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Commander Breivik’s chance to appeal has expired

The legal proceedings of the trial were officially closed last Friday.

As is usually the case Norwegian politicians have been hinting at wanting to take away Breivik’s computer for several weeks now, and have been gauging the public’s response to this plan. In modern democracies the executive and juridical branch are strictly separated and it’s a sign of totalitarianism when the two begin to mingle.

Prison authorities have expressed worry about placing Breivik in permanent isolation without access to a computer to occupy his mind. Cultural Marxist politicians who lost friends and family during the 2011 attacks have been steadily applying pressure to prevent Breivik from writing letters and books in an attempt to silence Europe’s most famous ideological prisoner.

In hindsight Breivik should have appealed, and from a technical perspective he would have been in his right to do so because the judges and the prosecution refused to address Breivik’s claim of necessity and instead focused on his sanity.

Lippestad in turn failed to adequately represent his client, though Breivik may have told Lippestad to focus on having him declared sane opposed to presenting a convincing argument that multiculturalism will destroy Europe, that it is a human right to resist genocide, and that the judges and prosecution take his defense seriously and present an argument to the contrary.

An appeal would have allowed Breivik to keep access to his computer, so for strategic reasons it would have made sense.

According to insiders Breivik has began printing out important documents because he will lose access to his current computer. Hopefully Breivik will be given a new computer, but the situation being as it is the prison authorities are unlikely to allow him to transfer any data between his old and new computer.

If no new computer is provided this means Breivik will have to write all letters by hand, meaning that few people will continue to receive letters.


Anders Breivik Trial – Friday August 24 (Day 44)

10:00 Commander Breivik is brought into the courtroom and allowed to give the Knights Templar salute with the press still present. For most of the trial they left his hands cuffed to his belt until all photographers had left.

As such the question becomes: If Commander Breivik gives the Knights Templar salute without it being photographed, is it still awesome?

10:08 Judge Arntzen says the verdict was unanimous, and that Breivik has been declared sane and is sentenced to 21 years prison, minus 445 days deducted for time in custody.

She’s not saying anything we didn’t already know 445 days ago. The prison term can be extended indefinitely, but I doubt the Cultural Marxists will still be in charge in 20 years.

10:12 Arntzen begins reading out the full verdict, nothing we didn’t already know, it’ll take some hours. Lippestad ought to interrupt at least once and ask her to hurry up and skip to the end.

14:00 Arntzen is still running her mouth. Breivik will be allowed to make a statement at the end of the day.

Arntzen does to some extend acknowledge the problem modern day society faces with psychiatry, but of course cannot address the real problem. The dilemma is that psychiatrists have to determine whether someone is connected or disconnected from reality. However, under Cultural Marxists rule everyone is expected to live in the Marxist Utopian fake reality. In order to appear sane one has to disconnect from reality and adopt one of the acceptable delusional dogmas.

Normally this isn’t a problem, as political correctness and censorship guarantees that people with a dissenting opinion aren’t heard, but it’s difficult to silence someone who killed 77 people, the vast majority of which were traitors. The first psychiatric report decided that Breivik’s highly intellectual and rational worldview was the product of a psychosis, fortunately the vast majority of Norwegians wasn’t buying this story.

It’s unclear what Breivik’s official diagnosis is after this verdict, but what appears to be the consensus is for everyone to call Breivik a monster. You know, the things that hide under your bed and in your closet. This in itself isn’t a bad way to describe Realists from a Cultural Marxist perspective, we are monsters that should remain in the closet, under the bed, in the dark where no one can see us. We must not frighten the domesticated humans with our rambling doom stories about the downfall of our race, our culture, and nation.

16:30 I’ll wait for Norwegian patriots to provide more accurate translations but this one is based on a YouTube video of Breivik’s final statement which he ended with the Knights Templar salute. His microphone was cut off before he could finish his sentence, but until a lip-reader gives the final verdict my best guess is that he apologized for not having executed more traitors.

My first statement on the 16th of April was that I do not recognize this court because you receive your mandate from political parties that support multiculturalism.

