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International Centre for Counter-Terrorism on Commander Breivik

The ICCT (International Centre for Counter-Terrorism) recently published a research paper titled: The Anders Behring Breivik Trial: Performing Justice, Defending Democracy. Read it here:

In their introduction they state the trial upheld the democratic values of Norwegian society – in stark contrast to Breivik’s values. The tone is set with this statement, it should be self-evident that nowadays all it takes for a nation to be democratic is for it to proclaim that, it is in fact, democratic. Iran uses this strategy with great success.

In the first paragraph these 4 researchers get their facts wrong by claiming Breivik’s defense pursued an insanity plea. Breivik never instructed his lawyers to pursue an insanity plea.

The paper further indicates that the researchers argue from the position that Cultural Marxism is right and Breivik is wrong. From this point of view any form of terrorism is by definition immoral, and subsequently the function of a televised trial is to prevent further terrorism, and a means to soothe the masses. There is no mention of the widespread claim that political correctness sky-rocketed in Norway after 7/22.

It’s interesting to note that the concept of democracy has become increasingly totalitarian. Possibly because in its current form democracies are the ultimate political equivalent of communism. Each individual has one vote regardless of their individual worth, like under communism (in political theory) each individual earns the same wage regardless of their individual worth. Under communism the strong must be subdued by the weak, which is only possible by grouping and mobilizing the weak as a numerical majority. Intellectuals who pursue power and support the doctrine are welcomed with open arms, intellectuals who oppose the doctrine are vilified.

This applies to these researchers as well, if they would classify Breivik’s actions as morally right their careers would be finished. Subsequently they held many polls, yet failed to ask the most important question a terrorism researcher should ask: Do you support Breivik?

Where the current system differs from Stalinism is that we experience totalitarianism with a velvet glove, meaning that minimal totalitarian force is applied, which creates the illusion that freedom prevails. In reality you will be locked up and silenced if you successfully express unpopular thought, though most people use self-censorship to prevent this from happening. There’s no need to kill people if a fine or a visit from the anti-fa is enough to shut them up. What sets Breivik apart is that he did so much damage that the threat of prolonged incarceration no longer affects him.

In such a system it’s important that sentences are never final, so there is always the glimmer of hope. This typically forces a political prisoner to reject their ideology and embrace Cultural Marxism, and beg to be released. As was to be expected Breivik refused to engage in self-censorship and continued to propagandize himself as a hero in his letters, so his freedom of speech was taken away from him. This leaves prolonged isolation and other forms of torture as the only means for the system to force Breivik into compliance.

The researchers claim that the trial creates a unique opportunity to bring several parties together: terrorists, state representatives, the judiciary, the audience, surviving victims, terrorist sympathizers, etc. However, they fail to mention that sympathizers were barred from the courts, nor do they mention that Breivik and many of his witnesses were not televised whenever they took the stand. All that the people watching from their TVs saw was Breivik making his “far-right” salute, sobbing witnesses, psychiatrists explaining how Breivik is sick in the head, and ‘experts’ who make a living by stringing politically correct half-truths together.

An important keyword that is used is that the population at large must ‘cope’. People have to ‘cope’ with terrorism, ‘cope’ with multiculturalism, and people have to continue to participate in the meaningless materialistic consumption society that has been created for them. The highest achievable goal has become to keep the Multicultural Experiment running, that things must remain orderly, pleasant, and polite as we march on towards our collective suicide. Orders are Orders. This is a strong sentiment during the trial, expressed in the statement that ‘Breivik cannot be allowed to change our values’. Values believed to be eternal and absolute, but which in reality were introduced between 1945 and 1968.

The researchers summarize the prosecution strategy as discrediting 2083, discrediting Breivik’s person, and glorifying the victims.

The researchers held another survey and of those questioned 24% believed Breivik to be insane, 16% agreed with the prosecutor’s strategy, and 13% believed Breivik to be unaccountable.

The researchers once again claim that Breivik instructed his lawyers to work towards an insanity plea, but they do not back this up with any sources. It’s unclear why they want to perpetuate this lie, and go as far as inserting a source that is completely unrelated to their claims.

The researchers mention that Breivik wanted to use the trial as a platform to propagandize his ideology. They recognize that Breivik seeks to delegitimize the system. They also fully quote Breivik’s final words in court.

