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Vote anti-anti-Fascist, vote Fascist

In eight days (Monday September 9, 2013) Norwegians will be allowed to vote, and this year they have the wonderful choice between Multiculturalism and Multiculturalism.

TV stations will inform the audience that it is very important to vote, because every vote counts, whether it’s for Multiculturalism, or for Multiculturalism. Not only are you to vote for Multiculturalism, you must love to vote for Multiculturalism. Why?

A very real fear is that people will realize that voting is pointless, and that subsequently the majority refuses to vote. If this were to happen this would be bad, because Multiculturalism is a dream we must all believe in in order for it to work. Why?

As children we are told to be careful what we wish for because reality is harsh and uncompromising. We all know the stories about people who are granted three wishes, and with each reality distorting wish their lives become increasingly miserable. Long ago, before most of us were born, the survivors of an immensely bloody and frightening war decided that they would collectively make three wishes. They wished that from that day onward everyone was to be equal, that everyone was to be happy, and that there never was to be another war again. They forgot to wish for the road to hell not to be paved with good intentions.

This election it’s time to present a dissenting opinion. An opinion critical of multiculturalism, democracy, and idealism. Hence all anti-Marxist Norwegians are encouraged to write in Anders Behring Breivik and the Norwegian Fascist Party.

Parties need to be registered in Norway, so if there is no option to write in a party you could pick the Pirate Party of Norway which supports freedom of speech, or the Democrats in Norway party which opposes immigration.

There should be the option to write in a candidate other than the candidates listed, make sure to write clearly. As with every political campaign most of the fun is to propagandize your party, this being the case we’ve prepared some promotional material.




Print them out, hang them all over town, then print out some more. Your country needs you.

Angus Thermopylae,

Senior Consultant on Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the Norwegian Fascist Party.