By discarding my allegations of the principle of necessity and sentencing a representative of the Norwegian resistance movement you have sided with the multicultural majority in parliament and therefore you also expressed support for the multiculturalist ideology.

Since I do not recognise this court I cannot legitimize the Oslo district court by accepting this sentence. In my view this sentence and judgement is illegitimate and at the same time I cannot appeal against the judgement because by appealing I would legitimize the court.

I would like to end with a statement of regret. I wish to apologize to all militant nationalists in Norway and in Europe for not having executed more traitors.


16:35 The court is adjourned.

Update: 2012-08-26

It’s been confirmed that Breivik did indeed end his sentence with ‘execute more traitors’, which is in line with his uncompromising militant rhetoric.

This is another clear cut case of the mainstream media trying to distort Breivik’s message. Breivik killed one civilian and apologized for this person’s death in court. Breivik’s intention wasn’t to kill people, his intention was to kill traitors.

I’ve updated the opening and closing statements

I’ve updated Commander Breivik’s opening and closing statements from machine to human translations. Unlike the translations from counter-currents these are not based on the VG transcripts which omit and summarize several sentences.

Video of Commander Breivik’s July 22 final court statement

Someone managed to record Commander Breivik’s July 22nd closing statement, and another person took the time to add subtitles. I think I speak for everyone when I say we greatly appreciate the efforts by these two patriots.

As was to be expected these videos have been banned from Youtube which proves Breivik’s argument that there is no such thing as freedom of speech for everyone on the far right side of the political spectrum.

I’ve updated Anders Behring Breivik’s closing statement of 2012-06-22 as the court transcript provided by VG was incomplete.

I’m looking into alternatives to YouTube which abides by the Cultural Marxist commandment: Thou shalt not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age. Some American sites will toss in religion and political ideology for good measure so the Republican Christians do not get bullied too much.

Below I’ve linked the closing statement, split in four parts.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Friday June 22 (Day 43)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-22 Live Report

Judge Arntzen starts off the day by rejecting the request to broadcast Breivik’s final court statement.

9:05 Geir Lippestad begins his address:

He starts out by saying that 7/22 is hard to believe, even though a violent action around 2010 was predicted as early as 1990. Lippestad continues with some legal talk. He quotes that it’s just as bad to treat a healthy person as it is to refuse an ill person treatment.

Lippestad argues that Breivik had no prior history of violence, making it unlikely he’s driven by violent thoughts. He mentions that it’s uncharacteristic of someone who’s driven by violent thoughts to not have placed the bomb in the center of Oslo where a lot more people would have been killed, and that someone driven by violent fantasies wouldn’t have surrendered.

Lippestad argues that friends and family said Breivik was passionate about politics, not violence. Before the attacks he spend hours mailing out his manifesto to politicians and journalists. While on Utoya he spared the lives of two young children. He concludes that violence is a means to an end for Breivik, and not the goal itself.

On the subject of delusions Lippestad argues Breivik may as well have said he was Jesus, as they did not take him serious. Lippestad gives Breivik’s description of the coming civil war as a low intensity conflict that is mostly demographic in nature, a view that is shared almost universally on the far right.  Lippestad says he’s surprised the authors of the first report didn’t alter their conclusion after being confronted with the cultural context they chose to ignore.

Lippestad states that Breivik was in Liberia and London in 2002, and that it indeed would have made his job a little tricky if he had simply imagined having visited those places. He cites a police report from September 9, before the release of the first psychiatric report, where Breivik describes himself as a mere foot soldier. In October Breivik speaks of four sweaty men in a basement creating the foundation of the KT, hard to prove, but far from a bizarre reality bursting claim. Lippestad argues that lies and exaggerations are part of the arsenal of a terrorist. 

Breivik said he thought the chance of becoming a future leader of Norway to be 2 percent of 2 percent, which was written down as 1 in 200 while it should have been 1 in 2500. Lippestad confirms that shortly after the bombing there was a lynching atmosphere, something Breivik predicted. 

Lippestad argues that Breivik knew what he was doing, and that terrorists take it upon themselves to choose in matters of life and death as the end justifies the means. It’s classic terrorist thought that has been confirmed by experts in court.