The researchers mention the 40,000 people who sang the rainbow song, but fail to mention how entire classrooms were emptied out for this ‘demonstration’. This was of course not a demonstration, but a display of political correctness and political power that proves Breivik’s point that we do not live in a democracy, but in a totalitarian world where your rights end where the emotions of a Cultural Marxist begin.

The researchers mention the ‘Russian Breivik’ who was completely unrelated to Breivik, but do mention the Polish and Czech militant nationalists who were arrested. They are also incorrect in their low estimate of the influence of Breivik in White Nationalist circles, in their defense it’s difficult to take notice of the self-censorship that takes place unless you’re right in the middle of it and observe when messages in support of Breivik get erased, and supporters get banned. Not that Stormfront matters: Breivik is the future; the line in the sand has been drawn that separates the adults from the children.

The researchers polled people as to their satisfaction with the trial, and the obvious conclusion is that Breivik won. This because the goals of the Cultural Marxists for the trial (revenge, prevention, symbolism, truth, stability, democracy, and closure) were not satisfactorily met, while Breivik’s goal (presenting both perspectives) was.

The researchers tried to determine the trauma caused by 7/22, and noted that particularly women, immigrants, and the elderly are frightened.

The researchers conclude that overall the trial was a slight victory for Cultural Marxism, but they don’t seem very convinced of their own right, as if they’re aware they’re trying to put a positive spin on it to secure future funding for research projects. They disregard their scientific objectivity when they assert the official Cultural Marxist answer to 7/22: Democracy won and Breivik lost.

We’ll see about that.

The Commander is dead, long live the Commander

It’s been two years since I was checking the news and read about an explosion in Oslo. My first thought was that the Muslims were at it again, noting that it was unusual for Muslims to attack a government quarter, but it wouldn’t be the first time they bit the hand that feeds them. Soon after the news came in that a white man was killing people at a political training camp of the youth movement of the Norwegian Labor Party. I wondered if a fellow radical had finally decided to pick up arms?

This was the case, and not just your run of the mill White Nationalist, but an intellectual with a plan, and a quiet determination to never bow down to the totalitarian ideology that seeks to destroy the heritage left to us by our ancestors. Not only will history prove Breivik right, people will look back on this day and age and wonder how a civilization could so willingly and ignorantly destroy itself.

Insanity is the rule however, rather than the exception. The Aztecs claimed to have sacrificed 80,400 people during a four day blood ritual for their imaginary God. This averages out to killing about 800 people an hour. Compared to the Aztecs the Cultural Marxists seem like a bunch of wimps who are afraid to get their hands dirty, though admittedly the anti-Fascists will beat the crap out of Nationalists whenever they get the chance. As insanity prevails the European race awaits the same fate as the Aztecs, as any civilization that destroys itself from within will sooner or later be destroyed from without.

Some may be confused by Breivik’s choice to embrace Christianity, but keep in mind that Christianity was successful because it was less retarded than the religions it replaced, and keep in mind that Cultural Marxism is a failure because it’s more retarded than Christianity. This is not to say that Christianity is ideal, and Breivik himself has indicated he’d like to return to the times of early Germanic Christianity, which in essence is Pagan culture with Christian symbolism.

There’s not much to report on since last year’s anniversary of 7/22, which marked the beginning of phase 1 of the European civil war. On July 26, 2012, the Norwegian government send a gag order to Ila fengsel, resulting in an almost complete ban on Breivik’s outgoing mail as of August 8. Breivik is effectively dead to the world, but the resistance will continue to live as it will become increasingly difficult for the system to make everyone believe that multiculturalism is a faerie tale with a happy ending.

Commander Breivik did manage to send out a few legal letters, some of which were reported on by the mainstream media, and one letter to the press was allowed through.

Breivik should be allowed weekly visitation, as well as a weekly phone call. Keep in mind that if you manage to arrange a visitation or be allowed to make a phone call you will almost certainly be interviewed by the police, and this can be extremely intimidating. A couple of outspoken Breivik supporters have decided to lay low after being harassed by the police (taken in for questioning) or harassed by anti-fascists (physical attacks).

