reality.

If you create a new account and edit the most controversial and sacred articles first you’ll most likely get banned right off the bat for being a ‘single purpose’ account. This may seem retarded, especially if you correctly source your contributions, but that’s how Wikipedia works. This means that in order to edit controversial articles you first need to spend a considerable amount of time editing a variety of uncontroversial articles.

Even if you manage to create a good enough reputation to avoid getting banned (without a trial) you’ll find out quickly that Wikipedia is in essence a utilitarian democracy, meaning that the group with the most fanatic idiots wins. In recent years this means that Muslims have gained a lot of influence on Wikipedia, with some help from their Marxist friends.

Wikipedia remains useful for uncontroversial articles. An alternative for Islamic articles is WikiIslam which was created by Wikipedia editors who were tired of seeing their contributions erased by Muslims and their appeasers. The quality of WikiIslam is mediocre however, as is often the case with Wikipedia offshoots.

Metapedia is a White Nationalist clone of Wikipedia, but if you look at the article about Anders Behring Breivik it quickly becomes clear that the same type of people are in charge who’ve made any kind of meaningful nationalist resistance impossible for the past decades. It’s difficult to classify this group, but their mental state is highly emotional (just like with Cultural Marxists), and one important benefit of 7/22 is that a line has been drawn in the sand that separates the wheat from the chaff.

One project of interest could be to list all Wikipedia articles that show an inherit bias, and include the omitted information. This has the added benefit that you can get a clear overview and concentration of knowledge that is deemed forbidden by the Cultural Marxist ideology. Creating our own version of Wikipedia is impractical for a variety of reasons, the most important one being that Wikipedia is the best environment to learn to create objective, factional, neutral, and well sourced/documented articles.

The Breivik Timeline

The past couple of months I’ve been working on a timeline about Commander Breivik and his various exploits. It’s a useful tool to organize the available data chronologically and contains a generic timeline as well as more specific timelines, like the 2011 attacks, psychiatric evaluation, and trial.

The Breivik Timeline is not entirely finished yet and still needs a little bit more work.

If you have an interesting picture or fact that would fit in nicely feel free to email me at Keep in mind that exceptional claims will need exceptional proof, so if you give me a particular date and time for a particular event I would appreciate a link or copy of the source you got the information from.

In a few cases I had to make some educated guesses, like the precise year certain pictures of Breivik were taken, feel free to let me know if you have more precise or additional information.

I also have limited storage space, so I’m not overly interested in pictures that can’t be linked to a notable event or are slight variations of pictures that are already in use. Ideally pictures should be between 100 and 250 KB.