Lippestad argues that Breivik’s stock trading and the writing of his manifesto do not indicate the loss of function describes in the first psychiatric report, and that being a guild leader in a WoW raiding guild is a highly structured task comparable to having a job. Breivik worked out, went to a shooting club, hung out with friends, was a free mason, and went on trips.

Lippestad confirms that Breivik had a large sum of money at his disposal. He argues that changing your interests doesn’t indicate a loss of mental function, and that the claim that Breivik uses neologisms has been thoroughly refuted.

Lippestad shares his amazement at the claim in the first report that Breivik thinks he can read minds. There is nothing in the report that supports this, merely Breivik claiming he’s a good salesman who knows how to read people.

Lippestad notes the stark difference in interviews with Breivik’s mother, in the first police report she speaks highly of her son and says she’s baffled at what happened, in her interview with the psychologists she begins to question her son’s sanity. Lippestad argues the psychologists have told Breivik’s mother that Breivik may get a light sentence if he’s declared insane, and that Breivik’s mother subsequently tried her best to portray her son in such a manner. Lippestad list the large number of psychologists who failed to find psychotic symptoms in Breivik.

Lippestad briefly addresses necessity, to view July 22 as one act of terror, and to consider that Breivik has said that from now on he will fight with the pen. He pleads for acquittal on behalf of his client.

11:34 Holden and Engh comments on Lippestad’s statement.

They basically maintain that Breivik might be insane.

12:55 Witness Sissel Wilsgård takes the stand, he was in the government quarters during the bombing.

He tells a sad tale about how July 22 made their life very difficult, forcing them to move to new locations and dealing with an increased work load with fewer people. I’m sure it brightens Breivik’s day to hear about the suffering of the Category D and C traitors running the totalitarian multicultural bureaucracy, thanks Sissel.

13:06 Next witness is Kirsti Løvlie who is the mother of Hanne Ekroll Løvlie.

Her daughter was a Category B traitor working as an adviser for the prime minister. She tells a particularly sad tale and has many people in tears, including judge Arntzen. There won’t be any tears for the victims of the multiculturalist experiment in this court room, they’re considered collateral damage for the Marxist cause.

13:20 Witness Helen Brenna takes the stand.

Brenna was on Utoya and her testimony is full of cheesy poetic language that’s supposed to convey the cheer horror of it all. She gets an applause when she’s finished, as if she’s at an AA meeting and just confessed she’s an addict. 

13:32 Next one is Unni Espeland Marcussen.

Her daughter Andrine was deputy leader of Fredrikstad AUF. Andrine was taken down with a shot in her chest and put out of her misery with a shot through the head. Good riddance.

13:43 Lara Rashid is the next witness.

She’s from North Iraq and her sister was shot in the head twice, courtesy of Breivik. There’s this saying that the only good Muslims in Europe is a dead Muslim, I don’t disagree.

14:05 It’s time for Commander Breivik’s final court address. I fixed up the translation and tried to fill in the blanks as there are obvious gaps in vg’s ‘word for word’ transcript.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Statement 2012-06-22

Breivik’s final words:

July 22 was the direct consequence of the actions of those who consciously and unconsciously are destroying our country. Responsible Norwegians who feel a sense of honor and duty are not going to sit and watch while they are turned into minorities in their own country. We are going to fight. The attacks on July 22 were preventive in nature, in defense of my ethnic group and I cannot acknowledge guilt. I acted on behalf of my people, my religion and my country. I therefore demand that I be acquitted.

Amen to that brother.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Thursday June 21 (Day 42)

12:05 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-21 Live Report

Today Engh and Holden will give their closing arguments to the court.

Engh makes a little speech, claims Breivik’s victims were random and as such the entire nation has been traumatized. She mentions the four conditions required for someone to end up in prison 1) Perform a criminal act 2) There must be no necessity or self-defense 3) There must be subjective guilt 4) The subject must be sane.