One problem is that most people don’t know how tough they are until they’re taken in for questioning and are placed on a black list, or a group of anti-fascists spits them in the face and threaten their employer in the hopes of getting them fired. So it’s best to stay anonymous online as there’s almost nothing to be gained by revealing your identity, and everything to lose as most people stop their online activities completely once they’re outed.

On my end of the equation I’ve managed to establish contact with several intelligent and hard working Breivik supporters. I’ve drafted a rough plan of action, and we’ll be trying to get something accomplished on a large variety of fronts. Most of our activities will take place on VK, and anyone wanting to get involved should read my instructions for staying anonymous on VK and sign up.

These are all legal and non-violent forms of activism, though some are quite radical, for example, I do not exclude the option of a large scale hunger strike in 2016 or 2017. It’s one thing to be willing to kill a large number of people for a conviction, it’s another thing for a large number of people to kill themselves for a shared conviction.

The most reasonable demand would be for a referendum to be held in several European countries regarding the wishes of the European peoples when it comes to mass immigration. It’s a simple request, and if governments were to refuse and people start dying it would leave many radicals feeling rather grim. If the demand is met and a referendum is held and people vote in favor of mass immigration, this will convince radicals that a democratic solution is no longer possible. If people vote in favor of stopping mass immigration this will convince radicals that they serve the will of the people when it becomes clear that mass immigration (in Western Europe) cannot be stopped by democratic means.

We’ll need at least 24 people of good moral character to break through the media barrier and generate enough pressure for our demands to be met. Consider this an open invitation.

The Far Right on Breivik: Abraham Shmuelevitz

Today I’ll write about Abraham Shmuelevitz, born as Nikita Demin. His father was Russian, his mother a Jew, and he’s a rabbi, political scientist, and an expert on Islam. As an ultra-Zionist he believes that all Jews should return to Israel, which is probably why he moved from Russia to Hebron, Israel.

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The Far Right on Breivik: Alex Linder

One of the most radical American White Nationalist forums on the Internet is the Vanguard News Network, better known as VNN. The VNN forum is ran by Alex Linder, a supporter of Militant Nationalism, National Socialism, Intellectualism, anti-Semitism, among other things.

VNN Forum is much smaller than Stormfront, though it has a dedicated and active following. Where Stormfront is Christian and Conservative, VNN is Atheist and Libertarian. Linder claims there is freedom of speech on VNN, but plenty of people end up banned. The criteria for getting banned are somewhat vague and may be related to a poster’s signal to noise ratio.

While David Duke made a fool out of himself by claiming that Commander Breivik is a Zionist who carried out a false flag operation to punish the naughty Norwegians for supporting Palestine, Alex Linder applauded the 2011 attacks since day one and acknowledges Breivik as an exemplary man.

As is the case on pretty much all American White Nationalist sites, antisemitism is pervasive, and the Jews are the main topic of discussion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While there may be a few supporters of ultra-Zionism (the return of the vast majority of Jews to Israel) the majority supports the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.

In a poll on VNN forum 50% of the members fully support Breivik, 19% isn’t interested, while 31% believes him to be either insane, a false flag operative, an idiot, or something along those lines.

As I discussed previous in Cultural Marxism vs White Marxism, modern day antisemitism appears to be closely related to Cultural Marxism where the ‘the evil White male’ is replaced by ‘the evil Jew’. Rather than viewing Jews as enemies, Jews should be viewed as valuable allies, assuming Jews will eventually come to understand that multiculturalism is destroying the West, and in doing so, will destroy their only allies.

It’s a political reality that nations with similar ideologies are friends, and once Israel fully embraces ultra-nationalism their only friends will be other ultra-nationalist nations.

All this being said Alex Linder is highly intelligent and one of the more interesting figures in the American WN movement. He wrote a long forum post on July 29, 2011, which I’ve archived and linked below.

Anders Behring Breivik: Ultimate Politics

Linder praises Breivik’s sacrifice for his people, he also point out that people are afraid of the Cultural Marxist bully, and that Breivik won a major psychological battle by giving the bully a beating it won’t forget for years to come.

