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Breivik International: Norwegian translation of the summary of 2083

A Norwegian translation of the chapter summaries of 2083 is available.

I have a German and Russian machine-translation as well, but they need to be fixed up. If anyone is interested in doing this, which will take about 8 hours, send me a PM and I’ll hand you the files and instructions.

Breivik International: Translations of the summary of 2083

Three translations of the chapter summaries of 2083 have been completed and are available on the Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish archives. All archives are linked from Breivik International.

For anyone wanting to help out there’s the option to translate Breivik’s April 17 opening statement. Translations are still missing in the following languages: Belarussian, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Icelandic, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, and Ukrainian.

The process of translating is fairly simple, you run the April 17 opening statement through Google Translate or Yandex Translate, next read through it and fix the errors. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just needs to be understandable. Next paste the fixed up translation in an email to me ( Best to email me from a gmail address unless you want the system to read along. Alternatively attach it as a document in a private message on VK.

Doing this takes about 2 to 4 hours of your time and is a good way to simultaneously say ‘thank you’ to Breivik and ‘fuck you’ to the system. 


Breivik International: Letters and Lithuanian translation

Breivik’s April 17 opening statement is now available in Lithuanian.

On the English Breivik Archive we’ve added some Norwegian Court Documents relating to the July 25 hearing, fairly boring stuff, they’re linked from the transcripts section.

As no new letters have become available we’ve transcribed a Norwegian letter dated 2012-07-02 to Daisy that is slightly more detailed than the letter to Lisa. We’ve also transcribed the first two pages of the 38-page letter in which Breivik criticizes the first psychiatric report. Next we’ve collected a series of quotes from the 27-page letter Breivik wrote to the Norwegian Correctional Services containing suggestions for improving his conditions.

On the Norwegian Breivik Archive we’ve added translations of Breivik’s Diary and Breivik’s Interview that were included in 2083.

The original Norwegian versions of the new letters available in the English letter section are available on the Norwegian Archive as well.


Breivik International: Spanish translation

A Spanish translation of Commander Breivik’s opening statement is now available on Breivik International. This brings the total number of languages the document is available in at 13.

Anders Behring Breivik Proceso – Declaración ante la Corte 2012-04-17


We all know what Breivik did for us, what can you do for Breivik?

The map above shows which translations are still missing. If you speak one of the missing languages and want to help out it’s best to use one of the existing translations from Breivik International. You can use Google translate to do a rough machine translation to get you started. When finished you can email the translation to

Political training on Utoya resumes

This year the Norwegian Labor party will once again organize a political training camp on Utoya. It’s unclear if 10 year olds will be allowed to frolic around, or if 14 is an acceptable age to actively support and promote the genetic and cultural suicide of your nation.

Police will be present, which should make the survivors of the massacre with post traumatic stress pretty nervous. All that’s needed to complete the summer camp experience will be some celebratory fireworks on July 22.

They’re expecting about 1000 people to visit the political training camp. The visitors won’t be ordinary people, but those who have fully embraced Cultural Marxism and are the most politically active members of their local AUF chapters.

As a response we’ve updated the Detailed Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre victim list and added more information about the Category C traitors who were executed by Commander Breivik. In addition, translations in Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Russian are available.

Update 2013-07-08

Apparently many survivors are still too traumatized to return to Utoya, so they ended up holding their training camp somewhere else, Breivik wins.

About a third still suffers from post traumatic stress. I wonder if they go to group therapy, and in doing so if they get to meet up with the victims of immigrant gang rape and other enrichments multiculturalism has brought us. That could get awkward.

Utoya survivor: And then the policeman came real close, and I heard him scream ‘Yippee ki yay mother fuckers!’, and I was real scared.

Gang rape survivor: So the sixth guy couldn’t get it up, so he raped me with a metal pipe.

Utoya survivor: And I thought, oh, how horrible, that something like this can happen in Norway.

Gang rape survivor: So the eight guy tried to knock out my teeth because he was scared I would bite it off.

Utoya survivor: We cannot let one man destroy the beautiful and wonderful multicultural society we’ve created.

Gang rape survivor: I had to pay for dentures out of my own pocket.

Group therapist: That’s it for today kids, lets do a group hug!

Dutch translation of 2083

The Dutch translation of 2083 has been completed and is available on the Dutch Archive:

Special thanks to the coordinator of the Dutch translation team as she put in a tremendous amount of work.

The document is in html, so all you need to do is download it and double click the file for it to be opened in your browser. Next you can bookmark it for easy access. There will likely be some minor updates to the document over time.

Only 10% of the document has been proof read. If you are planning to read the Dutch version and want to help out simply copy/paste each line with an obvious error into a text document, email it to me ( once you’ve collected a bunch of them, and I’ll forward it to the right persons.

Breivik International: German and Dutch translations

Chapter 3.153 – Interview with a Justiciar Knight, has been translated to Dutch and is available on the Dutch archive.

The German translation effort by Hugo Ostermann has been ended. I’ve placed a cleaned up HTML version of Ostermann’s translation (Introduction + Book 1) on the German archive, including a partial translation by Valkyrie of Book 2.

Deutsche Übersetzung von 2083

An English translation of Breivik’s judgment has been placed on the English archive.

Judgment of Anders Behring Breivik 2012-08-24