Engh says she refuses to address condition #2, not like she has to as it’s obviously a show trial. Instead she begins describing the events as hypothesized in the discredited first psychiatric report that reasons that Breivik suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She doesn’t stress mental illness, her main goal seems to be to discredit the Knights Templar organization.

She briefly describes the bombing of Oslo and the executions on Utoya, describing Breivik as a cold blooded monster. She tries to make sure that Breivik is credited for the two deaths by drowning and falling, thanks I guess.

She wants Breivik charged with two terrorist acts and financial liability.

13:22 Svein Holden takes over.

He starts out with some lengthy legal talk. He argues it’s better to send a sane man to the madhouse than to send a mad man to prison. He also argues that if it can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Breivik is sane, legal precedent holds that he should be declared insane.

Holden claims that Breivik initially wanted to be declared insane, an obvious lie as all that Breivik said was that it provided options. I have the suspicion that the main focus of the trial was to try to get Breivik to admit that the KT does not exist.

Judge Arne Lyng asks if they considered that Breivik maintains that the KT is an existing organization with sleeper cells in place to create fear among the population. Holden claims they have irrefutably disproved  that Breivik is lying, which is of course not correct. They have no idea what Breivik did in London and they have no idea what Breivik did during the evenings in Liberia. According to Eastern European sources Breivik visited a training camp in Belarus, though this hasn’t been picked up by the Western European media, making it unclear if someone made this up.

Holden maintains he’s convinced that Breivik is delusional about the KT, but the true intent appears to be to convince the population at large that they have nothing to fear, while it’s been reported that political correctness in Norway is at an all time high.

He concludes that he wants Anders Behring Breivik sentenced to compulsory psychiatric care pursuant to Penal Code § 39, or alternatively  to the custody of a time frame of 21 years and a minimum of 10 years.

As Holden finishes his statement Commander Breivik gives the Knights Templar salute. There won’t be an address by Breivik today because he’s only allowed to comment on witnesses, not the prosecution.

15:01 The court is adjourned.

Anders Behring Breivik Trial – Wednesday June 20 (Day 41)

9:00 The court is set.

Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-20 Live Report

Today we’ll have two witnesses who lost a loved one on July 22 and two trauma experts.

9:03 The first witness Tor Østbø takes the witness stand, he lost his wife Tove Åshill Knutsen (56) during the Oslo bombing.

His wife was a  secretary with the electricians and information technology workers’ union. It’s a typical Category D profession as unions tend to fully embrace multiculturalism. Østbø says it’s currently politically incorrect to express hatred towards Breivik, I guess the political elite has gone for the forgiveness route. He’s annoyed with the victims not being the main focus of the trial.

9:36 The next witness is senior political adviser and Category B traitor Kirsten Vesterhus, her son Håvard Vederhus was the leader of Oslo AUF, and one of the top 10 Category B traitors executed for treason on July 22 by Commander Anders Behring Breivik of KT Europe.

She’s quite the tearjerker, but Breivik does not budge.

10:25 Next up are Dagfinn Winje and Are Holen, the trauma experts.

They observed survivors of July 22 and observed post traumatic stress in 68%, depression in 36%, and anxiety in 20%.

Next they spend over an hour talking about the various ways people have been traumatized by July 22, by being shot, getting close to drowning, watching close ones die or get injured, the whole nine yards. It has a weird educational vibe to it, and is rather boring.

13:48 Commander Breivik addresses the court.

It’s good to have two experts, perhaps the two best in Norway when it comes to stress and mental disorders. I understand that it was the counsel’s testimony, but since two of the experts were in the witness box it was a pity they did not mention anything about the traumatic experience of being deprived of your ethnic culture and religion without being able to do anything about it.

About how traumatic it is to watch your sisters being raped by Muslims, their brothers beaten and the hopelessness of the witness.

This case is about Norway’s and Europe’s future. The traumatic experience of being labeled as a right-wing extremist. These traumas that have occurred after the prolonged harassment of the right-wing. How many have been driven to suicide because of this in Norway? Maybe 10, 100?

Thank you.

1:53 Breivik finishes his address.

Special thanks to Breivik for including the traumatic experiences the trauma experts forgot to mention.

1:54 The court is adjourned.