Linder shares the view expressed in 2083 that the democratic process is rigged and engaging in politics is pointless. It’s however important to drive home the point that Breivik is in fact engaging in politics, and I quite liked how Linder labeled this: ‘Ultimate Politics’, a course of actions that completely disregards the rules and limitations that govern politically correct society, and instead has winning as the only criteria.

Ultimate Politics

Linder notes Breivik’s effort to lead by example but doesn’t discuss this in further depth, and takes a crack at the ‘Nationalists’ who claim that the 2011 attacks hurt their cause, stating that they had zero democratic freedoms to begin with, so Breivik couldn’t have possibly taken any away.

Linder also makes the observation that loyalty and sacrifice will inspire loyalty and sacrifice in others, and that there is little time left to take decisive action.

You’ll realize when reading Linder’s writings that he blames everything on the Jews rather than the Cultural Marxist elite. What Linder fails to realize is that the Jews are as much a puppet to political correctness as everyone else, and their only fault is that they are highly capable, ambitious, and tribal. A European with these three traits would be labeled an exemplary White Nationalists, while a Jew with these traits is labeled a parasite.

It’s best for European Nationalists to stay clear from sites like Stormfront and VNN, and instead wait for a forum or social network that has a consistent, rational, and pragmatic political message. In other words, a forum that supports the framework laid out in 2083. It also remains to be seen if these forums are of any use as it’s extremely unproductive to spend your free time chatting with like-minded friends about how miserable the world is. What would be of far greater use would be an alternative to Wikipedia that is dedicated to our cause so people can do something productive with their free time.

Never forget that reality is on our side.

The Far Right on Breivik: Sebastian Ernst Ronin

One of the first Nationalists to discuss Breivik in an objective manner (while everyone else went into a frenzy trying to distance themselves as much as possible) was Sebastian Ernst Ronin, doing so in an article he published five days after 7/22. It’s available below.

The Breivik Action: The First Archeofuturist Victory

Ronin is a Canadian who supports the creation of White Nations in North America. He appears to be a radical environmentalist who envisions a collapse of modern society when the oil supply runs out (frequently referred to as peak oil), which in turn would result in a return to a nationalist agricultural society. Like many on the right he views the multiracial society as unsustainable in the long run. He leads a political party called the Renaissance Vanguard which is an alliance of Environmentalist, Ethno Nationalists, and Secessionists.

It remains to be seen whether White Nations will be allowed to be created in North America, my best guess is that no, it will not be allowed. This doesn’t mean that I believe resistance to be futile, just that it’s not going to be as easy as taking over a state with a low population density and declaring your independence. From this perspective I have to agree with Ronin that a global economic collapse presents a window during which White Nations can be established without the risk of being instantly deconstructed.

I however disagree that when oil runs out society will collapse, I predict an economic boom as society will go into panic mode and switch to electric transportation rapidly, all the required technology is there. Electric engines are cheaper to run than gasoline engines, and they run for decades without needing much maintenance, unlike gasoline engines which break down constantly and are expensive to repair. The only downside is that recharging batteries takes a while, meaning shorter travel distances, meaning long distance trade and travel will become more expensive, something which many will see as a plus. When faced with the choice between nuclear power and poverty the population will demand nuclear power. I’m not an expert on the matter, but a total collapse in the near future seems highly unlikely.

It’s unfortunately the rule, rather than the exception, that leaders of the far right make poor strategical decisions. I agree with Breivik that if nothing happens until 2083 there is little hope left for the European race. This being the case it seems an awfully risky gamble to tell your followers to sit idly by in wait for a global collapse that might never happen, and that’s putting it kindly. The same goes for democratic anti-immigration parties, they waste a lot of time and effort on a democratic solution without the slightest possibility of achieving a democratic majority.

Some people argue that we should beat Blacks and Muslims at their own game by making a lot of babies, but if you view the problem from a hereditarian perspective you’ll quickly realize that Whites with the highest birthrates are those with below average intelligence. It’s pointless to beat the enemy by becoming the enemy, which we will eventually as the average White IQ will drop down to 85 in about 300 years at the current rate of genetic decline.

All this being said the hypothetical creation a White Nation and it’s subsequent deconstruction by NATO forces will radicalize thousands. We should not forget that Anders Behring Breivik cited the deconstruction of Nationalist Serbia as a milestone in his radicalization process. There’s of course nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst as having weapons, ammunition, and food for a year is ideal when the civil war goes into the second stage.

Another important thing to note is that Marxism vehemently opposes population control, while many radical environmentalists believe population control to be a crucial element of a realistic green platform. In what I call the ‘numbers game’ it’s possible to draw radical environmentalists away from the left as the deportation of all non-Europeans would cut the European population in half by the end of the century. Ronin’s National Environmentalist views are likely to attract people that otherwise would be hard to reach, especially considering his rejection of Nazism.

Keep in mind that declining birthrates are only a problem in a multiracial society, with South Africa being the prime example of a nation where Europeans once had a majority, but now live under Cultural Marxist rule after allowing Africans to out-breed them until they made up less than 10% of the population.

In his article, The First Archeofuturist Victory, Ronin views 7/22 as an action predicted in Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism. Faye is a French intellectual who is part of the European New Right, a political ideology that is virtually identical to the ideology described in 2083. The Knights Templar is of course almost entirely Breivik’s creation, though the New Right supports the concept of a Christian cultural heritage.

Ronin argues that 7/22 forced everyone on the far right to show their hand and either support or oppose Breivik. As no significant political party supported Breivik it didn’t make much of an impact in that regard, besides, Breivik insists that political parties should reject violence to stay out of trouble and focus on spreading the message. That being said I have to applaud Ronin’s courage for being one of few who refuse to bow down to political correctness when it comes to Anders Behring Breivik.

One area where a line has clearly been drawn in the sand is the Internet where the owner of Stormfront (Christian, National Socialist, anti-Semitic) has denounced Breivik, censoring and banning supporters, while the owner of the Vanguard News Network Forum (Atheist, National Socialist, anti-Semitic) is openly supporting Breivik. In this regard 7/22 was unique because it created a clear rift in the far right between the militant and non-militant factions.

Ronin also notes that the bar has been raised for the thousands of keyboard warriors that roam the Internet. Where burning down a mosque was considered radical and revolutionary in the past it’s considerably more difficult to impress anyone post 7/22. In addition he points out that Breivik’s attack on the Cultural Marxist elites will leave a lasting impression on the European psyche about betrayal from the top. Ronin also praises Breivik for bringing attention to the Islamization and deconstruction of Europe.

Ronin views 7/22 as a significant tremor in the political cultural landscape, though almost a year after the Oslo bombing and Utoya massacre everything has returned back to normal, meaning the West is still in the process of committing collective suicide. This however doesn’t mean that thousands aren’t eagerly waiting for the next bomb to go off, the metaphorical heart beat that shows that the resistance is alive, that the European race will not be destroyed without putting up a fight.

In conclusion Ronin states that our remaining options are victory or genocide. This seems to be another major milestone in the radicalization process, the realization that our genocide is imminent, providing a counter balance to the fear of political correctness that clearly tipped the scale in the case of Commander Breivik.

The Far Right on Breivik: Eivind Berge

I’m going chronologically through various articles written by the far right about Commander Breivik. Eivind Berge is not a nationalist as his fight against feminism completely and utterly dominates his thought universe. That being said he’s not exactly an anti-nationalist either. He wrote an interesting article about Breivik five days after 7/22.

Anders Breivik: Paleoconservative Activism Or Beta Rampage?

While the KT is intended as a banner for various Nationalist ideologies to unite under, there is an argument to be made that there is room for anti-feminists. I expect this to remain a small group, and that most will become more outspokenly nationalistic once the tide turns.

It should go without saying that Berge (he’s a Norwegian) will happily agree to a 98% Norwegian Norway if it meant the end of feminism, or in his own words, if it gets him laid. His grievances are a bit elusive, he points out that killing a woman while operating a car under the influence can get you a six years sentence, while having sex with a woman who is drunk can get you eight years if she has regrets doing so the next morning. Julian Assange is a great example of these bizarre Scandinavian laws, being charged for rape after two women regretted having voluntary sex with him. In addition it’s legal for women to prostitute themselves, but illegal for men to have sex with a prostitute.

Due to these grave injustices Berge views the killing of cops as desirable because they enforce the anti-male laws which have been laid down by the totalitarian Cultural Marxist state. It seems somewhat excessive to argue in favor of killing cops because you can’t buy sex legally. As Berge is obviously an intelligent guy it’s my best guess that his aim was to attract an anti-feminist woman with his bold and daring militant statements, and if that’s the case it worked as Berge confesses that he was on the verge of becoming a martyr for the MRM (Male Rights Movement) when a young Norwegian woman read his blog and developed a romantic interest.

While I don’t disagree that the lower female sex drive gives women an obvious advantage, most men have allowed themselves to be turned into mindless wankers, chronic masturbators with a porn addiction and faint hopes of a random slut giving them a pity fuck. Like most junkies they’re too concerned about their next fix to be overly concerned about the direction society is taking. Conservative Christians will point at their bibles and exclaim that God does not approve, but who cares? Hereditarians like me will point out that evolution does not approve of a generation of self absorbed wankers, and that there’s but one God, and his name is Death. Nietzsche almost got that one right. And yes, it’s safe to ignore the Cultural Marxist approved health warning that not masturbating is bad for your health.

Eivind Berge seems to have drawn the conclusion that it’s all about the gratification of sexual needs, while the hereditarian faction holds the survival of the group as the highest priority. Based on his consumption driven views Berge appears to be an individualist and can be classified as an anti-Collectivist. On the other hand he has a strong group identity, that group being the male gender, and he admits he has brotherly views towards Muslims because of their anti-feminist attitudes. In this regard he’s no different from anti-Semites with bleeding hearts for the Palestinian cause and a fondness for Muslims who share their dislike for the Eternal Jew. This seems a common theme among those who embrace a victim mentality.

I must applaud Berge’s open hostility and militant attitude. Focusing solely on your desire for sex while your ethnic group is in the process of committing collective suicide is inexcusable however, besides, who needs sex when you’re getting fucked by the system on a daily basis.

Berge briefly considers if Breivik is a raging beta-male. This because 90% of the men want sex with the top 90% of the fertile female population, and 90% of the women want sex with the top 10% of the male population, which leaves the majority of men sexually frustrated as females want quality rather than quantity. Cultural Marxists don’t have a solution for this side effect of their feminist policies, so rather than giving themselves a headache trying to figure out a solution they instead make fun of sexually frustrated males. It’s almost as much fun as making jokes about executed traitors. Under Nationalist rule natural law can be restored, creating a balance between the genders that will be more agreeable to the male sex drive.

While Eivind Berge is not an ideological brother of Breivik he admires the sheer brilliance of the operation, and has no tears for the executed teenagers, who like Breivik he views as his oppressors.Berge views the Knights Templar as somewhat grandiose and possibly fictitious, he is open to the possibility of civil war but not overly concerned with the subject.

I was initially going to ignore Berge as he’s not a nationalist, but last Wednesday, July 4th 2012, Berge was arrested by the Norwegian authorities for inciting violence against the police. To some degree we owe Berge our support because he hadn’t blogged for six months when Breivik awoke him from his slumber. If it hadn’t been for 7/22 it’s unlikely that Berge would have gotten in trouble for his outspoken opposition to Norway’s Cultural Marxist rule.

Obviously the system won’t be satisfied with Breivik’s life sentence, it sustained too much damage to be satisfied with anything less than collective punishment, so it’s highly likely Berge will be made into an example. If Eivind Berge refuses to bow down to the system during his trial he’s looking at a prison sentence of eight years.

The Far Right on Breivik: Varg Vikerness

It’s somewhat relevant what other nationalists have to say about Commander Breivik so I’ll be going through far right articles to mix it up a little. Two days after 7/22 Vikerness wrote an article in which he argues that Breivik is a Zionist puppet.

Varg Vikerness is a Norwegian who gained notoriety back in 1993 for killing his band mate, burning down four churches, and planning to bomb the Blitz house, a radical anti-fascist anarchist enclave in Oslo. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison, and got out after 16 years. The article in question is available here:

War in Europe: Part I – Cui bono?

His reasoning has great similarities with Dr. David Duke, Duke calls himself Dr. because he has a PhD in history, it’s not quite as cool a title as Commander. Duke wrote some books and is friends with the owner of Stormfront. He published the following Youtube video:

It’s rather long so I’ll summarize Duke’s Youtube video.

1. His heart bleeds for Norway. 2. Breivik is a traitor manipulated by the Jews, and so are apparently the Cultural Marxists. 3. Every white person is a beautiful and unique snowflake. 4. Breivik attacked “innocent children” on Utoya because AUF opposes Israel. 5. Jews are in charge of all political movements. 6. Please buy my books and watch my other videos! 7. Preserve your homelands but don’t use terrorism, stand on a chair instead and address the crowd that gathers.

Lets examine Vikerness’ article.

1. Breivik fails to see the Jewish problem. 2. Freemason is bad. 3. Christianity is a slave religion. 4. Jews are in charge of all political movements. 5.  Every white person is a beautiful and unique snowflake.

I examined White Nationalistic Antisemitism earlier in this blog post: Cultural Marxism vs White Marxism and I’ll address specific issues raised by Duke and Vikerness.

The claim is made that Jews control everything, yet most of Europe’s political left strongly opposes Israel. Why do they oppose Israel? Because Israel is a Nationalistic state with 50% of the population leaning towards ultra-Nationalism. If Israel was in charge criticism of Israel wouldn’t be allowed in Europe, not to mention there aren’t enough Jews in Europe to accomplish much.

The claim is made that killing Whites is always wrong, this sounds like an emotional argument from a suicidal humanist, and that’s what most tender-minded conservatives are. It’s also a Marxist viewpoint to view all members of a particular group as equal, just because someone is White doesn’t make them special. The concept that all children are innocent is a Marxist concept used to lower crime statistics and prevent the deportation of illegals with anchor babies.

Vikerness rejects Christianity and replaces it with a version of Odinism. It’s hard to tell if Odinism is all that different from the Cultural Christian Crusader identity that Breivik describes in 2083. Being an Atheist I obviously reject most aspects of Christianity, though I see utility in adopting a Christian cultural identity that most Whites can unite under, and it obviously leaves room for Odinism and Atheism as Breivik explains in 2083.

Very little is known about the dark ages, which is why they are called the dark ages. Based on my own investigation it’s impossible to revive paganism in a meaningful manner because there is nothing left except a handful of stories and customs. What little remains of the traditional Nordic culture would need to be salvaged by comparing early North and South European Christianity.

The claim is made that Breivik is a Zionist puppet, but if you closely examine the available evidence it becomes clear that 1. Breivik wants Norway to be 98% Norwegian. 2. Breivik views all Jews supporting multiculturalism as enemies, estimating this to be 75% of the Jews in Europe. 3. Breivik desires the return of all European Jews to Israel. 4. Breivik desires a strong Israel and the creation of Arabic Coptic Christian states in the Middle East.

As the claim is that Zionists aspire world domination it’s borderline retarded to call Breivik a Zionist puppet. Israel obviously has a strong influence in the USA, but Israel would have little influence if it wasn’t for politicians committing treason by letting a foreign state dictate US policy. China is taking advantage of the West’s self destructive tendencies as well, and the same goes for pretty much everyone else. 

On the topic of those that desire the destruction of Israel, they may as well seek the destruction of China while they’re at it, they’re both powerful enemies or powerful allies. World War II should have taught nationalists that declaring war on everyone is a sure path to defeat. Some White Nationalists have a bleeding heart for the Palestinians, but are remarkably coldhearted when it comes to various other injustices in the world.

Another thing to consider is that Don Black and David Duke worked hard for twenty years to build up an online White Nationalist community, then out of the blue a true hero emerges who went above and beyond what anyone thought possible. Not only did Breivik steal the spotlight, openly supporting Breivik might have serious legal consequences. It’s much easier to ban the most outspoken Breivik supporters, delete every post in support, and keep making thousands of dollars a month in donations.

Stormfront is in fact so Antisemitic that it becomes tiring quickly, as everything is about the Jews. Some users are so rabidly anti-Jewish and pan-European that one suspects some of them are Muslims, and the general sentiment among some of them seems to be to let Muslims take over Europe just to get rid of the Jews.

Fortunately most Nationalists agree with 98% of Norway being Norwegian, with the remaining 2% comprised of cute East European mail order brides and equivalent European stock. There’s much more that unites us than that divides us.